Bizarro World's location on E Street.

223 E St.
Sun - Tue: 11AM - 9PM
Wed - Sat: 11AM - 10PM
(530) 759-9490
Dan Urazandi

Bizarro World is one of our local comic book, card and game stores. It is also the new home for a DVD rental business, Four Star Movies, with a collection of over 10,000 DVD titles that continues to grow. Dan knows quite a bit about comics, especially independent titles (not so great on modern mainstream titles). They have a moderate selection of current comics, older comics (some for really cheap), along with manga and graphic novels. They also carry toys and collectible card games (Magic: The Gathering type games), as well as various books, figurines, and dice for roleplaying games like Pathfinder and D&D. There is also a large selection of board games which include many European (aka "designer" or "gamer's games") as well as heavily discounted used games. They carry Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, and other wargames, and accept special orders. They also have a large selection of Manga in a wide range of genres.

Selling and Trade-ins

Bizarro World is always looking for new and used vinyl records, graphic novels, manga, DVDs, video games/consoles, action figures/toys, books, cards, board games —all sorts!— for cash or credit! The best time to come in with items is Sunday through Tuesday from 11a-3p.

Comics & Graphic Novels

Bizarro World offers an exceptional range of comics and graphic novels for people of all ages -from first-readers to teen and adults. Comics from all companies are available including: DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, IDW, Fantagraphics, Drawn and Quarterly, and more. They also carry other Independent, Underground, and Adult titles (Spiegelman, Crumb, etc). They also have every era of comics: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and modern. They have many comics priced at 50 cents and $1, too.

All your favorite comics are available, whether you're searching for classics like Tintin and Asterix, TV tie-ins of The Walking Dead and Buffy, as well as the classics of Batman, Superman, and Spider-man. If you somehow can't find a title you're looking for the store is happy to special-order titles for you and can create a saver if you want to be sure to collect a specific title's run of issues.

Board and Card Games

Bizarro World provides a wide selection of both classic, indy, and Euro-Style board games to shop from. These range from Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, and Chess to Axis & Allies, Munchkin, and Illuminati to Agricola, Smallworld, and Dominion. As with comics, you can also special-order any product that is in print but not on the shelf.

Trading Card Games

Bizarro World offers new packs of cards for Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, and other trading card games. They have many binders of thousand of single cards available for purchase from all sets of MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokémon. They also have grab-bags of a few cards if you like to try your luck and premium cards available from all eras in their display case. You can always pre-order a box of the coming set before it is released at a discount.

Bizarro World holds frequent tournaments and events (calendar link). They hold weekly Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments. Check with the store for details on future Pokémon events. Their Magic sanctioned tournaments will continue come 2014-01-29. Until then, they hold MTG Drafts on Saturdays at 1:00p and their EDH/Commander tournaments on Wednesday nights at 5:30p bring a solid crowd of players. Yu-Gi-Oh! advanced constructed tournaments are held on Sundays at 12:30p.

Role-Playing/Minatures Games

Books, maps, and models, paints, and figurines are available for RPG games of Pathfinder, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Dungeons & Dragons, and more!

Bizarro World also offers a dedicated play space which can be used to play CCGs or board games for all players during hours of store operation and features Warhammer gaming on Thursdays. Check out the Bizarro Hammer Facebook page!

December 15th and 22nd, Dead Stars event!

On those two saturdays the sci-fi/horror game [i]Dead Stars[/i] will be hosted at the store starting at 12pm. Pre-made characters will be available, and rule books as well. The December 22nd game will depend on interest. Check out the book at Amazon or Lulu, and the company website (with forums) is at DaemonEye Publishing.

Video Games

Whether you're looking for XBox 360 or PlayStation 3 games or consoles or are seeking a rarer Atari or SNES title (Earthbound, anyone?), Bizarro World has a wide range of used (and occasionally new) video games, consoles, adapters, controllers, and strategy guides for all systems.


Used Fantasy and Sci-Fi books are located on bookshelves immediately to the right of the front entrance.


In addition to the books and comics, there is a large collection of Manga titles available for sale.Add a caption


Vinyl records (LPs and 35s) of all genres (Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Funk, Classical, Rap, Hip-Hop, Doo-Wop, Be-bop and Bluegrass being just a few) are available at Bizarro World, many for a dollar or less.


No Comic shop would be complete without a collection of figurines and toy models from your favorite movies and cartoons.




Four Star Movies of Bizarro World offers an extensive DVD library for patrons to rent from including movies from every genre and for all age groups and television shows from classic episodes to modern series. There are also titles (on both VHS and DVD) available for sale in a separate section. With a collection of over 10,000 titles to choose from both new and old, the store strives to fill the void left by the closure of stores such as 49er Video and Blockbuster.Add a caption
Doctor Who fans rejoice!





Bizarro World has been in downtown Davis for 17 years in four different locations (the site formerly occupied by Aquarius, the former Big League Sports location, 706 5th Street and now 223 E Street) and under 3 different names (Comics Wizzard, Four Color Comics and finally Bizarro World). Before and after being located on E Street, Bizarro World was located on 706 5th Street. In 2006, Bizarro World opened a second location in Woodland, taking over "Woodland Cards and Comics"; however this location has since been sold.

Bizarro World moved to the current location in January 2010. The previous business there, before a two year vacancy, was Bogey's Books.

The new location used to feature the a coin-operated arcade with a number of classic video games. The coin-op games were not actually operated by coins. Instead, you paid at the desk for playing time. Arcade games included Classics 1 (Galaga, Mappy, Xevious, and more), Midway Collection (Defender 1 and 2, Joust, Rampage, Sinistar, and more), Ms. Pac-Man, Neo-Geo Collection (Bust a Move, Metal Slug, 1942, and more), Race Drivin', Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition, Super Monaco GP, Gun Force, a couple of pinball games (Elvira and the Party Monsters, Terminator 3), some table games (air hockey, pool, foosball), and a PlayStation with DDR, Guitar Hero, etc. In the Spring of 2011, they removed the arcade games, to make way for their video rental location Four Star Rentals.

In the past they were not able to hold sanctioned tournaments (until 2014) with Wizards of the Coast's special prizes because they sold product before its release date to a DCI Judge.


Bizarro World's old location at 706 5th St. (between F and G). Bizarro World's new location on E Street, right after they moved.



