Cars Mostly Blocking The View Of Burgers and Brew's Open Porch Seating.

403 3rd Street
Corner of C St., across from Central Park
11am - Midnight Sunday through Wednesday
11am to 3am Thursday through Saturday
(530) 750-3600
Crepeville, Inc.
November 25th 2007
Payment Methods
Cash/Card. No split checks.
Viewable here (current) or on website (out-of-date)

Burgers and Brew is a restaurant owned by the same people behind Crepeville. They specialize in burgers (various meats and veggie), of course, but also serve sandwiches such as BLTs, cheesesteaks, and turkey avocado. The lamb burger comes with a tzatziki sauce and is surprisingly light but amazingly flavorful. Oh yeah, and they serve beer, with 28 beers on tap and many more in bottles. Their buns are from the Village Bakery, with whole wheat or lettuce wrap available on request.

They occasionally have beer tasting flights. For example, beginning August 19, 2011, they had a 5-IPA flight consisting of Pliny the Elder (Russian River double IPA), Sculpin (Ballast Point), Racer 5 (Bear Republic; one of their usual tap list), Maximus (Lagunitas double IPA), and Mongo (Port double IPA). It's a pretty spectacular flight (Pliny and Sculpin are two of the most popular IPAs out there), costing $10 for the five 4-oz. pours.

For lunch, Burgers and Brew is like Crepeville, where customers order at the counter and receive a number. In the evening, the restaurant has full service and a host who seats customers. As of now, they aren't accepting any reservations. Happy hour is between 3-6 pm Monday through Friday. The attentive wait staff and the people watching at the outside bar make this a solo dining friendly place to eat.

They also serve cheesecake with Nutella.

Though seating is cramped on the restaurant's porch, the tables and park benches on the corner of Third Street and C are restaurant property, so you can enjoy your food and beer here legally and not get hassled by DPD. You can also sit in this area with a well-behaved dog.

The porch is wired for live music and the owner stated that he looks forward to small shows. Have there been any shows? I've seen 3 piece live music done several times, but it's always on the corner of the street and not inside. Daubert There is often live music played just outside the porch at night, or during the Farmers Market.

Burgers and Brew opened on November 25, 2007, located where Hibachi used to be. The owners have since opened up restaurants bearing the same name in Chico and Sacramento, as well as a take-out location at SMF!




Inside The Sacramento Airport location


** if you had a problem at burgers and brew, let the manager know and they will make it right **

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2010-01-20 21:38:37   Check splitting as well as the ability to use credit/debit cards is very important in college towns. The no splitting thing really limits the options for groups. —ThUn

  • I sympahtize but you have to understand that credit card companies have both a fixed minimum transaction fee and a percentage fee. The margin on an eatery is pretty tight to begin with. If 5 people all run separate tabs, after 5 $7.00 credit card transactions, the credit card companies probably made more on the meal than the restaurant did. That's why they do it that way. It's not that hard - just hit the ATM on your way to the restaurant.
    • If they accept individual diners, I don't see how that's relevant. I doubt it's anything other than straight up laziness. — TomGarberson
      • I'm sure it's a money issue, not a laziness issue, since the staff don't make the policy, the management does. Whether or not you think it's reasonable for them to increase profits at the expense of customer convenience is up to you, I suppose. Personally I try to pay cash for small transactions as much as possible as a matter of courtesy to locally owned buseiness.
      • Fair enough, I'm sure it is a money issue. It's just odd that they penalize you (insist on profiting more) for eating with others. And don't get me wrong, I'm going to continue going here. I love the burgers (bacon, jalapeno, and blue cheese FTW!). I just think it's a terrible policy that probably loses them a decent number of diners. — TomGarberson
    • I would've imagined their prices to be a bit more moderate if they won't let you split checks... And if they're so concerned with swipe fees, why not implement one of those $0.25 extra charge per swipe, or something? It seems like a very good compromise that has taken hold in many of Davis' fine establishments, e.g. Hometown or Village Bakery. And, by the way, each person is likely to run up a $10+ tab, not $7, not to mention another ~$5 for beer... —SS
  • yeah, you can tell they must be hurting from the lack of diners.... —kenvinuda

2010-01-21 20:59:16   My first experience here was terrible (when it first opened). I found two long blonde hairs in my sandwich. They said sorry and gave me a bowl of clam chowder, which wasn't great either. However! I gave this place another chance after months. My boyfriend loves it there so I said, why not? I haven't had a bad experience there since. Good food, nice patio, outdoor fireplace, and no more hair in my food!

I particularly enjoy their chicken sandwich and garlic fries. I heard their turkey burger is very tasty also. —rina22

2010-02-12 15:28:26   Words cannot describe how God like the burgers are here. I swear every time I eat one I have gone to heaven. —DagonJones

2010-02-12 15:40:41   Best burger in Davis. Best beer selection in Davis. Best re-use of a historic bungalow in downtown Davis. Love the beer battered prawns, turkey burger and clam chowder (in a bread bowl, yum!). Dig the live music squeezed in between the sidewalk and street.

