Name - Brenda Mohr, CMT - "Massage and More"
Type - Massage Therapy & Stress Reduction
Creator - Brenda Mohr
Contact | 530-304-8934
Creation Date 2011-11-20

Relaxation is the goal of the soul.

I believe your session should be all about you! I offer Massage, Reiki, Guided Visualization, and Breathing Exercises to help you reduce stress and increase relaxation. Together we choose the most effective approach for nurturing your Body, Mind & Spirit.

Massage: Ahhh... the benefits of massage include increased circulation, relaxed muscles, reduced anxiety and depression, improved posture, less stress, relaxation & much more....

Reiki: Reiki is a type of energy work that is applied through light touch. It balances the energy centers in the body and triggers your natural healing abilities.

Guided Visualization: Let your mind and body relax as you are guided in a visualization exercise that will be a calming experience and one you will learn to access whenever you desire.

Breathing Exercises: When we become aware of our breathing and practice breathing exercises we can either calm or energize ourselves.


60 Minutes (2-3 Modalities) $70.00

90 Minutes (3-4 modalities) $95.00


(530) 304-8934 2657 Portage Bay, East, Davis, CA 95618

*Men by referral only.