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I've had nothing but good experiences with this place. —PhilipNeustrom

2005-02-02 12:25:36   Very friendly staff, they even remember what I like. —AmeliaCarlson

2005-02-02 21:53:50   Not as expansive as other stores (for example, Comic Relief in Berkeley), but I agree: very friendly and helpful. Support independent businesses! —CentralDavisite

2005-06-22 17:22:26   Their dice selection is ample and prices reasonable. You're not going to find much rare stuff, but it's a good basic RPG supply shop for sure. —BrandonKeene

2005-08-03 18:42:52   Friendly staff but the folks running the place do seem more interested in Magic and RPG's than comics. Sometimes it is difficult to pull them away from a game they are playing to ask a question or buy something. For a comics shop, there is much to be desired, especially in the way of stock and selection (apparently the person that wrote the description above hasn't been to a "real" comics shop). Unfortunately they are about the only place to go locally for comics but if you are into RPG's they've got you covered. —HollywoOd

2005-09-29 20:35:51   I think that for it's size, this shop packs a wallop. The staff has always been friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. —JoseGonzalez

2006-02-17 00:13:23   I just bought some dice here. The guy was friendly. There was a poor selection of figurines for D&D though. —KenjiYamada

2006-08-18 14:17:42   I would agree that it isn't much of a comic book store, but as a card and rpg store, it is fantastic, the people are helpful, the stuff is cheap, and they have great stuff going on (magic drafts). —TimMcIntyre

2007-10-31 22:38:23   A previous commentor implied that it wasn't a "real" comic book shop, but I have been there in person and I can assure you that it does in fact exist and is neither hallucination nor illusion. It's better than the comics shop back home, and the staff is friendly and helpful. I went in there with a vague idea of what I wanted ("umm...that Batman in Victorian England, or something...") and he knew exactly what I meant and where it was. There are also some fine deals, both for comics and manga, and the widest selection of RPG books I've ever seen in my limited experience. It is most certainly adequate for the casual comics/manga fan. —DerkB

2008-03-15 11:02:04   The one time I went there for a magic sealed tournament, the prices were ridiculous, the prizes sucked, and the staff wasn't that friendly. —EliYani

2008-03-24 22:42:38   the dude OWNs. hes hella nice. and he likes magic, knows his comics, and will talk to u bout other random topics if you ask him. i always enjoy my visits here. —albertvo

2008-07-09 00:55:52   I just recently discovered Bizarro World and it's owner, Dan Urazandi, through an ebay auction. After all these years of buying comics and collectables on ebay, it is still agravating when someone like Dan Urazandi deliberately lists an inacurate description of an auction lot in order to draw in bidders, lies about the contents when potental buyers send inquiries, charges for first class postal delivery but ships by the slowest and cheapest media rate, and sends junk instead of the items described in the auction description. Thieves and liars are what give ebay a bad reputation, and Bizarro World's Dan Urazandi seems to be right up there with the best of them. I hope he treats his in-store customers better. —usagigaijin

2008-07-27 16:05:01   Like Kyle20008, I recently visited the new place — Drom's Comics and Cards on G Street. Nice people and a pretty good selection of new comics. Once this place gets up and running, it will be hard to come back to Bizarro World. Bizarro World has good stuff, but I feel like I am intruding when I go in there because the people at the counter seem to be engaged in loud, heated discussions about women, gaming, and movies. —jsg718

2008-09-05 09:44:40   Great place to hangout, they got pokemon cards, yugiyo, comic books, and even some used video games for sale. Like an Atari 2600 and old super nintendo games. —drifterk

2008-09-17 11:01:49   Unfortunately I have not experienced the friendly staff of which everyone speaks. Both times I've been in there I've gotten a very rude guy who seems to not even want to deal with customers. The last time I went it, I was barely able to tear him away from his political rant on the telephone to someone who probably was not a customer. The poor kids that were in there for cards got even less attention. —DreaG

2008-10-03 19:42:14   the friendly staff everyone is referring to is named Wes, he was the only reason why i came to bizarro world because he is very friendly and helpful. the owner of this store is very rude and only really care about your money. my friends and i stopped coming to this store because we don't want to put up with the owner named Dan. Wes works at Droms comics on G street near Thai2k, and that is where i go for my magic purchases, and my friends for their comics. great place, i will never return to again, ever! —CloudFire

2008-10-05 22:16:26   I went there to buy some dice (my first set!) but the owner appeared completely unconcerned with helping me make my purchase. He even seemed reluctant to take my money. The older video games and consoles are absurdly overpriced. —AndrewHarrison

rfrazier and Osenbe have the same IP address. This implies that the accounts were created on the same computer.

2008-10-24 12:00:08   Bizarro World remains the place to purchase comics, card games or board games in Davis. The owner, Dan, is extremely knowlegeable regarding comics past and present, their selection is outstanding and their prices are reasonable. —rfrazier

2008-11-10 19:57:37   Well, I've been shopping at Bizarro World on and off since I first moved to Davis in 2001. For a long time, I worked near Empire Comics in Sacramento and shopped there as they made a point to have everything up on their shelves at 11AM Wednesday. And BizWorld was always at the mercy of UPS. Sometimes the new books would be in at 3, sometimes 5, sometimes after - it was chaos. And more than once I walked in and asked after the status of that week's books and would receive a snarky comment from Wes. So for a while after my job moved to Davis I made the 50-mile round-trip to Sacramento every Wednesday just to not have my time wasted and be insulted at BW.

That all changed when Wes left. I heard about Droms and was surprised to find Wes there. He repeatedly guaranteed me that he had a system that would result in the new week's books being on the shelves by noon Wednesday (my personal top priority). Unfortunately, that proved to be a promise that for whatever reason he has not been able to reliably deliver on. One frustrated Wednesday noon a couple months ago I stopped back in at BW just to gripe to his ex-boss (who was very circumspect with me regarding his former employee, by the way) and was delighted to discover that week's books in and on the shelves.

It's been two months now and Dan hasn't failed me yet. Clearly, when Droms opened around the corner, Dan felt compelled to pursue a new business model, but I don't care why Bizarro World's customer service suddenly improved, I just appreciate that it has. Additionally, Droms orders so few copies of most books that if you're not on the saver-list, you'll miss out on many hot titles every week. The last time I went to Droms (and the new books were actually in), it was 12:05 and they were already sold out of a good half-dozen titles. If you want to grow your business, you've got to have stock to sell.

I don't have a personality problem with either Dan or Wes, but if you want your books on a reliably timely manner and don't want to miss out on titles that sell out before the store even opens, your best bet in Davis is Bizarro World. —abargle62

2008-11-11 13:08:07   Does anyone know if they buy old comic books? I have some out-of-print Sailor Moon comics (yes...COMICS...not tankoubons) that are just kind of...sitting around...I also have some merch... —ArianeMetz

rfrazier and Osenbe have the same IP address. This implies that the accounts were created on the same computer.