Confused about where to order or sit? Day=inside counter, Night=wait to be seated. Follow the instructions on the signs, or just ask someone. If you're waiting outside for a table, please, leave room on the sidewalk for people to walk-thru... and don't give me the evil eye if I have to push my way through and my gargantuan dog gets too close to you. —KemblePope

  • Re: beer selection, have you checked out The Grad? They have like 30+ on tap, including some really quality stuff (e.g. Pliny the Elder, Dogfish Head). Their burgers aren't nearly as good, though. —TomGarberson

2010-03-21 15:07:18   Snobby service without the quality food to back it up. The eatery of choice if you like pretentious frat boys giving you attitude and mediocre meat. Bizarre rules like:

1) order at the counter before 5pm, but not a second later. If you try to order after 5pm you will either stand there looking stupid, or be told to sit down in a very condescending tone. In the rare case that they don't give you attitude, you will end up with your order to go... see last comment.

2) apparently they don't have the technology, intelligence, or respect for their customers to split bills.

3) if you have food allergies, like wheat and cheese, you will still be charged full price if you want a little extra lettuce with your burger. Apparently buns+cheese is more expensive than a couple leaves of lettuce. —weschrist

2010-03-27 16:51:04   We're frequent visitors to Davis, and this Wiki really keeps us up to date with new restaurants, as well as favorites (California Cafe, Cabo, Tecate Grill, Plumshire Inn) no longer in business. That said, while Burgers & Brew looked like a good possibility at first, after reading so many negative comments about the staff, silly policies and (worst of all) variable quality/preparation of food, I think we'll pass. Normally we're visiting for a week and, with the exception of a stop at Morrison's on the way from the airport tomorrow, we're talking about a combination of 11 restaurants to hit for lunch or dinner. Even with a week, there are often more interesting restaurants to try/revisit that we have time. —JMLowman

  • You are making a mistake by not going here, the burgers are the best I have ever had, pure quality and goodness. Dont be discouraged by naysayers the burgers here are to die (or kill) for. —DagonJones
  • I'd have to agree with DagonJones. I've been here three times, and all of them have been good. —AlexanderHo
  • I second (or possibly third) that. Their burgers are quite good - perhaps the best in town. Their milkshakes are also quite awesome. —IDoNotExist

2010-03-30 15:43:15   Okay, a few of you have convinced me that maybe we should try this place. I wasn't so much dissuaded by the quality of the food that was commented about, as I was about the numerous comments on the poor/rude/unprofessional/air-headed type of service. When it becomes a common theme, it's a bit hard to discount. And I'm always on the lookout for the ultimate burger. —JMLowman

2010-03-30 18:40:37   Best burgers in town. Onion rings are really good too. Prices are pretty fair given the quality of most food items. Also, I don't doubt anybody's stories, but I have always been lucky enough to get above-average service every time I visit. —ScottMeehleib

2010-04-20 13:23:34   The burgers are fine but the owners (who also own Crepeville) seem to treat their employees pretty badly which perhaps results in poor customer service. I would much rather eat somewhere where the employees are valued and appreciated by the owners. —KenichiSan

2010-04-24 22:04:40   At first, I didn't think Burgers and Brew was anything special, but to tell you the truth it's grown on me. The food is a bit pricey, but at least it's truly high-quality and the atmosphere is casual but very nice. It's now become one of my favorite places to catch a late-night meal with friends (besides the ban on split checks, of course). The Garden Burger is super dry, so I always have to add a little mayo and ketchup when I order it, but after a little modification it's a really, really good. This is good to note if you're the sole vegetarian in a group of friends that loves burgers. The onion rings are huge to the point where they're a bit hard to eat, and you don't get many of them, so I either order the garlic fries or — my favorites — the curly fries. Service can be a bit slow and lagging, but it's mostly understandable considering how packed this place often is. —hwarpeha

2010-06-01 17:27:23   I am suprised to hear such negative reviews. Look this place is above average. The food is good and the service is what you would expect. They make a point of hiring good looking waiters that may not have the best people skills but they get the job done. I love the food and the beers that re on tap are usualy pretty darn good. The only downside is that everytime I eat there I get an upset stomach. I will continue to eat there becase the food is good and the yogurt shop next door is a great way to finish a meal. —JoeRandom

2010-06-10 11:21:57   Absolutely love the staff— Emily, Kristen, Christina, Tyler. The waitresses are prompt with service and very, very nice. Always a good experience when I go in. —MissAmyLu

2010-06-13 01:39:21   i really love burgers & brew but i think i'll only come when i get a date because it's so expensive. i'll be willing to run over 10 squirrels to get me some burgers & brew garlic fries. —binladen

