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2009-11-20 17:42:38   Over 100 students are in Dutton Hall this afternoon protesting the UC Regents fee hikes. —robinlaughlin

2010-03-04 15:40:00   A number of students are facing off with police in demonstrations over fee hikes and budget cuts at UC Davis. About 100 student attempted to run on to I-80. Police used batons and pellet guns to deter them. A more in-depth story is being carried by the Sacramento Bee hereCovertEngineer

2010-03-04 16:16:55   Suicide is a great way to protest fee hikes... —TomGarberson

  • If college students are supposed to be our best and brightest... well... we're screwed. —hankim

2010-03-04 18:26:19   It's also great that they're graffiting on campus buildings to protest budget shortages. Great way to save money! Make them do an expensive cleanup and raise student fees more, whee! —TomGarberson

2010-03-05 15:08:36   I have no particular vocal stance on this subject, but as much as protest can work, of the number of protests that have ever been conducted vs. the number of times it has worked is no where near optimistic. Mostly because of how the protesters conduct themselves. In this particular case, delaying traffic and costing the city (and the citizens, who may have ended up late to work) money isn't exactly the smartest move, but that really wasn't the purpose of their actions. It was to get attention to their cause (as ironic as it was). —SunjeetBaadkar

2010-04-01 11:50:13   see also mending news:

2010-05-01 20:08:25   Explosive Device found near Olson Hall —JasonAller

2010-05-01 20:09:46   news story about bomb threatJasonAller

2010-05-01 20:24:47   One of the other Cargo Coffee kiosks is by Olson Hall and the news story calls it a potential incendiary device. —JasonAller