2008-11-12 20:34:16   I am not the most avid comic book collector but when I finally get around to pick up a copy of something, I can either find it here or Dan can order it. If it is out of print, Dan will find out if another print run is coming out, if it is coming out in hardcover, etc... and he calls me when it comes in. Doesn't matter if it takes a month or even two. The day it is out, he has it and he gives me a call to swing by and pick it up. Can't really complain about that. Bizarro World has been in Davis since well before I came to Davis as an undergrad and I hope it is here long after I get my doctorate. Cheers, Dan! ;) —Osenbe

2008-11-06 19:00:45   I was a long term customer of this shop. Been shopping here for years. Seems like some bias is being shown so I figured I would finally say something and put my two cents in.

When Wes was here, and he worked here for years, Dan (the owner of this shop) did absolutely nothing but praise him and would say how he was the best employee he had ever had here. He never had a bad word to say about Wes. When Wes left the store this year, that changed. Maybe it was because Wes helped open a new shop, maybe it's just Dan's personality... I am not sure, but after Wes left all Dan had to say was negative. Trash talking Wes every chance he had. Wes treated everyone that I saw in the shop fairly and conversed with them while still helping others. Dan would often ignore customers to help his favorites or to talk on the phone making people wait for long periods of time before even ringing them up. Dan will ignore whoever doesn't agree with him or just go on rants about how "everyone is out to screw me over". It gets tired.

As far as Wes goes, he will admit he is more of a mainstream comics guy than an independent comic person. He will do whatever he can to help you even if he doesn't know the creator or title. When it comes to the mainstream books though, he knows his history and his creators. He nevers tried to get highstrung or have that attitude that "you know nothing, I know everything". He was humble, friendly, and he was a great asset to this store.

I have seen what has happened here and think this rfrazier is way out of line. Dan too. He's shown by his attitude in the store who the better man is and now that I know where Wes is, I will be going there from this day forward. Would have stayed at Bizarro if there was no other choice, but with the new shop in town, and with Dan's new attitude towards Wes now when he was so flattering about him before he left... It just makes me sick. That, to me, says more about the type of shop this has become.

Sorry to go, but it was Dan that made my decision for me, followed by the drama here on this site. —anthonyk

2008-12-01 11:04:17   I've had mostly good experiences and some not so great ones here which lends my opinion of the place to be more or less neutral. I heard there's a new comic/game place in town. Does anyone know anything about that? —MasonMurray

2009-01-20 18:56:18   Prior to today I have been satisfied with this shop, but after today I will never shop there again. I went in there to buy the obama spiderman book only to have the store clerk tell me that he wanted $60 bucks for it b/c it was in such high demand. I thought that was outrageous b/c this was for the 2nd run of the issue. I then called my hometown shops only to find that all of them were charging the normal price for those that were lucky enough to get there hands on one. From this point on I will view this shop as a bunch of thieves and liars. Do not shop here. I am so upset that they would try and take advantage of such a momentous time in history. —metalhead15

2009-02-11 13:47:39   I started taking two of my nephews to Bizarro World last year on a semi-weekly basis. I never collected comics as a kid and reasoned that it would be a fun activity for them and something that could promote reading. The staff was very helpful when I asked about age appropriate ratings on the books. And they had solid answers for me when I inquired about obscure comics I had read about on Wikipedia. —Michael1976

2009-09-23 12:24:01   This is by far the best comic store in Davis and the Sacramento area. Bizarro World has all the mainstream stuff and stocks more small press and independently published books than anywhere else. The owner, Dan Urazandi, has an encyclopedic knowledge of comics from every spectrum. If there's a book you like he can recommend a dozen other books that might match your taste and I've discovered a number of books that I now count among my favorites from discussions I've had with Dan. If he doesn't have it, he knows about it and can at least order it. He also has a complete stock of Magic cards and old school hard to find dice and paper games.

To address some of the comments on this board questioning Dans integrity, here's a very representative example of what kind of person he is: someone came into the shop one day with a number of very old Spider-Man comics, including the first issue. He wanted to sell the comics to Dan but knew little about them and had no idea of their value. So Dan opened up his price guide, showed him exactly what they were worth and gave him a fair price. I know of more than a few comic shop owners who would not have hesitated to take advantage of someone with such a valuable collection who lacked a knowledge of its true worth.

If you're looking for a well-stocked store with a knowledgeable owner who can be counted on to reserve or order any book you're interested in, I can't recommend the shop more. —jedalexander

2009-11-14 11:21:28   Bizzaro world is a great place to find old comics cheap. Dan has many long runs that are quite cheap, and then he has the half price sales that last a long time. If you are traveling past Davis on highway 80, a lot of people do, you might want to take a rest stop here in Davis and check out the store. Dan is friendly and he knows his stuff. —Richard-Bruce

2009-11-23 22:23:39   I just went into Bizzaro World today and was disappointed to find that my previous comment which was almost two weeks old had not cleared the shelves. Dan has a bunch of long boxes filled with sets marked at half price. Some may be less than 50 cents an issue, most less than a dollar. Many old comics in the back are not in sets, but at 25 cents an issue it allows you to explore the worlds of Marvel, DC, and others on the cheap. Once again Bizarro is a great place to buy old comics cheap. Now I would not want you to waste and pollute by making a special trip to Davis, but if you are driving by on highway 80, why not stop in. —Richard-Bruce

2009-12-26 20:05:49   bizzaro world is the best gaming store i have ever been to! the selection is great in all areas and the owner is very nice! i definitly preffer it to droms or any other store! lol c@@l —pokebenjamin

2010-01-15 22:56:54   I'd have to say the Bizarro World is a great comic shop... best in town. Not because they have a great selection or great customer service, but for everything as a whole. Dan makes an effort to meet and greet everyone and not talk down to them in regards to games or comic history like that other comic shop in town. My kids and I have gone into Droms a couple of times and got completely ignored, except the time I asked a question, and got a snide remark because I didn't know what I was talking about. When we go to Bizarro World, Dan takes the time to discuss and explain things. Hands down, Bizarro World gets my vote. Congrats on the new location. —Aaron.Curtin

2010-02-03 13:37:28   The new location is AWESOME. I love the layout, it looks like a gaming store now, not just comics (which was never BAD, just that now there is a lot more space). I especially LOVE the arcade. I intend to use it a lot. plus, as always, Dan is a fun dood.—TravisLindquist

2010-02-09 16:37:05   Also for the record, I think Dan's a great guy, have always had favorable experiences in his shop, and am overjoyed to see that he's taken residence in the shell of Bogey's Books. My name is Aaron Sikes and I approve this message. —ArthurFrane