2010-06-19 17:50:47   I went to BnB two nights in a row, and had two drastically different experiences. The first night, I went with a lot of friends on a Wednesday night and sat inside; service was excellent, my glass was always full, and my burger was seriously one of the best I've ever had— I don't remember the name of the sandwich, but it had pepperjack, jalapenos, and bacon (I'm guessing "bacon jalapeno burger.") I ordered it medium with garlic fries, and it was perfect; I was pretty floored, since I didn't remember BnB being that great the other times I'd eaten there in the past year or two. It was seriously heaven, and the garlic fries were awesome, with the perfect amount of sauce and salt. I ended up going back the next night, a Thursday, for an officer's meeting for a club; we sat outside. I ended up going inside twice to get someone to fill up my drink, because I was darned thirsty, and the burger (ordered medium again) was charred black and chewy. The garlic fries were dry and practically sauceless. I don't know what happened between the two nights— I recall tipping an absurd amount the first night, so that wasn't an issue. Maybe different nights, different cooks? The sitting outside was obviously a factor in the drinks not getting filled, but otherwise, there wasn't much difference in how crowded the place was or the time that I went. —AndreWaymire

2010-07-02 19:06:06   Food here is pretty good. I wouldn't say the burgers are the best ever, but easily worth the price. The Bacon and jalapeño burger is my stand by—usually with avocado. As far as non-burgers go my date had a Caesar salad with chicken that was was good, but nothing special. I've tried the philly cheese steak which was good but below average as far as the sandwhich usually goes. The chili fries were very mediocre—chili tasted like it came from a can. I'd recommend sticking with garlic fries. I haven't had the onion rings in some time but I recall them being tasty as well. The ability to pick up orders combined with their late night hours gets them bonus points. I've always found the service very adequate. Overall a very decent option in Davis. —tjpeck

2010-07-15 14:12:55   Love the food, but a heads up about the Brie platter, the "roasted garlic" actually appears to be fermented garlic -

The walnuts and figs were tasty, but the garlic wasn't to my taste at all. —JenniferKucich

2010-07-16 17:35:51   The bacon cheese jalapeno burger is to die for. Better share it. —JasperD

2010-07-18 13:21:50   Burgers solid, but only reason I come back is they were only game in town late night. VB buns always solid, chili bowl is a nice something else. Garlic Onion rings good, so is extra applewood smoked bacon on the BLT. —StevenDaubert

2010-07-18 21:12:37   This place is great. Go there regularly and all the servers are super friendly. I usually get the specials and they almost never let down. Personal favorites specials are the bbq (its got onion rings), the guacamole, and the garlic. I like to swap the burger patties for grilled chicken too and they always oblige. The late hours are another bonus. The only let down is the place is always busy and sometimes you got to wait. Large parties can be hard to sit sometimes. Still, the place is great. The Sacramento location is great too. —jefftolentino

2010-07-19 15:55:07   I had birthday lunch here with my dad last week and it was my first time being here. It was delicious (determined to try every mushroom-cheese-burger in town) and fairly priced. —Mogitha

2010-08-14 13:51:32   This place makes some tasty burgers and has a decent tap, but they always want to hustle you out. Kinda stressful eating. —Ratatat

2010-08-15 18:21:58   Best restaurant at Davis. Have never had a disappointing experience. —ahbeeahpo

2010-08-25 01:13:12   Food is amazing. I just hate that they don't split checks. I went in with a few friends once and the cashier or whatever made a really big deal about it. She just rang up each of our cards- but all on the same check. With quite a bit pf attitude, she claimed that this was so the food would all arrive at the same time. Well for some reason she spread us out to about 2-3 checks...and the food didn't arrive at the same time. Either way, that's not that much of an issue with me- I just don't get why she had to be so rude and snotty about it. I haven't been back since, but maybe I'll get around to trying it again. Hopefully they've switched up their roster of servers.


2010-08-26 08:49:23   I love their smoked tofu burger and I'm a big meat eater. Soooo delicious. I wasn't able to find nutritional info anywhere and wish that was available. —EricaMacGregor

2010-09-02 12:11:22   love their fries :) —MBui

2010-09-10 02:14:40   A great burger joint that is reasonable and delicious! Had diner with a group of friends and we all enjoyed it. We say its the best burger joint so far in Davis. —JamesKwong

2010-09-10 10:36:04   they have started putting strawberries, and chunks of strawberries in the shakes —StevenDaubert

2010-09-11 11:57:13   Can't speak for the burgers, but I really wish their non-burger items were better. I enjoy the beer selections and the location, but every time I've eaten here I've been disappointed by the food. I know tons of people rave about the burgers, so I believe they're good, but how hard is it to also make a tasty chicken sandwich? Or not use prepackaged lunchmeat on the sliced turkey sandwich? —MattCzarnowski

