Other than the ever menacing shambling menace, there have been a few local and regional threats to human health and safety.

West Nile Virus found in Yolo County, and the ensuing insect spraying, caused concern regarding public health.

In 2009, concern about the spread of Swine Flu was made local when school children in nearby Sacramento were found to have the disease.

Several years ago, circa 2004ish, there were people at the Farmers Market having people sign a petition to prevent UC Davis from becoming a Level <mumble> biological facility... or something like that. My memory is terribly vague about what they were pushing, or even if there was a real movement to certify UC Davis, or if they were trying to preempt any action. If somebody knows what the protest and petition was about (they had fliers and stickers), it would be helpful to add the info here and at protests