2010-02-21 19:56:46   I went here a few weeks ago and bought Atomic Dreams, volume 2 of Echo by Terry Moore. Its really good, Terry Moore's new series is awesome and I will probably start reading it regularly again as a saver here at Bizarro World. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie also. —NickSchmalenberger

2010-03-11 09:09:11   I've been hearing that starting with PHB3, Wizards is giving "Premier" stores new sourcebook releases a week or two early. Is BW in the "premier" program, or whatever? Will they be getting early releases? —TomGarberson

2010-03-18 09:43:19   My kids worked through their Pokemon phase with this shop and are now fully embedded in YuGiOh. Dan is super nice to kids, never betrays any impatience with the fact that they linger over the display cases for 20 minutes before spending 25 cents. He would sponsor free Pokemon tournaments and give the kids free stuff. He seems willing to make reasonable trades for YuGiOh cards just to stir up the stock in the display cases; I've often felt that my kids got the better end of the deal, compared to Ebay prices. He's the reason you shop at a small business instead of a megastore or Ebay.

His new location is great, with tons of space and arcade games and a table for gaming. I hope it thrives there. Parents of Davis—take your kids here instead of Target! Dan will treat them right. —Virginia

2010-03-21 23:59:39   Maybe I caught the staff on a bad day, but I did not find any friendly employees on my visit today. I didn't think I did anything disrespectful, but an employee shot a condescending comment my way. Made my boyfriend and me very uncomfortable — we left without buying the Tasha Yar action figure I wanted. But, to err is human and we can all have our devastatingly irrational moments, so I'll give the store another shot. However, if I'm treated like a dumb blonde bimbo again, I'll spend my money at an establishment who knows how to treat a lady lookin' for a Tasha Yar doll. —spectra

2010-04-20 23:20:13   Oh, I remember dropping so much dough on Star Wars and Star Trek cards back when it was located kind of where it is now and where it was before. I walked by the new location on Picnic Day a few days ago and I thought I saw an arcade in the back. Now that I've read they really have one, I'll be sure to walk in once more! —CecilioPadilla

2010-04-22 14:06:43   Bizarro World has always had wonderful staff and many pokemon options.....However, ever since they moved to their new location the smell of the inside has forced me to start looking elsewhere. I am not sure what it is and we have tried two or three times, but each time I feel so sick from the smell that permeates that place. Please try to fix b/c we love your store and want to shop there. —emoon

2010-05-01 17:24:48   I've been known to spend a few hours just browsing, or going through various books. The downside? Dan has a tendency to forget I'm in the store and will lock me in when he goes to lunch. Seriously. It's happened at least five times, at each of the locations (including the old Four Color Comics place, which was tiny). —Flynn

2010-05-17 21:00:20   I've been to the shop a few times to play magic the gathering and a few times the staff has made disrespectful comments about my friends and I. I'm not entirely sure why this happened as I am friends with a lot of people that frequent the store. I've had fun playing with my friends at the store from time to time but my experience could have been a bit better. Maybe i just caught the staff on a bad day or i did something to offend one of them. The store also has some cool weekly events like EDH nights and sealed league i believe and Dan, the owner, seems like a pretty cool guy. Other than a few rude comments my experience here has been ok. —chidori612

2010-06-04 12:50:19   I'm happy to report that Bizarro World now carries Games Workshop Warhammer fantasy and 40k products. Anyone reading this who plays 40k in Davis should email me, I'm getting back into the hobby and looking for a gaming group. —kawende

2010-06-15 20:16:55   Bizarro world is hands down one of the most dishonest trading card game store I've been to. I played yugioh here for about a year and a half before completely giving up on this place. Dan is the person who is there the most, which is unfortunate because hes also the owner. Not only is he completely rude but he's especially deceitful to the young players because their parents and the kids don't know how much their cards are actually worth. Not to mention that his case of cards are all overpriced. The tournaments are also pretty crappy because he will never give out more than three packs to first place even if twenty people enter the tournament. Each pack of cards costs the store roughly 2.50. So if twenty people enter, that's one hundred dollars. After you take out cost of one pack per entry you'll find he's always netting at least half just off the tournaments. And even with this, he never gives back to the players in fact he still will continue to reap off the children. There's a reason why you won't find older players playing at bizarro and only little children, and it's because the kids and parents just don't know any better. There are much more respectable places to go if you nice clean innocent fun or business. Try Great Escape in Sacramento near Arden Fair mall, Olde World games in Vacaville, or Drom's Comics and Cards in Davis. —Morphin'time

2010-06-16 02:08:40   Does the new store have a pen and paper RPG sessions like D&D and FATE? I'm interested in expanding my gaming group as some have graduated and a few people have left for other personal reasons so I'm kind of down to like 2 other friends who play... —MasonMurray

2010-07-10 13:33:01   Bizzaro World has a huge collection of old comics, with prices down to 25 cents, and then there are sales. It also has old records, video games, graphic novels, collectible old toys, and a bunch of other stuff. Lots of real bargains. —Richard-Bruce

2010-08-06 15:49:36   The owner has some major ethics issues in my opinion. I see him all the time at SPCA thrift store and garage sales buying video games, records, etc. and then he resells them at his store. For example he buys records at the thrift store for 10 cents and resells them for $10 or more. He bought a Guitar Hero guitar at the thrift store for $1 (I know because my son set it down as he was unsure he was gonna buy it and the owner snatched it up and ran to the register) and I am sure it will end up in his store marked up for $20. Just like Comic Book Guy on the Simpsons....creepy. —stodd84

This is creepy? I don't get that at all, it seems like good business to me. -NickSchmalenberger

  • One man's trash is another man's treasure... Buy low, sell high... Good things come to those who wait. What other anecdotes can I think of to even try and explain that what he's doing is socially acceptable, if not encouraged in today's society. Most people would just want to kick themselves for not thinking of this first.

