Brilliant Red Lights, also known as "BRL," started approximately 3.345345 years ago. They also share members with Compassion in Action.

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  • Aaron Davidson — guitar, vocals
  • Evan Michalski — bass, backup vocals
  • Jon Roberts — drums


Touch Like You Want It (unreleased) — 12 tracks, recorded with Alex Newport in August 2004

  1. Let's Get False

  2. Declaration of Purpose

  3. Potential Midnights

  4. New Flags

  5. Pageants of Red and Gold

  6. Tough Colors

  7. Post-Synthetic Love Army

  8. Numb Songs

  9. Accidents Are The New Prosthetics

  10. We Need A Better Language

  11. Solid Towns

  12. Fashion Collapse

4-song EP (2004) — 4 tracks, recorded various places

  1. Numb Songs

  2. Post-Synthetic Love Army

  3. Accidents Are The New Prosthetics

  4. Grail

"Suspension" — 1 track, recorded at someone's studio in Sacramento

6-song demo — self-recorded

  • Included "Sound of a Hand on a Latch," "Grail," "Declaration of Purpose" and "View From The Inside"