2010-09-17 18:19:28   I'm done with Burgers and Brew. I could stand the inconsistent cooking and the snarky refusal to split checks, but their customer service has finally finished it with me. I called to say that I had a group of 12 staff and not only did they refuse to reserve a table but instructed me to have everyone there at once time to be seated. Woodstocks, on the other hand, instantly offered to reserve the back of the house for us. Guess who's getting our grown-ups who live in Davis year-round money from now on? —JulieCross

2010-10-30 15:58:55   VEGAN ALERT: Just in case you were curious, the garden burger is not vegan friendly. If this matter to you, get the tofu or portabello burger without mayo. Those are great. —elgreen

2010-11-09 00:48:44   Found a nice large shard of glass in my burger last time I got takeout (about an inch in diameter in the middle of my burger). Still have it sitting on my mantle. Not wanting to sue, but will never go back, and will always turn people away from it. Do not let them kill you like they tried me... -josesanchez

2010-12-07 22:33:51   Those of your complaining about split checks, just give them no tip and pay the check with cash. Simple. Fast. Efficient. —llamaslyr

2010-12-14 15:23:33   SOOOOOOO BOMB!!!! Best burgers in Davis. Try the buffalo burger. —JasonS

2010-12-15 01:22:20   I made the mistake of testing one of their new burgers, and it was not good (to me at least). But, I could tell that the quality there is good, and my friend loved their burger. Would definitely eat here again, especially because the have pear beer! One thing that would make this place better is homemade ranch instead of the pre-made stuff. —jwieland1989

2011-01-17 09:30:16   Awesome as usual. I prefer to go here in the evening though when you don't have to order at the counter. Pear Cider is great with a burger. —jsbmeb "good food"

2011-01-25 22:09:08   This was the first restaurant I ever went to in Davis. I got the tofu burger while visiting my partner in December 2008. Was not impressed at all, maybe they've improved their tofu burger since then, who knows.

BUT I am in LOVE with the spicy guacamole cheeseburger, substituting the vegetarian patty for the cow. I also treated a few visiting vegetarian friends here and they have enjoyed the shroom burger.

Cons: Besides the obvious check-splitting issue, they claim to have a great beer selection, but on at least three different occasions they haven't have my partner's first or even second choice of beer available. What gives? —MeggoWaffle

2011-02-06 18:04:06   Onion Rings and Shake, definitely the Dinner for Champions here at Burgers and Brew. —NikhilDahal

2011-02-12 17:57:48   Omg this place was soooo good! I loove the garlic fries <3 —sadiesh774

2011-03-01 21:36:52   Yum, the best burgers! We'll definitely be back. Just a comment on their kids' menu. I wish they would include the drink (young kids don't drink that much) or maybe we'll bring our own next time, and have an option other than fries or a salad...maybe some fruit? —AMoore

2011-03-06 22:39:41   Delicious burgers and great ambiance. It gets very loud and crowded around dinner time but it's worth it. Also, the burgers are HUGE. I always have to take a to-go box to take home half my burger. Oh well. Breakfast! —kthrnngo

2011-03-20 20:54:13   I love the chocolate milkshake, bacon burger, and fries. I wish it weren't so crowded and loud but if you can go during the afternoon it is a much more pleasant environment. —LoriOrf

2011-03-20 21:05:06   Some of the best servers in the area, accompanied by some very delicious and hearty food. Portions to price ratio is perfect and atmosphere is pleasant. My server was polite, well versed in the menu and other servers were also attentive to our needs, even though the place was packed, for them to take the time to say hello or fill a glass of water is more than one can expect at many other establishments in town. —Wes-P

2011-03-29 12:32:13   The burgers are great and cooked to order. They get it right about 50% of the time and close the other 50%. The staff is varying degrees of cold, rude, arrogant and indifferent. Maybe, it's because they are always busy or the managment/owners suck; either way, I don't really care about the reason, it still diminishes my desire to go there. If you go for dinner, chances are you are going to have stand on the sidewalk in the cold to wait for a table and deal with a host who acts more like a bouncer. If your dinner table conversation is boring, don't worry, you can enjoy the staff making fun of other patrons in front of you (okay, this only happened once, but STILL!). Make sure to drink your beer before midnight because at least twice we've been told bar service is over and had half full pitchers taken off our table and seemingly random times. Bring cash if you come with a group; no split bills. I've read comments about fees and all that BS. The fact is, the cost is like 10 cents and would take server about 10 seconds. Even if it cost them 50 cents, they'd pay for it 10 times over, because I would go at least 25% more often. "Go to an ATM"? Give me a break; like their inconvenience of running an extra card could possibly compare to me having to make and extra trip to an ATM. I guess I should be happy they didn't adopt Crepeville's policy of cash only. Bottom line: Good food, decent beer selection make up for everything else just enough for me to visit this place about 1 every 6 months. If you love burgers and can handle mediocre to bad service, give it a try. —WillODonnell

2011-03-30 21:43:53   Love their portobello mushroom burgers :0) I think this place should be bigger because the way people have to line up at the cashier gets pretty crowded sometimes. Maybe I just like this place a lot and wants it to be bigger :0) —purplemonkey

2011-06-03 13:05:00   Love this place. Every time I visit my fiancé we always go to BnB. The service is great. I have gone when it was crowded, empty, and everything in between. I always order the same thing with slight modifications.(Bacon Jalapeno burger) I have yet to experience bad customer service. We usually ask to sit outside and we never run dry on our drinks. Definitely a great place for fantastic burgers.