  • Yeah Arron, it's almost like taking candy from a baby... Daubert

    • I LOVE candy from babies! They barely put up a fight at all —MM

  • Just want to point out that what's "ethical", "socially acceptable", and "good business" are three different concepts (as well as "creepy"), and shouldn't be confused with one another. — TheShah

2010-08-07 11:48:20   A nerds dream come true. They staff is very friendly there and they are constantly having new items of all sorts, RPG's, classic games, comic books, board games. The new gaming area is a great addition too! top it off with good prices and you've got geek heaven... —AlexKiani

2010-08-10 22:15:20   Galaga AND Mappy? I'm so effing there —MeganPetersen

2010-08-22 11:19:14   Dan's a good guy. I sold him my collection of vinyl records. He offered me a fair price. Weeks later he told me that one of the disks was worth more than he originally thought. He game me $$$ in store credit. He did not have to do that. —GordonCaulkins

2010-09-14 20:55:09   Eh...ts alright. For a small town this is a good place, the cards are well priced the table tops are also priced well. How ever the game prices are absolutely absurd! Zelda for 15 bucks!! i can get it for a dollar off general its a good place, but but not the best place of classic game collectors everything else is good though! :-) —AlexKiani

2010-10-25 16:54:29   they have a lone wonder woman costume left for halloween procrastinators like me. —OliviaY

2010-12-02 20:22:22   dan has it as a businessman, and he is an awesome human being, one of the finest i have met in the universe. to read the comment by stodd84 reflects on the hatred existing in davis. a sad thought indeed. 89at25 —89at25

2011-04-01 14:57:31   As someone who moved to Dixon recently and had no particular loyalty moving into town. I can say that Bizarro World has effectively turned away my business. Regardless of how successful the competing store is, Bizarro will never be where I frequent. As a magic the Gathering player, I was turned off by the fact that they lost their DCI sanctioning due to inappropriate business practices. The prices in their case are far from fair. Sometimes they are 2x-3x the average price. They sponsor players to play in their unsanctioned tournaments who turn prized back to the store. They do not even have a level 1 judge to help with rules. There bulk selection is equally overpriced and unorganized. Do not be surprised if you see very few Magic players in the shop. They have done everything they could to persuade people not to come. —SeanPatch

2011-04-30 09:27:38   SeanPatch, do you have any published reports to back up your accusations? These accusations seem pretty serious and I sure haven't heard of them before! —MyRealName

  • If you follow the link in the top of the page that mentions them no longer being sanctioned, you'll find the DCI website lists them as suspended (under the owner's name) for sales violations. Also, why the strange, aggressive "MyRealName"? Glance up... most people use their names here because we're (most of us) neighbors in the same town. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

  • It says "sales violation" and gives no mention as to what that is. I can't make the jump to "inappropriate business practices," but I'm not worried about that. I'm not sure how different pricing of cards makes them "not fair." I've never heard of "fair" pricing. If you don't like their prices, go someplace else. I'm sorry you take "MyRealName" as aggressive, it is not intended as such. The site asked for my real name when I was signing up so I gave it! *wink*. (also this reply might be messed up since I can't figure out how to do it without going in and editing the whole page.) —MyRealName

    • I seem to recall that there's another page that details it a bit more, still on the DCI site. A local certified judge did also confirm on the wiki that Bizarro is not allowed to run official tournaments, but that was part of some other issue, so it may have been deleted (but could probably be found if you look in the edit history... probably for the Talk page). As for the pricing, yep — that's subjective. Which is where it comes down to Sean believing it's not fair. Don't worry about messing up — we all work together on the wiki, so if you mess up, somebody will jump in to help. Not a big deal. -jw

2011-05-03 14:35:26   @Sean Patch Hey, sorry you didn't like the prices! Can you give some specifics as to what cards you think were unfairly priced? As far as I know, most prices are consistent with online prices. Some are a bit higher, but there's no ship cost, so that offsets it. Some are lower! For instance, Aether Vial is currently sitting at about 75% of the online cost!

Also, there are plenty of ways to negotiate price! —TravisLindquist

2011-05-10 01:31:18   This place is my favorite thing about davis I recommend checking out the sets section I have been able to recreate my childhood comic collection only better for far cheaper than actual value here! Out of all the comic book stores I have ever been to this ranks among the best great knowledgeable staff wide variety of sci-fi comic based products! —TravisMartin

2011-05-10 01:39:50   Seriously I got Punisher 1-9 VG for 9$ each one is worth at least 7! —TravisMartin

2011-05-14 09:35:03   I will be quite frank: There is an employee here who's name I don't know. He's... kind of dorky (but in a good way, ya know?) and he's constantly friendly and helpful. He also often suggests products which is the hallmark of a great salesperson: "Oh, you like X? Well have you taken a look at Y?" He is the only reason I'll even consider heading out to this store.

Dan, on the other hand, has been consistently cold and distant to me whenever I've talked to him. He's tried to rush my buying decisions on multiple occasions and generally not been very kind to me. I won't say he's been a jerk because he hasn't... but compared to some of the others in town? Yeah. —JamesMcCardle

2011-05-21 22:38:36   My boyfriend just about wet himself with joy the first time I took him by this store. I felt a lot less awkward going with him than by myself like I did the first time I popped in. I'm pretty friendly and the guy who was working there (the first time) spoke maaaaybe two words to me through the entire transaction of my purchase. I felt like it was because I'm a female. When I went with my boyfriend it was totally different. I dunno. Either way, cool store. Thumbs up. —JennyAnnMcAllister

2011-05-29 18:17:26   @TravisLindquist I am sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I went in today, to see if I was wrong about the pricing. Here are a couple cards that stuck out in my mind; Jace the Mind Sculptor - $100, Channel Fireball - $79.99, SCG - $79.99 Goblin Guide - $10, Channel Fireball - $4.99, SCG - $5.49 Progenitus - $15, Channel Fireball - $11.99, SCG - $10.99

There were more in the case with similar price differences. If I am buying cards, it just doesn't make sense to pay a $4-$20 markup on each card. If I see a lot of prices that are off, I prefer to play it safe and buy nothing rather than find out when I get home that I got screwed over. Maybe if I played in the shop, I could make an exception every now and then. With no DCI sanctioned tournaments, that is not an option for me.

@MyRealName - I will try and not turn this into some sort of fight. "Sales Violation" implies you were performing an activity to do with sales, which is a "business practice". The "violation" part definitely falls under the umbrella of "inappropriate" behavior. In my opinion, not a very large jump to make. —SeanPatch

  • and, of course, the shipping on that Progenitus, that you are saving $3.01 on, is $2.96. I just checked it out. Enjoy your 5 cents savings. —DonShor

    • Yeah, the third card isn't much of a net saving solo, but that's clearly a silly example to nitpick. That's still be $17 for the first card and a couple for the second. Consider that 5 cents an extra bonus ;) Or if you buy multiple cards and shipping price is the same... it adds up much quicker. -ES

    • My point, Ed, is that comparing brick-and-mortar retailers with online retailers is specious. To suggest that Bizarro World (or any other retailer) is using some sort of unfair markup ("I got screwed over") is inaccurate. A retail store in downtown Davis pays a retail lease, has much higher insurance costs, and any number of other expenses that online retailers don't have. And to fail to include the shipping cost makes the comparison dishonest. Finally, the online retailer should be charging and paying California sales tax on the purchase, but probably isn't. Compare apples to apples: what do the cards cost at other walk-in stores? Online shopping is a different thing entirely. —DonShor

