2860 West Covell Blvd. in Suite 7
Mon.-Fri. 8 AM - 4:30 PM
(530) 753-5074
Payment Method
Cash, Check, Credit Card


Brooks Painting is one of the businesses in town offering residential & commercial painting services (home repair):

  • Custom Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Staining
  • Deck Refinishing
  • Cabinet Finishing / Refinishing
  • Acoustical Ceiling Removal
  • Epoxy Floors
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Sealing Brick / Stone 
  • Specialty Coatings (dry erase, magnetic paint, chalkboard)
  • Pressure Washing 
  • Minor stucco and dry rot repair 
  • Tape and texture drywall 

You are able to schedule an estimate appointment straight from their website, or by calling the office at 530-753-5074

Bonded, Insured, and Licensed #737789. Free written estimates. Gift certificates available. Professional painters serving Yolo, Solano, Placer & Sacramento Counties and surrounding areas.

For the past sixteen years, they donate up to $10,000 in time and painting services to a local person, family, or charitable organization. Summer House of Davis was the 2010 recipient. The 2009 recipient was the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center of Yolo County. The recipient of the 2008 Annual Charity Paint Give-Away was the Sharp family in Vacaville. In 2007 they repainted the Davis Little League stadium. Brooks Painting is very active in the local community, especially Yolo County, and local chambers of commerce. 

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2008-12-04 12:38:42   Brooks Painting has been our goto for anything painting, retexturing, acoustical ceiling removal related. We recently remodeled a bathroom having torn out a built-in cabinet. The newly exposed walls needed to be textured to match the rest of the room. Looking at it now, you would never know the cabinet had ever been there! The texture matching is perfect. We've also used Brooks Painting for interior painting and have never been disappointed. The crews have always been on-time, courteous and cleanly. —MJFoncannon

2008-12-21 12:23:00   We used Brooks Painting to repaint the exterior and interior of our first Davis house in 2001. We were impressed with their quality and professionalism, and have since used them for multiple remodel and repaint projects. In 2008, they repainted three exterior barns and our main house, and as always, they exceeded our expectations. Jeremy Brooks has instilled a pride of work in his crews that is evident in every project, and they really strive to give the customer a positive experience. —cdlong

2011-01-29 10:36:05   I had Brooks Painting fix a small hole in the wall of my apartment. When I got the estimate, it seemed like it would be no problem, done in a few days. The first day they were supposed to start the work, the appointment was canceled with a few hours' notice. For the second appointment, they were 45 minutes late. For the final appointment, there was a "misunderstanding" about our agreed-upon appointment time, so they wound up coming an hour and a half after I was expecting them. When the work was finally complete, the texture matched the wall nicely but the paint color was wrong. Luckily it's in a dark hallway and not incredibly obvious on first glance, but it's definitely not a match. I didn't want to ask them to repaint it, though - who knows how much more of my time would be wasted waiting for them to show up.

On the upside, the person who did come out to do the work was very nice and apologetic, to a degree, about how I kept getting bumped back in the queue in favor of bigger jobs.

I think the ultimate problem was that mine was a small job, and thus not significant enough to get much of their attention. So, if you don't have a very large project for them, I suggest calling someone else who WILL be willing to give you the attention and service you deserve as a paying customer.


2011-03-24 11:29:20   RE: post by JenniferF of 2011-01-29; We were very disappointed to hear of Jennifer’s experience with our company. Brooks Painting prides ourselves in superior customer service so on the rare occasion that we do fall short, it hurts! After reading the post we did a little digging into what went wrong and as a result have made some changes on how we will handle small jobs like this one in the future. I did try to reach Jennifer by phone to see how we may make things better but have not yet had a reply. There were factors other than the size of this job that complicated things and played into the timing of getting the work done. ALL customers and their jobs are important to us, not just the “big” ones. We should have been better about communicating the challenges we were having and set clearer expectations. As far as the color match goes, unless we have the original wet paint it is not possible to get an exact match for touch-up. The only choices when the original paint is not available are to “eye” match it or repaint the entire wall corner to corner. If we do hear back from Jennifer we are happy to go back out and see if a closer match to the original color can be made. Our goal is that in the end each one of our customers is happy. —ChristinaJ

2013-04-11 09:15:29   We used Brooks Painting for a small project last December. The work overall was satisfactory. However, after the painter left we noticed that there were a few small areas on the wall that he had forgotten to make repairs. After we contacted their sales associate, she came to the house and agreed that those areas had not been correctly treated by the painter. She promised that the painter would come back soon to fix the work. However, the painter never showed up. Since the areas were not overly noticeable, I decided to let it go. Recently I had another painting project and asked the same sales associate from Brooks Painting to come over for a cost estimate. When she was here, she brought up the leftover work from December and volunteered again that she would ask the painter to come back and fix his work. I then tried to schedule a date for the work - and they disappeared again. So I would be very cautious using Brooks Painting in the future. —LW

2015-03-14 16:06:28   One of these guys washed my friends house a few months back and it looked great, however I work in Woodland and about a month ago I seen two of the employees drinking in the parking lot of McDonalds. It was about 12:30 so I am assuming it was lunch. My friend was really happy about her house though but I don't know if I would want someone working on my home that drinks. —e.brazil