The Botany Club is an campus organization to promote botany, plant biology, agriculture, and all other green related majors much as the chemistry club exists for chemistry majors, physics club, etc. The meetings occur bi-weekly and include various talks, presentations, and panels about plant-related careers, research done here on campus, and other fascinating botanical discoveries and oddities. They also sometimes join the Davis Botanical Society for bigger events and speakers — think of the DBS as the "adult" botany club! They have been known to have special tours of the Herbarium — a squashed plant archive on campus — and the Botanical Conservatory's collection of unusual plants. Major field trips happen each year. See the website for plans.

The club website will generally have the calendar of events, speakers and trips. Contact info should be there for the club officers, and is always true for the advisor, [Professor Judy Jernstadt] and the 'mascot' Ernesto Sandoval.

They also have a facebook group.


All meetings held in Robbins Hall room 141, starting near 6:15 p.m. every other Thursday, there is usually food brought by some member, and most often a panel or talk by someone relevant to plant biology, agriculture, or plants in general, great fun if you like the greener (or generally more colorful) side of life, a definitely awesome place for anyone in any plant related field.

Meetings have resumed, the next scheduled for the 29th of November, at which fabulous snacks will be provided.


See calendar.

This Spring Break the botany club will be heading down to Santa Cruz Island in order to help out with the botanical effort there.

T-Shirts Etc.

The botany club has T-shirts too, they look pretty snazzy and contain puns.


At every meeting a spare change jar is passed around to raise donations for the notable plant cause of the year, currently the Davis Tree (something?).