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2009-01-15 02:06:55   My friend and I just came by here to get some dinner, and when we ordered our food, they never asked us if we wanted it "for here or to go?". I guess they just ASSUMED that we wanted it to go, because when they brought out our food, it was in a plastic bag with to go boxes. Problem was, we wanted to eat it right when we got it...just like you're supposed to at a typical restaurant if I am not mistaken. But that's okay! Its not like we cant eat out of our boxes, so we started to dig into our meal. As we were eating, a waiter came by and he asked us to leave because eating out of to go boxes inside the restaurant looked "tacky". So we told them that we never asked for our food to come in boxes. And his response went a little something like this: "Well, after 5pm if you enter through the side doors without calling ahead, all of our orders are to go..."


What?! @_@ —jfong252

  • What the...since when did this start happening? Darn, now I have to start making reservations to go to a burger joint? —SunjeetBaadkar
  • Their response was "tacky". I mean, if they really are concerned with appearances. I've eaten dinner here, literally, over a dozen times in the last two months. I always sit and eat (well after 5) and I have never called ahead. Were you not seated? Or did you just walk up to the register and order? And if so, they should have asked you whether it was to-go. How in the hell would you know such a random and utterly stupid policy without them warning you? They hammer you over the head with their 'no split-check' policy'. Why wouldn't they ask you? And how full was the place anyway? None of those people called ahead for a reservation. What the hell? I know that if you order your food to go, they won't let you sit there and eat it. But if you had planned on it eating there, how can they respond like that? Is there some missing information here? And if they had screwed up, they should have fixed it. —CurlyGirl26

2009-01-15 16:03:42   I think the deal is you didn't talk to the host/hostess for the night (they usually are at the front door) to get a table. If you go straight to the register at night, they assume it is to-go. During the day it is like crepeville, but at night you have to wait to be seated, just like any other place. However, it sounds like whomever spoke to you was rude, and I am surprised because I have had nothing but positive experiences with Burgers and Brew, I would bring it up with the managers next time you are there, they are pretty good about fixing this kind of thing. —AndrewPeake

2009-01-16 12:45:18   Yea, so I was with jfong when that waiter kicked us out. I had never been so offended by a burger place! I mean, comon! It's not like its "high-end" burgers—people don't dress formally to eat at Burgers and Brew! They go there to eat greasy food, drink and be loud and obnoxious (at night anyways). And we didn't even want our food to-go! AND its not our fault your own boxes are tacky!! Your cashier didn't even say it was "automatically togo" if you go in through the side door. There were no signs either! So how could you [burgers and brew] kick out your own customers because of stupid rules you didn't inform us about?? eh??!

really, REALLY disappointed... I actually used to like this place too, but not anymore which is fine; their burgers seem to get worse over time anyways.... —Saffry

2009-01-16 13:12:44   Okay, I just called this place to get this cleared up. This is bogus. Burgers and Brew does not even take reservations. You just show up and they seat you. It tends to get busy at night so if you may have to wait for a but before they can seat you. To avoid that, you can go early or late to avoid the dinner rush. The person I spoke to made this very clear. —CurlyGirl26

2009-01-17 14:45:35   They seem to have recently increased the price of the food up a few dollars. It's still a reasonable price, I just liked when it was amazingly inexpensive before :D —ChristyMarsden

2009-01-29 03:12:25   Great burgers. Simple and fresh —JasonKong

2009-02-02 12:05:12   I keep wanting this place to start getting really good because the Begian beer selection is unlike anything else you can find in Davis. I'd love to be able to go to Burgers and Brew have a delicious beer, enjoy a delicious burger and call it a night, but they can't seem to make a great burger to save their lives. Two days ago some friends and I stopped by for dinner and I ordered a cheescake to split with my girlfriend for dessert. The cheescake was inedible and everyone at the table agreed. It was dry and chewy and lacked any type of flavor. Really quite bad. When we told the waiter about it he was just like "Oh yeah, it's not my favorite either," didn't even take it off the bill. Whatever. I might be tired of trying to let these guys impress me. —anonomous