      • I suspect that pricing above the listed "value" of cards is roughly equivalent to selling above MSRP. Maybe not "unfair", but a sign that they're doing something wrong with pricing. As a disclaimer, I haven't played M:TG in at least a decade, but back then list price was the default for individual cards in brick and mortar stores. Anything above list price was considered a ripoff. —TomGarberson

      • A 20% price variance, with 10% or so factored back in for shipping, isn't far from general industry norms where online and walk-in retail is concerned. It varies within retail sectors, obviously. DS

2011-06-12 14:22:13   I love this place. It is opposite to a "Target" like store in every good way. My son buys mostly used Pokemon cards and I search for (and often find) some treasure that I enjoyed from my own childhood. The staff are available to ask questions, but never make you feel like you can't just look around. —TomSands

2011-06-15 08:03:37   @ everyone who commented about pricing for my review.

As a member of the mailing list for both websites. I get free shipping on orders over $50. I rarely order 1x of any card. I usually order a playset 4x. So, I would be losing $16 on that one card as part of a larger order.

You may not think that comparing a brick and mortar card store to an online retailer is fair, but other shops in the area obviously disagree. Drom's, Great Escape Games, A-1 Comics and Adventures in Comics all provide prices that are in line with current online prices. They will even look up prices on cards if you believe the price is not right. Why in the world would I knowingly spend more money, when cheaper options are readily available? I would have to either really love the shop, which I obviously don't, or be crazy to do such a thing. —SeanPatch

2011-06-20 10:15:52   My son and I always enjoy going into Bizarro World. The employees are super nice each time we go and don't mind answering lots of questions from newbies like us. For kids who are starting Pokemon card collections- this is definitely the place to go! —maggiebee

2011-07-24 21:31:25   The RUDEST shopowner in Davis!!! My 9 year son old loves going in there, but after the way we were treated by Dan the owner, we will NEVER set foot in there again! He had the audacity to ask us to leave his dump after my daughter picked up a DVD rental case and didn't put it back exactly where it was. I told him he was rude, and he actually said he wouldn't miss our "piddly" business! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY AT THIS PLACE!!! —npguistino

2011-08-07 00:56:25   I don't know much about comics and come here mostly for the books. They're a little on the pricey side for used books, most ranging from about $3.50 to $5, but I've seen a couple marked as $2.50 and sometimes he has a sale where slow-selling books are sold for less! I wish there was a bigger selection, but understand that isn't the main attraction of the store... The owner seems a little gruff and unfriendly but he's never been outright rude to me. I think he gets annoyed when people come in and don't buy anything. Sometimes I sell my used fantasy/sci-fi novels and he gives me a pretty decent price in store credit but he only works certain hours so it's hard to get a hold of him sometime and nobody else can sell. The assistant guy with the black beard is SUPER NICE! He is always very helpful when I have questions and seems to know a lot about cards.

Ladies, be forewarned: sometimes it's a little awkward going in there because there are almost no girls in there—ever! I've met some really creepy people in there who stared and invaded my personal space and asked me weird questions. Some of them were also a bit condescending when they found out I wasn't there for comic books or magic cards and just wanted to browse (is that a crime)? I'd give it **1/2 stars out of *****. —nutmeg

2011-08-12 14:49:07   Gave this place several chances. Every time I have interacted with its owner he has been incredibly rude and off-putting. Will not be returning. —ErikAllen

2011-09-20 07:26:27   This place sucks. The dollar bin has consistently gone downhill and the bundle packages are over priced. The owner is incredibly rude and seems to know nothing about recent comics. He always gives you a look when you come in, that "Hurry up and buy something" vibe and never seems to be in a good mood. Anytime I ask a question I get a rude response; I had enough after several attempts thinking I came in a bad day. I will not be returning unless he has a going out of business sale (VERY LIKELY) Empire Comics Vault in Sacramento is MUCH BETTER. Drom's is even better even though they know even less about comics. They should seriously rename these stores MAGIC THE GATHERING SHOPS. —CameronMarsh

2011-10-13 13:34:36   Very friendly staff. They're even willing to order you comic book titles that are out of stock.


    2012-01-15 23:46:09   Had to pick up a book for class here (first time I've ever been). The guy behind the counter was exceptionally nice. Judging by the rest of the comments here, I guess he wasn't the owner... —jsogul

    2012-02-11 15:02:57   This is my first year in Davis, and after recently getting into trading cards, I decided to check out the two comic/card shops in Davis. This was the first one I visited, and although they didn't have what I was looking for, I didn't find my experience too bad, but there were a lot of people there and it made me a bit nervous. The guy behind the counter did ask me what I was looking for though, which I think helps shyer customers find what they need. I then went to Drom's, and I don't know if I caught them at a bad time or something but I didn't really feel welcome there for whatever reason. Bought some penny sleeves and then bailed. Also this is totally unrelated but as I don't know where else to ask, if you play Cardfight!! Vanguard, please send me an email, I've been looking for other players. —VLieu

    2012-02-11 17:34:31   I've been going to Bizzaro World for years. Dan is quite definitely a businessman first, which can be a bit offputting for some. I am a consumer, I have money, I ask that he provide me reason to spend money at his shop, he does so and we get to the transaction. :) For reviews and such, I will usually turn to the younger assistants, though. —JeffWood

    2012-02-17 01:20:41   This was one of the worst shopping experiences of my life. I don't know what was wrong with the staff, but I was waiting to buy some card game booster packs for almost half an hour. And finally the jerk behind the counter and gives me my packs, overpricing them even by his inflated prices. When I pointed this out to him he muttered something under his breath, took the packs back and moved on to another customer, leaving me there. I waited another five minutes before another staff member came up and sold me the packs. Other than the terrible customer service, the place is dirty, unorganized and smells like an old shoe. The single cards and used comics were even priced worse than the sealed booster packs. I would never go back there in order to spend money EVER. —JordanRivers

    2012-03-15 12:02:19   This place is legit. —JQuest

    2012-04-08 03:08:24   You would think that a local comic book shop in a small town would be a friendly place to shop at.

    Before I moved to Davis to attend UCD, I used to patronize the comic shops back in the Bay Area. Two of my favorite comic shops were Dr. Comics and Mr.Games in Oakland and Comic Relief in Berkeley. My shopping experience at those stores was excellent. Both shops were run by knowledgeable and friendly staff. Both shops have an excellent selection of comics; Particularly the "indie stuff." After graduating from high school in 2006 and bound for UC Davis, going to the local comic shop was one of the places I looked forward to visiting. If my previous experiences at a comic book store would be so great, my experience at Bizarro would surely be just as phenomenal. Right?