2011-06-06 13:44:02   Went once with a group of seven chicks. Jalapeno bacon chicken burger and chocolate milkshake. Split the burger with someone else (it was huge! and filling!) and had decimated the milkshake before the food arrived. Very crowded (seated inside), decent service, polite waitstaff. I was the first one in the group to arrive and was a bit lost on how to get a table, but managed to flag down a passing server who seemed to know what he was doing. We were seated in fifteen minutes, though mostly out of luck since a group our size happened to be leaving then. Having a door host/ess would probably make things less confusing. Food was good, would eat there again only for a special occasion. —JaniceW

2011-06-16 14:44:50   I went here the other day. The food was decent and they don't split checks. —PhilMann

2011-06-16 14:54:19   Did you not see the flaming letters on the top of the page..? —NikhilDahal

2011-06-16 15:14:34   More irritating to me than the "no split checks" policy is their informal "no give receipt for credit card" policy. That is, they bring you *their* copy of the receipt to sign, but not *your* copy of the receipt. And if you ask for the receipt, they will bring it to you, but with a generous serving of hostility and defensiveness (this has happened to me more than once), even though bringing the customer's receipt without the customer having to ask is normal practice at every other restaurant I've ever been to. Sometimes people like to keep receipts to make sure that their bill is correct. Other people need the receipts to get reimbursement for meals on University business. Gee, you think there are any of those people in Davis? —CovertProfessor

  • 2011-06-16 15:20:09   Thats strange, we have always gotten a copy of a receipt when we have paid with a credit card... —jsbmeb
    • Same. Although I just leave it behind all the time that I would not have even noticed if they stopped doing so? Also, everyone's always been really friendly there. —hankim
      • Hmm, that's interesting. I guess you've been luckier than I. —CovertProfessor
  • 2011-06-16 15:23:33   At least they are being somewhat Eco friendly. I know at KetMoRee we bring out both copies, and the customers copy over half of the time just doesn't go with the diner. However I can see how someone may want to keep their receipt. For example at Starbucks(downtown location) they ask you if you want a copy of the receipt, which I decline (saves money saves time). Also they may not give out 2 receipts because the diner may get confused even though it says "store copy" and "customer copy" and the diner might end up taking home the "store copy". —NikhilDahal
    • All of those might be reasons, but I suspect the real reason is that they are doing what is cheap and convenient for them. And none of those reasons explains why I've gotten hostile reactions when asking to be provided with the receipt, or why all other restaurants manage to provide the two receipts. I'd be happy if they asked me if I wanted the receipt before they rang up the transaction. —CovertProfessor
      • I can see how it would be convenient, possibly their system only prints out 1 receipt and they haven't upgraded? I am no genius I just press "print receipt" and 2 receipt print out. As for the hostile reactions that is unfortunate because I have never had a negative experience at Burgers and Brew. However I haven't been there in some time because 2 of their longtime workers who I'd have a good chat with as I ate the delicious food do not work there no more.

2011-06-17 13:07:55   I get the Bacon-Jalepeno Chicken Sandwich here all the time. It's probably my single favorite food item in Davis. We almost always order take-out as it's very crowded and the dine-in service has been ordinary at best. One area they could improve is with the consistency of their garlic fries. Sometimes they have a lot of garlic and other times they have barely any garlic. Sometimes they're cooked perfectly, other times they are very over cooked (like they were left under a heat lamp too long). I've had to stop ordering garlic fries because it became too disappointing. That said, I've found that I enjoy onion rings very much. —MikeyCrews

2011-06-17 13:43:02   I really have a love-hate relationship with this place. The burgers are excellent. For places that have a lot of options, my burger of choice is always a bacon jalapeno burger with blue cheese. Can't beat the combination. And B&B has a damn fine bacon jalapeno blue cheeseburger. The tap list could be a LOT more impressive for a place with "Brew" in the name, but I'm sure they're limited by space. It sounds like they have a decent bottle selection, although I haven't partaken. I have to agree with MikeyCrews about service (mediocre, and sometimes not even that) and the garlic fries (sometimes fantastic, but very inconsistent). And while it's been beaten to death already, I'll go ahead and just reiterate that the no split check policy is a horrible idea. I see that policy as sort of setting the tone for the establishment's attitude toward customer service: mediocre. At best.

