1301 West Covell Boulevard (In The Marketplace)
Monday-Friday 10AM-9PM
Saturday 9AM-9PM
Sunday 10AM-7PM

Big 5 Sporting Goods is a large chain store that sells low to medium-end equipment for a wide variety of sports. Big 5 also sells firearms. It is one of the best places in Davis to get fishing gear. They don't have any socks above size 13. Airsoft ammunition can be found here as can paintball gear, but keep in mind that you can find it far cheaper online. Also keep in mind that they are routinely out of stock on the most common sizes of ammunition, such as .22LR. Big 5 always has items on sale, the sale items rotate every other week.


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2009-04-13 18:26:13   pretty good stuff ok prices but a lot of times you cannot find a worker to ask where something is —Churro615

—Sometimes there are only one of two of us working and spend time running to the front and back stockroom to get people things. We try to stay out on the floor but that doesnt always happen. Just ask the cashier or be patient and as always we appreciate your business. —patrick82

2009-08-16 13:06:24   its ok. i wouldnt reccomend it for any airsoft needs but it is great for fishing.


2009-10-01 16:53:37   They don't carry lacrosse pads/gloves.... but the worker was very nice and recommended that we try Davis Sports or Soccer Lifestyle. —CharlieMurphy

2010-03-22 07:09:10   I get most of my shoes here, its great. —NickSchmalenberger

  • I do too, they are always on sale and I have gotten boots, sneakers, and running shoes for thirty dollars. —hankim
  • I purchase a new pair of combat boots here about once a year. They're cheap, durrable and most important in the winter months: Water proof. —MM

2011-02-16 07:35:08   I bought a machete here for brush clearing at home. It was a cheap piece of dangerous crap. Basically, it was so unusable and dangerous it had to have been a costume or novelty machete. It was made of a metal so cheap and ductile that I could permanently bend the blade into an L shape by applying moderate pressure with my pinky. I noticed the blade was all messed up when it was bent in a U shape from the first few swings out of the box, hitting some light, green ivy growth. Of course, it went sideways on me, and could have really hurt me. I returned it, and told them they were selling a dangerously cheap product, and of course, they didn't give a damn. I wrote this review after discovering, over a year later, they still sell the same product. I come here expecting to be sold garbage, so if I have any other alternative at all, I go elsewhere. —EdwardNiemand

2012-07-01 01:04:02   I've bought a few guns from here, its not the best selection but the staff are pretty friendly and competent given that this is not purely a firearms store. —JasonMill