    How I couldn't be more wrong.

    I first patronized Bizarro at their previous location back in 2007. The location was much smaller and cramped. The comic selection was pitiful. The shelves and items were poorly organized.There was very little ventilation in the store itself. Everything seemed filthy. The shelves looked as though they have not been dusted for quite some time. All of the items look like they were inferior second hand items. I thought maybe the staff would make up for the sub-standard ambiance and wares.

    Unfortunately, I was again contradicted. The staff glared at me while I was scoping their merchandise;As if I had any interest in swiping their third-rate items. The owner of the store was a rude, pompous prat with a largely undeserved ego. When I asked for his help, he gave me brusque comments as if I interrupted him from doing anything highly significant. His knowledge of comics or "Geek Culture" was not impressive at all. When I tried to strike a conversation with him, he asked me "Why the hell are you even talking to me?" He's highly reminiscent of the "Comic Book Guy" from "The Simpsons." Except that the owner is less amusing. And less intelligent for that matter.

    I was so disgusted by the business of the store, I never went back to the location after my fourth visit. I went back to Bizarro's a few years later when they moved from their old location to the building that used to be owned by a used bookstore(Which was a nice, well-run store by the way. Pity that they went out of business. If only it was Bizarro's that suffered that fate.) I attended the store with a friend of mine during their grand opening. I was hoping that the store improved with location.

    I was right. Albeit it was marginal. There was a few more selections. It was definitely larger and better ventilated. And they had arcade games. Alas, it was still filthy and poorly disorganized. While the selection was larger, it was still abysmal in comparison to the comic book stores I used to frequent growing up. The items were still of inferior quality. And the staff were still as mean-spirited and nasty as before. My friend asked me if he had to pay with cash to play the games. One of the employees got in our private conversation and said "duhhhhhh!!!" as if he even asked him in the first place(It may be a silly question but it still didn't warrant a rude response. Especially from someone who wasn't even involved in our business to begin with. Besides, some places do use tokens instead of actual coins). That was the last straw for me. I never went back since.

    All and all, Bizarro is a laughable failure of a comic book store. —HumbertoSilva

    2012-05-04 12:01:59   I've been shopping here for over 10 years and have never had any problems with the staff. —gurglemeow

    2012-07-19 20:38:11   Its overprices,Stuff sucks,To Small,and the owner(the ugly beard one)is very mean, the blonde guy is nice and welcoming though


      2012-09-06 15:31:53   I have been there maybe 10-15 times over the past year and every time that I come in and the owner, Dan, is there i have an uncomfortable experience. He is cold, distant, and even rude sometimes. He comes off as if he doesn't want to get to know his customers or even help them at all. He should really get his act together because he honestly makes me reconsider entering the store when I pass by.

      On the other hand there is another guy that works there whose name i do not know. He is a pretty tall, blonde but balding man. He is always nice when I come in, always greets me and asks if there is anything in particular I am looking for and even strikes up conversations with me from time to time. He should honestly just be the only person working there because it would make it much more likely for me to make a purchase - something I am unlikely to do thanks to their crazy prices for any of their magic the gathering stuff (which is what I go in there for). —FrankFrankerson

      2012-10-07 14:02:21   I went to this shop today and I got a very rude and unprofessional treatment from "Dan". This man does not know what is manner. I have no idea how they keep up with the business. I will never go back there and I will tell all my friends how they would be treated inside that shop. It's shame for Davis. It makes you not want to buy local. —Angeles

      2012-10-18 16:32:11   I went to bizaroworld today to find a case for a collectible. I was the only customer in there, and didn't even get a can I help you. When he finally did acknowledge me, it was very rude and distant. Like I was interrupting his porn session. Tried asking him a couple questions, and got very little response. AVOID this place at all costs. Get a new employee who appreciates showing some customer service. I'll never set foot back in this place. —paulm

      2013-03-07 20:33:58   I really have no idea what people are going on about the staff. I've had nothing but a good experience here. I talk to the owner sometimes about the latest comics and he's pointed me towards the best issues nearly every time I ask for recommendations. —AlexYeghiazarian

      2013-05-11 15:28:36   ABSOLUTELY RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL TO CUSTOMERS! DO NOT SHOP HERE. Dan Urazandi is absolutely the worst business owners I have ever encountered. I called to ask about why I had a $14 charge from Bizarro World when I havent shopped there since 2012. He said " its a late fee charge", I asked "Can you explain that, Im confused at how I could have accrues this, I rented movies and returned them without incident last year." He then proceeds to berate me and ask "What don't you understand about the English language and the word late fee, which you agreed to pay when you signed our contract which allowed you to rent here." When I politely challenged the policy of charging people a year later, he very agressively responded "WHAT DO YOU THINK THE FEES ARE JUST GOING TO VAPORIZE!" When I asked him if he is normally this rude to paying customers or if he is just having a bad day, he said "I have work to do and you're wasting my time." WOW! This guy seriously has absolutely no concept of customer service. As if people are not going to question a charge on their account when they havent been to the business since last year! Charge people for their late fees right then and there when they accrue them, or call them and let them know they owe. I don't mind paying (even though the late fees are more than I paid to rent the movie) but they should let people know before charging their card unannounced. The owner is incredibly rude and really should not be working with people. —LorenJ

      2013-06-12 03:13:40   I just bought Turok for gamecube at Bizarro world for 7.50$ such a good deal. Plus the young people that work there are super nice. Any time is what the guy said. And I'd have to agree with him. :) —teamdarwin

      2013-06-17 14:14:06   THE MOST HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SHADY BUSINESS EVER! I’ve recently started going to Bizarro for about a year as I have a 5 year old son that has become enamored with comics and action figures. We’ve purchased several comics and I really appreciated the selection of G-rated stuff appropriate for his age group. A neighbor recommend the DVD rentals at Bizarro and we decided to give it a try. We were very excited to have a local place to walk to and get DVDs and I was again surprised and pleased at the selection they had for new releases and kids movies.

      Our first DVD rental was a nightmare!

      The disk got stuck/skipped about half way through the movie and we had to fast forward to get it to keep working (after it crashing 2 times and having to start over from the main menu). However, this really didn’t bother us too much because we’ve had this happen from rented DVDs from other places before (including Netflix).

      We returned the DVD on time and interestingly, this one occasion, we actually opened the DVD case about a half block from the store to check and make sure we put it back in the case. So, as luck would have it I had a very vivid, clear memory of the DVD on the day it was returned being in good condition without damage. We dropped it off to be on went on our merry way.