All that said, I enjoy dropping by every once in a while for a delicious burger and a cold beer. —TomGarberson

2011-06-23 16:01:13   Love this place for burgers and some other great menu items are great too. I am always amazed that for how crowded they are,you may have to wait in line for a bit at lunch, how quick they turn out the food. —ashleyinthemist

2011-06-29 19:52:55   Just got back from this place, and sadly, it is not as good as I remember. The burgers are smaller, and the veggies on the salads were far from ripe. I ordered the special Bacon BBQ cheeseburger, and there was only a scant teaspoon of BBQ sauce on the bun. For $8-10 for a burger, I expect better. —EmilyHughes

2011-07-20 17:28:20   They screwed me again and didn't put bacon on my "bacon-jalepeno chicken sandwich" and forgot the Parmesan cheese on my Ceasar salad which had only two croutons and seem to be diminishing in size. That said, I really like that "bacon-jalepeno chicken sandwich" and I'm going to keep going back and they're not going to learn anything. —MikeyCrews

2011-08-03 17:09:59   Hey, I dunno if you guys heard, but they don't split checks here. —TomGarberson

2011-08-15 13:44:24   Freaking amazing. I order the bacon jalapeño cheeseburger when I come here, but I have tried the lamb burger, cheeseburger, portabella burger, and the bison burger and they have never failed to bring deliciousness to my mouth. —nmendoza

2011-09-10 15:55:38   I tried all the burger joints a few times and it appears this is the best burger in Davis. If you really enjoy good quality meat, I don't think it's worth ordering the meat rare here. As far as ambiance, it can get quite loud in the evenings. —EdwardRiggins

2011-09-29 19:01:06   Went here with a group. Everyone who ordered their burgers medium, medium well or rare wound up incredibly sick within 24 hours. Either they don't clean their grinder or the meat supplier didn't, so make sure you get your beef well done if you don't want to get a visit from it again later. —OliviaY

2011-09-30 07:37:57   I am obsessed with Burgers and Brew. I get it at least twice a week. Spicy guac burger is the way to go. I usually call ahead and get it to go because their service usually isn't that great. —ChrisDietrich

2011-09-30 09:41:10   I still love B&B, but we have gotten it to go at least three times now (we take it across the street to picnic in the park) and each time they have either skimped on the fries, completely over-cooked the fries, or both. I don't know if they give to-go customers the rejects because they figure we can't send it back, or what, but it is SO frustrating since I usually look forward to fries as much as the burger. —MeggoWaffle

  • The fries are hit or miss based upon my experience, even when you eat in. Thats why I now always get the salad. - ChrisDietrich

2011-10-18 12:28:34   I went here last night for the first time (the long lines have always put me off and I'm not such a burger lover). Since I am not such a burger lover, I ordered the BLT with a side of salad. Normally I love a good BLT, especially when it comes with great summer tomatoes (I was told the tomatoes were local which should make them pretty tasty even mid October). In my opinion, this was a terrible BLT and I could only pick at it. The sourdough bread had been toasted (which is fine) and "buttered" (not fine) making it really greasy and salty. The bacon was way overcooked which I always dislike. The lettuce was anemic. But most disappointing was the tiny little bits of tomato - the most important ingredient. Since summer is nearly over and my garden tomatoes are nearly gone this was definitely a wasted opportunity for a good BLT. The salad was OK - just mixed greens and the wine was overpriced. Note to self: if I go back and sit outside on a cool evening, wear some thick long pants because the metal chairs are cold and sort of uncomfortable! —BarbaraZ

2011-11-01 22:26:19   Burgers and Brew now has a take-away location in the new terminal at the SMF airport. Prices are a bit higher and you get fewer fries, but that is slightly balanced out by the fact that you don't have to tip.

Main verdict: the staff needs to work out a few kinks and learn the menu. I ordered my typical spicy guac cheeseburger with the garden patty instead of meat. The cashier asked me what type of cheese I wanted (even though the menu clearly states it comes with pepper jack) and also asked how I wanted the patty cooked... which to me indicated that she didn't listen the first time about the vegetarian patty. Close call there.

Problems with the order: There was a TINY dab of guac. When I pointed this out, they fixed this by giving me a side of guac to add on myself - which is fine, but when guacamole is the first word in the name of the dish, I shouldn't have to ask. Second problem: There was NO CHEESE. Again, a word in the title is CHEESEburger (plus they had already asked me specifically which cheese I wanted and it was listed on the order). At this point they offered to completely remake my order. I was too hungry and didn't want to cut it close with my flight so I just got a piece of cold cheese to stick in there.

