A stack of books, awesome.

Books, they are like wikis, but generally static, and materially solid. There are a few types of books, and a few ways to get them.

If you want to sell your books, go here. If you eschew paper, look into some Davis ways to get an e-book.

How to get your hands on one of these things called "books"

There are many places to access books in Davis, either by buying new, renting or borrowing, or buying cheap used books.

Bookstores in Davis:

A list of places in Davis where one may buy or borrow cheap used books.

Free or trading books:

Some classic books are available to read free online at sites like:


They are like the Internet, before there were computers. People tend to be quiet here.

Books about Davis

  • Day Trips from Sacramento by Stephen Metzger — A couple chapters on Davis, even covers Campus Cinema.

The reading community.

Former Book sources: