Blackout is the greatest drinking game of all time.

Unlike most other (read: sissy) drinking games out there where the winner drinks the least, the goal of Blackout is actually to consume the most alcohol. The average competitive player can expect to consume more than four beers in less than ten minutes.

Blackout was brought to Davis from the depths of barbaric Southern California by young Benjamin Jones, and was further refined by him as his roommate, Arnold Kemp (currently the Blackout champion).


Version 2.2 - Public Release - Transcribed by ArnoldKemp Getting the most people drunk the fastest and calling it a game.

The rules of Blackout are as follows:

WHEREAS the game of Blackout will be played until all the beers on the table are consumed. The number of beers to be placed at the center of the table shall be equal to one more than four times the number of players. In addition, a pair of dice are required. Beers must be in 12 oz. form (although you may certainly use 40 oz. ones if you prefer).

WHEREAS no beer shall be opened until it is required to be drunk from. Any beer than is finished is not thrown away, but rather kept in front of the person who finished it as evidence until such a time as the game concludes. Once a beer is opened by a player, no other person may drink from it. Once a beer is opened, it must be finished before the player leaves the table. The winner of the game is the one who consumes the most alcohol, as evinced by the number of empty beers in front of them.

WHEREAS play begins by players rolling to determine order. Play continues to the left. If the exact same role happens twice in a row, the direction of play reverses after the turn in which the exact same role occurred concludes normally.

WHEREAS two dice are rolled every turn, and gulps are taken in the amount of the sum of the pips of the dice, with exceptions occurring on doubles, sums of seven, sums of more than eight and repeats (The rule of repeats has previously been explained in the prior rule). Hereafter, whenever a player is said to "drink a number", it is to be interpreted as "drink that number of gulps".

WHEREAS any roll greater than eight is shared between the player who rolled it and the next player. Of the numbers showing on the dice, the player who rolled drinks the larger of the two numbers, while the next player drinks the smaller of the two. Play then proceeds to the next player, as usual.

WHEREAS if a sum of seven is rolled, a Social occurs. The player must propose a toast before drinking his/her seven gulps (as usual), while all the other players drink one gulp each.

WHEREAS if Double 6's are rolled, the Worst Roll in the Game occurs. All players except the one that rolled it drink gulps equal to half a beer, which is to say, seven.

WHEREAS if Double 5's are rolled, an Extra Turn occurs. The player drinks as usual (five for him/herself, five for the next player) and then immediately takes another turn.

WHEREAS if Double 4's are rolled, a Measurement occurs. Between the beer of the player and the beer of the next player, a consensus is reached (by any means necessary) on who's beer has more beer left in it. Whoever has more beer in their can when this occurs must finish it.

WHEREAS if Double 3's are rolled, a Three Echo occurs. The player drinks six gulps now (as usual). However, until that player's turn begins again, he or she must match the gulps of any other player whose roll includes a three or a sum of three.

WHEREAS if Double 2's are rolled, a Duel occurs. The player chooses one of the other players. Each of the participants in the duel now roll a single die. The winner with the larger number shown drinks double that number, while the loser drinks the smaller number of gulps. In case of a tie, both players drink double what they each rolled.

WHEREAS if Snake Eyes are rolled, a Beer Bong occurs. An entire beer is placed inside of an available beer bong and then pounded (drank) by the player. If a beer bong is not available, the beer may simply be chugged. This is widely considered the best roll in the game.

WHEREAS at the end of the turn in which the last beer is opened (not when the last beer is finished) a Beerocalypse occurs. All players must now chug their beers until empty. This is done to avoid a tie. If two players end with the same number of total beers consumed, the winner is decided by whoever finished first during the Beerocalypse.

WHEREAS if a tie occurs nevertheless, it will be settled by a chugging contest. The author would like to remind the reader that the game is called Blackout.

WHEREAS puking is encouraged.


Some insurgents continually advocate a ridiculous variant, in which any player who rolls a sum of eight chooses another player who cannot drink until that player's next turn has elapsed. This rule goes against the quintessence of the game since it actually slows the drinking that occurs.

The only strategy in Blackout is simply to take big gulps. Also, get lucky.

In reality, the Snake Eyes rule included the use of a Turtle Bong instead of a non-capitalized beer bong. This was done to make this public revision of the game more inclusive, since the only known Turtle Bong resides solely at 1708 Drexel Drive.


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