Despite all the problems (essentially missing two key ingredients), the food was still tasty. The bun wasn't as fresh, and of course my cheese wasn't melted, but it was still a good meal. They've been open six weeks which IMO is plenty long to work out the kinks, but I won't be back in the airport until December so I'm sure there will be improvement by then. —MeggoWaffle

2011-11-10 18:27:26   First time ever eating here and the fries are awesome...can't wait to come back when I move here! —MattyRib

2011-11-11 20:27:39   was tempted to get a hot dog. weird —JackSwagger

2011-11-14 20:46:28   McDonalds makes a better burger. BY FAR. I was curious does anyone know any good pirate-themed restaurants in Davis? I have the craving ;) —KCSlater

2011-12-18 19:31:33   I really like the buffalo burger. As for the fish in fish and chips and fish sandwich, it can be a hit or miss. Sometimes there's no flavor at all. It's always crowded at night, which makes me hesitate to go there for dinner which is why I only go there for special occasions. The service could be better, but it isn't bad. The fries are amazing! —VKC

2012-01-14 21:23:33   Went on a busy Saturday night and had to wait for a table. The guy seating people, Riley, made a mistake and accidentally seated two people ahead of us that arrived after us. Immediately after realizing this he let us know of this mistake and said he'd buy our first round of drinks, which was extremely generous. We only had to wait a few extra minutes before being seated. As always, our burgers and fries were delicious and since we didn't have to pay for drinks it was only about $18 for a meal for 2, a great deal for the portion sizes. Best burger place in town! —BarbiBeegle

2012-02-25 00:34:06   Great burgers, crappy service. I asked our waiter if they had any sour beers. He said "I don't know," with a bit of a smirk, like he thought I was joking. I shrugged it off because I know that sour beers are rare as far as beer goes, and he may not have heard of them if they were never on the menu. But then I asked him if he could tell me anything about Green Flash Le Freak, which IS on the menu, and he said "I don't really know anything about it." Seriously? You work at a restaurant with "brew" in its name and you don't know anything about the beers you offer? I was actually quite shocked that the owners/managers of this restaurant would allow people who have no knowledge of the beer menu to serve customers. After our first round of beer and burgers, he never asked us if we wanted more, he just dropped the check and left. I would have bought more beer but at that point I was satisfied just heading to another bar. I was really disappointed, but I guess they don't really value expertise at this place; they just want to get people in and out because it's such a small place. —jsogul

2012-02-29 15:05:07   I love this place but I had a very rude encounter this past Friday 24/2012. I always ask for ice tea with my food and for the first time ever, it tasted like sewer water. Yes! it was that nasty. I don't know how long it had been that they didn't wash the container or replace the old one. It was stinky and the worker agreed with me (NASTY!). It tasted so bad it made my stomach turned. I went to talk to the main manager (tall guy with red hair) I told him that I had never complained but today the tea was so gross and tasted like sour water. To my huge surprised he told me that it was kind of heck tick day at the moment and that he would check whenever he had time. I have never reviewed any restaurants before but this guy made me so mad and made me feel like my opinion or health didn't matter. That is how rude and ignorant people run great restaurants to the ground. I read this sentence before I wrote this: ** if you had a problem at burgers and brew, let the manager know and they will make it right ** I guess just not that day! * : ( Will see when I go back, I used to go there at least once a week. * : (


2012-03-10 18:36:45   I'm not really sure what the big deal is with this place. I've been here on two separate occasions and still their burgers have not met my expectations. I've tried the Avocado and Spicy Guacamole cheeseburger, btw, and both had tasteless meat. Their guacamole was nothing to brag about. A little bland as well... I would try one of their other burgers but I'm not willing to pay $9 for another mediocre burger. —OliviaGlass

2012-03-14 14:31:26   its good stuff. really good stuff —halfhiphop

2012-03-15 11:51:30   Not the friendliest staff, but the food is DELICIOUS. —JQuest

2012-03-19 15:40:39   Great atmosphere and the drinks and food are fabulous for reasonably priced fare. However, I have only been there when it is off peak hours. The waiters and waitresses are well trained, professional and courteous. I will definitely go again. Cheers. —RichardH

2012-04-17 10:50:11   Came here for dinner on a busy Friday night with friends. The wait for a table wasn't too long and having heat lamps by the waiting area was a nice touch. Despite being packed to capacity, our waitress provided great service. I had a spicy guacamole burger medium well, which was made to perfection. The creamy guacamole and jalapeno mayo gave the burger a nice kick, which was balanced nicely by a good pint. I know people rave about the onion rings here, but I had a side of curly fries and I found them to be seasoned just right. Burgers and Brew is definitely a place I recommend when you're in the mood for a good burger and a good beer. —AlexHirsch

2012-05-22 22:25:38   This place is WAAAAYYYYY OVERRATED. You can't have BREW in your name without having GAMEDAY and MILWAUKEE's BEST on tap!!!! —KCSlater

2012-06-09 09:31:39   Wonderful food at a fairly reasonable price, considering the awesome atmosphere. Wish they were better staffed, though! When they get busy, its awful rough to get help! —AnnaF

