226 F Street
(Historic City Hall at Third and F Street)
Sun 8am - 10pm
Mon-Wed 11:30am - 10pm
Thu-Sat 11:30am - Midnight

In November 2011 Bistro 33 opened a tavern in the East wing of the historic city hall. This location had previously been used for private parties and other events like comedy night art shows. Table tennis is available in a separate room from the bar. 33 bottled beers are available as well as several fine beers on tap. An extensive list of appetizers is offered as well. The decor makes use of Davis' bicycle heritage with rotating bicycle wheels above the bar and two stationary bikes, supposedly for some type of indoor race competition.

You can't get stuff from the Bistro 33 menu here


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2011-12-22 22:23:45   I like this place, it is often quiet when other bars are too crowded. They have a very nice selection of beers on tap with several specialty brews available. The specialty beers are unfortunately overpriced, Old Rasputin is on tap for $5 for a 10oz pour when it is available at the Beer Shoppe for $5 for a 16-20oz pour. This same beer used to be offered at the main Bistro 33 restaurant for $5 for 16oz. Most of the specialty beers are only offered in a 8 or 10 oz pour, probably due to an alcohol content greater than 8%. I tried the Korean tacos and they were yummy yummy. So far this place does not seem to suffer from the same inexcusable service that plagues the main bistro 33 restaurant. —DagonJones

2011-12-26 18:00:26   This place seems to have changed its name to City Hall Tavern. Nonetheless, it's just a repackaging of a lot of the stuff that was in the Spin Burger Bar that failed in Midtown Sacramento after a couple months. They have the garbage misquoted Ben Franklin passage on the wall. They also have a ping-pong table (is there a worse use of space in a bar than that?). There were about 6 kids running around and playing ping pong today. Their pours are served in 14 oz cheater glasses, despite the fact they LIE and say they pour 16oz beers on their beer board. They have craft beer, but it is served in frozen mugs, so that's pretty idiotic. I definitely will not be going back to this place. —CaseyBarc

2012-05-29 17:06:08   I went to this place with a friend several nights ago, and my friend (who is 24) got turned down because he had a PA id. Clearly this ID was legal, but when my friend and I asked if it was possible for the staff to either scan the ID or speak to a manager, both requests were turned down. We were told that "Bistro 33 does not take PA id's." I am not sure if the bouncer thought that the ID was fake (it wasn't) or if this is a blanket rule against PA ID's, but either way the whole thing was ridiculous. Furthermore, even if this truly was a blanket rule, we would have liked to speak to a manager about it. The guy at the door flat out refused to let us speak with a manager and was very rude and unhelpful. NOT a pleasant experience, and kind of shady and unprofessional as well. —SarahSahlaney