In addition to the Bike tunnels there are also a number of bike-only overpasses in town.

There are two over Highway 113, one over Interstate 80 and one over Covell Blvd.

Covell Bike Overpass

Underneath this overpass is a good place to see bats at dusk.

This is the Covell one that connects Community Park to the North Davis greenbelt.

The incline leading from Community Park to the greenbelt

Northern Highway 113 Bike Overpass

Connects West Davis to the Park at WDI

view of the bike overpass from Highway 113

Southern Highway 113 Bike Overpass

Here are some pictures taken from the bike overpass over 113, which connects Orchard Park Circle on the east to (eventually) Russell Blvd. on the west.

If you visit that overpass in the middle at the right time of night and the right time of year, you will see a frenzy of preying mantises playing, sitting, sexing it up, and chewing each other's heads off. It's quite a bizarre sight to see.

I 80 Bike Overpass

This links the two sides of 80 out by Chiles Road.