2012-06-18 23:44:21   I'm pretty sure the chocolate milkshakes here are actually made with chocolate ice cream, not just vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. Not many places do that, and they're delicious. —sundeimasu

2012-07-10 00:31:16   As of last week still no split checks but now there is a super secret fry menu available only after 12PM. Things like fries smothered in Clam Chowder and "Beast Mode" fries. Worth a check out even if the check ain't split. —OliviaY

2012-08-17 05:01:18   4 out of 5 stars. I don't eat here often since it's really heavy but when I crave a good burger, I come here. I got the garlic fries last time and it wasn't worth the extra cost to put smashed garlic in the fries. I got a grilled chicken burger and it was delicious. Their house beer is also good and goes well with their burgers. —Kpianist

2012-09-25 14:30:56   As a vegetarian, I find the smoked tofu and the veggie to be pretty okay. I love to get the veggie with the toppings from the lamb burger. The fries are not consistent though... —RubieGrayson

2012-11-02 19:02:42   As a vegetarian, I love that they have 3 options for me. I especially love the smoked tofu burger. Unfortunately it has been shrinking in size since this place opened. Now it's super thin. This has to be one of the items on the menu with the lowest cost, why shrink the patty?! I'll stick with froggy' can get a veggie version of any of the burgers. Plus, according to my other half, they cook the meat more accurately.


2012-11-08 18:05:15   As a vegetarian, I approve of the change to the smoked tofu patty! In the olden days the patty was thick, heavy, and dry, and the smokiness was overwhelming. The thinner patty lets you experience all the other textures and flavors in your sandwich. —Psittacosaurus

2013-03-09 08:51:48   I find it curious that it is taking them weeks to update the most recent price increase on the menu hosted by their website... —EricWecker

2013-03-10 21:36:49   We basically only get take out from here because historically the service has left something to be desired. Tonight a group of 10 of were celebrating an IM Soccer Championship here and was I surprised by how good our server was. I didn't catch her name so she gets no credit, but she was prompt with drinks, orders, waters, and smiles, even though she looked overwhelmed with other tables. The garlic fries sucked again, but that's the risk you run ordering garlic fries here. Another plus was they have the Rasputin Imperial Stout from North Coast ($5.50 per pint) on the Nitro tap here and it is exceptionally better off nitro than regular draft or bottle. —MikeyCrews

2013-06-12 20:58:41   Tasty, but they left the avocado off my avocado cheeseburger. Didn't find out until I got home, much too late to get it fixed. —Th3DrD0nn4

2013-06-27 00:58:47   I gleefully await the day that the wait staff begin warning other staff, when turning the corner, with entertaining phrases like "Cheesepuff!" or "Elmo!" —Babhari

2013-08-18 03:04:04   I don't eat here often since I don't eat meat. They have three really overpriced burgers for vegetarians, though one is a gardenburger, which sounds like they just use the frozen patties from safeway or somewhere. I've had the Smoked Tofu burger several times. It's quite unique and tastes great, but not so great that I'm often willing to shell out $10 for it. I don't understand how tofu costs as much, or more, than 1/2lb of turkey or Niman Ranch beef. Well anyways, I ended up going there recently, getting the Smoked Tofu burger again. I must concur with recent previous posters who've said the patty got much smaller. I didn't break out a ruler and measure it, but I recall that the patty was much wider before. Now I can't even see the patty without lifting the bun and veggies. It still tastes the same, but it's really disappointing. I doubt there's a tofu shortage either, since soy is like the second-most common crop in the U.S.

Also, the onion rings were delicious as always. And they'll refuse to make a kid-size smoked tofu burger, for whatever reason. —TheShah

2014-10-14 13:18:09   THE LAMB BURGER!!!! This may be the most perfect burger that has ever existed. Pair it with a side of sweet potato fries and I guarantee you'll be in Heaven. —j0liefllle

2015-03-19 21:05:39   Love this place. I am from the East Coast and recently moved here a few months back. I was pretty impressed. —e.brazil

2017-09-18 17:36:40   We went early for dinner with an elderly friend. Before ordering our friend asked for separate checks. We were told that was not possible but she would supply paper and pencil so we could figure it out. My friend was upset and thought that this was a very silly policy and wanted to leave. We convinced him to stay. We love the food, the beer and the staff but we will not be bringing our friend here again. —BrianCH

2022-04-03 15:15:44   Excellent food! One of my favorite places in Davis. The only problem with B&B is they're too popular! It can get very, very crowded during peak hours. Despite this they have a very competent waitstaff and kitchen crew so delays are not as long as you would think. That said, if you order a pick-up meal by phone, do NOT let them put you on hold! Apparently there's an issue with their phone system where you'll be stuck on the line and no-one will ever get back to you (either that or they have a tendency to forget/ignore customers on the phone). I've waited +15 minutes multiple times only for the call to be abruptly cut off. —TristanEifler