      Two days later I get an email from the shop owner Dan saying we were being charged $30 replacement fee because we returned the DVD with “serious damage”. I went down to the shop immediately that same day and asked to see the DVD. A friendly shop employee told me that it had 3 major scratches in the DVD. He said they cleaned it in their cleaning equipment and they mostly came out but that it still won’t play and is unusable. When he showed me the disc it had 2 tiny, pinhead size dots on the surface. I found it hard to believe that the disc didn’t work. He told me that he hadn’t been the one to test it but that the owner Dan did so he “assumed it didn’t work because Dan wouldn’t charge you a fee if it was working”. He told me to call back the next day when Dan was working to talk with him about it.

      When I called Dan and inquired about the situation he was SO RUDE and down right mean. I expressed my concerns and told him that I was more than willing to pay for damage we caused but in this case I had inspected the disc moments before turning it in and there was no damage. He told me “I don’t understand why I need to take the time to explain this to you because you signed the rental agreement and you seem to understand that you have to pay for damage you caused.” I repeated that I was being honest about my inspecting the disc before returning it and how was I to know it wasn’t damaged in the shop itself after it was returned. (The shop is a filthy mess with stacks upon stacks of things on top of each other and the merchandise is not well cared for). He made some enraged rude remarks where he continued to sling personal insults.

      I told him how disappointing it was to have this treatment from a local business we try to support in Downtown and that I was going to post my reviews on Daviswiki and Yelp. To this he said “Go ahead, People write lies about us all the time on DavisWiki and they aren’t true.”

      He then jumped in claiming that this was a 2 disc set and if I wanted to come back down to the store he would show me the damage on the 2nd disc that they didn’t clean off. I told him I don’t understand why the employee didn’t show me that damage yesterday when I did come into the shop asking to see the damage and became even more suspicious of being unjustly accused by Dan and the staff.

      I told Dan I would not pay the fee and would contest his charges with my credit card company. To this he replied, “You have such a pathetic existence that you have to run all over town spreading lies instead of taking responsibility for the damage you caused”. This was my 1st and last DVD rental at Bizarro World. We will never patronize this business again. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY AT A PLACE THAT WILL ONLY LIE TO YOU, STEAL FROM YOU, AND INSULT YOU!

      I am somewhat relieved for my son that Droms comics is also in town and there is always (sorry Downtown Merchants).


      If the DVD had problems playing for you, why didn't you make sure Dan knew that when you returned it? This seems like a problem that could have been much smaller with upfront communication. I've always had good experiences with Dan and Bizarro World. —NickSchmalenberger

        2013-06-23 15:34:59   Well then you obviously havent been on the other side of his attacks before. The guy is known for verbally attacking customers and being very VERY rude. I seriously don't understand why he works in customer service. On one occasion when I asked to clarify something, he snapped "DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE OR SOMETHING!" He must be a miserable, miserable person to treat people (let alone customers who support his business) the way he does. I feel really bad for the employees who have to work with him. They are always really nice; I hope he doesn't lash out at them the way he does to customers. —LorenJ

        I grew up in Davis. For some years I was at Bizarro World every Wednesday afternoon, when new comic books would arrive by UPS. I never saw Dan act like you describe. —NickSchmalenberger

        • Neither have I. I used to go there while in college for my comic book fix, and to this day still take my kids in periodically for comic and cards. Dan has always been informative and congenial. He does have a rather dry sense of humor, but you develop a rather thick skin (something I have yet to attain) when dealing in retail. —Aaron.Curtin

        2013-06-27 11:10:10   So everyone else who has been insulted by him are just lying and making it up for no reason at all? And to gain nothing? Being a business owner is not about cherrypicking what customers you will be friendly to, its about providing good service to all your customers. The fact that you are on good terms with him does not discount the fact that he has been very rude and inappropriate to others. —LorenJ

        • Whoa... take it down a notch. All I was saying is that I've never experienced nor observed anything like what happened to you. Just relaying my interactions to give a more accurate portrail of what to expect. Sorry your experience wasn't the best, but mine always has. —Aaron.Curtin

        2014-03-08 21:34:19   i've been to this place 3x over the past 3ish months, begging to spend money. each time i was either given short and rude answers that hinted they would rather be doing something else (read: avoid eye contact and mutter 2 word responses) or was encouraged to do research online...which lead to me making purchases online. i want to want to spend money locally at these stores, but the staff makes it either impossible or encourages me to do so elsewhere. —MikeWardII

        2014-07-14 11:55:45   There is nothing better than a comic book shop you can walk into and chat with the guy behind the counter about your favorite comics/ games. Bizarro world has knowledgeable staff. I like this place a lot. The owner may be a little different, the guy collects and sells comics, that is not a profession that pre selects for high sociability. I think it adds to the flavor of the place. Every time I have dealt with him he is fair but not a sweet talker. —DagonJones

        2014-09-11 13:45:55   Kinda got the same vibe as MikeWardII. Hoping the guy was just having an off day or something. —ToddKaiser

        2015-02-18 15:03:53   Just called them not too long ago. They answered with something along the lines of "yo" or made some weird noise so I have no idea which employee it was, I even had to ask if it was bizarro. Afterwards I asked if they had a copy of a few SNES games and all of them they said rudely said no. Then I asked politely when they get in Super Mario World how much does it generally go for and he responded with "I don't know". And I said thanks and they immediately hung up. I don't know what his problem was but its not like this is a rare game, I just wanted to know if I should wait until they get it or if I should just purchase from eBay. Maybe they don't say their prices over the phone which is fair, but they should at least let me know that. But I guess I know now to never shop there. —forg0t

        2015-05-21 00:53:30   I asked whether a product that had been on sale over the weekend was still on sale, and was gruffly shouted down "Don't ask me that question." I assume it was Dan. That's a completely unacceptable way for a retailer to speak to a customer. I set down my purchase and left. —BeriAlpha

        2015-07-07 18:41:55   Don't support this store, Dan has horrible business practices and shitty customer service. You're much better off driving the 15 minutes into Sacramento or twenty in Vacaville to support better businesses. —localmagicenthusiast

        2016-01-13 22:19:03   An amazing place to trade this place is a relic. —Dexter987

        2017-08-20 18:05:28   I've been a customer here for three years now. I absolutely love it for what it is. Bizarro World is old school cool. Love to browse the latest batch of monthlies or lose myself in digging through boxes upon boxes of back issues. The owner Dan has always been kind and helpful to me and my son. Last but not the least there's a great selection of movies, including hard to find classics and international films. Thumbs up! —WillLockhart