Biodiesel is fuel that can be used in diesel engine created from biological sources. As of Spring 2007, biodiesel is spreading around CA - here's a list of retail sites.

Where to get biodiesel

Interstate Oil in Woodland and Sacramento carry biodiesel, give a call 916-640-0444 or 916-457-6572, respectively, to get the details before you go.

Ramos Oil in West Sacramento pumps B-99 and B-20. Don't have to be a member of CFN, accepts all forms of payment at front office, through the gate. Informative, helpful, and close.

You also might want to check on the biodiesel refueling map.

In Yolo County

There are a number of biodiesel vehicles in Davis, some of whom are generating their own biodiesel from "waste" oil they've collected. BenjaminMiller reported smelling some tractors using biodiesel down by the Bowley Center. There are also confirmed biodiesel tractors on campus.

Past efforts

Initial results from the 2007 Davis biodiesel survey are here: Biodiesel Survey Preliminary Results! Biodiesel was coming to the Arco station on Mace, hopefully by summer 2008... but did not. A local users group (DBUG) has ceased to function. There was at least the start of a movement about a year ago to set up a biodiesel station at the Davis Food Co-op, but DougWalter (a biodiesel user who works as the Co-op's Membership Director) responded to the Davis Biodiesel Users Group list (see DBUG) that management was concentrating on store renovation and did not feel the site(s) suggested would work well for shoppers. Seth McOmber, former Marketing Coordinator, was the Food Co-op's biodiesel liaison.

Local Biodiesel Producers

There are many ways to produce your own biodiesel fuel. No Davis producers have self-identified (at least not on this wiki).

Workshops, Trainings, and Manuals

Links to other Biodiesel sites


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2007-01-14 15:30:12   People interested in biodiesel should start calling local farmers. Many farmers have begun refining oil from the restaurants they sell to, and creating biodiesel for their farm equipment. ATTRA/NCAT is a nonprofit group that produces farm manuals and they have several biodiesel manuals. Their farmer hotline is 800-346-9140 (English); 800-411-3222 (Español) —JoRo

2007-08-22 17:46:40   I don't have personal knowledge of anyone making biodiesel at home right now. I personally know of two former residents who did. There are many good resources for "home brewing" on the Internet (as shown by the links on this page). —["Users/DougWalter]