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Hi DW, can you think of a restaurant downtown that fits this bill better than the beast? Daubert

Worked there last weekend, heard nothing about this. Also, don't think there are open mic nights and pretty sure the owner spent a lot more than a million dollars on the place. I think it sounds more like Little Prague, especially since they mentioned bakers. —hankim

Ah, I think hankim might be right. The emphasis on desserts suggests LP. Plus I am not sure if B33 meals are from scratch; I am a little doubtful. If it is LP, maybe the new owner(s) will nicer! —cp

I honestly didn't think of LP when I was bandying over spots but it does totally fit the bill, I don't know why I didn't think of that. This is just the business for sale and not the lease. They do bread baking at LP and do make tons of food from scratch and they have live DJ's... ~SD

When you buy a business, you're usually buying the remaining years on the lease. It wouldn't be a wise investment purchasing a business that had no building. I also doubt you could purchase "the cooks, bakers, and staff"... I mean, I'm sure they'd love to keep their job, but they're probably free to work wherever they want. —kw

Yeah that is what I though but the add said nothing of it so I figured that would be on top of what is being asked for the brand/cookbooks/equipment ~SD