2009-02-02 22:34:52   I was here about a year ago with my wife getting some excellent services right next door at Smooth as Silk and then afterward was recommended to come here for a burger and brew. The Burger was one of the BEST I have ever had! Large menu with countless choices and they made an awesome "black n tan" for me! Kind of really topped off my day in Davis! Gonna have to try Crepeville next visit, as I heard they are excellent also! —OutOfTownVisitor

2009-02-23 23:07:30   Ridiculously overpriced for the quality of ingredients. —GreezySweezy

2009-02-26 21:24:45   I hate using this word as a critique, but this place is "overrated". It is hard not to say that about this restaurant when you see such a long line every night every day. The fries were okay, they oversalted it for me. Maybe next time I will tell them to leave it alone. I had a turkey melt and that somehow came out salty. Like really salty. And I am usually pretty tolerant. The philadelphia cheese steak was just normal. I really should try the burger. Other than that, the service was really really good for such a crowded place. My friend absolutely loved this place. Ill definitely give this place one more chance. —chand3123k

2009-02-27 09:49:49   My wife and I drove from Sac yesterday just to have a burger. We both ordered medium rare and they arrived almost well done. I suppose this was ok because the meat really was not all that fresh and had lots of gristle. We both stopped at the half way point, got togo boxes and gave the two left over burgers to the dogs. Both of us were kind of ill all night (the kind where you just skip dinner, have a coke and go to bed) Anyway the trip was just plain sad. It will be quite a while before I go back —Griffon

2009-03-08 12:23:16   I like this place- It's always packed, so other people like it too (a lot). The milkshakes have gotten better, or it probably depends on who is making them, but mine are always thick and wonderful. The burgers are a little pricey because they use Niman Ranch beef- it's raised well, partially grass-fed, and no hormones or antibiotics are used. It always makes for a more expensive meat, but it is actually good for you (as opposed to corn-fed, antibiotic and hormone injected beef, which is crap and bad for you). Plus, it tastes really good. —Lala

Cows raised for Niman Ranch can be treated with antibiotics on an individual basis. Also, these cows are often finished on corn.

"At Niman Ranch, the animals are never, ever given antibiotics in our program [...] In the rare instance that an individual animal becomes sick and requires treatment with antibiotics, it is treated and removed from the Niman Ranch program. That animal is then sold into the conventional livestock market."

2009-03-09 09:01:57   Niman Ranch is a sham, Bill Niman was forced out of the company as part of bankruptcy. Its really all about quality control and as the company has gotten bigger more people are involved who don't have as high standards as Bill Niman, even if they say they do. Without a thorough understanding of the supply chain I think it is just as well to get whatever tastes good at a good price. Don't believe the hype. —NickSchmalenberger

2009-03-21 10:23:29   I went there for the first time with my sisters for my 25th birthday. We didn't wait long for a table but they seemed annoyed when we politely asked for a table on the patio. I even thanked them several times for setting up a table out there for us but we recieved no eye contact, no 'you're welcome', no return smile. Food took a little while to come out. Fish n' chips were disappointing, tiny portion and overcooked for what we paid for. Beers were decent, not a wide selection though. Salad was nice. Fries were salty and dry. Burger was decent but not spectacular. The server was not friendly at all. Even asked how his day was to get a human response out of him. No smile, no nothing. I'm sorry, but I've worked at a restaurant for years and part of your job as a server is to AT LEAST SMILE. Cheesecake was bad, never had one will a 'cottage cheese-like' texture. When we complained, they were like 'oh, its not our highlight in this restaurant.' Didn't take it off our bill. Never going back there again. —YeounJee

2009-03-21 23:36:29   First place I am going to when i come home from China in June. I have been dreaming about you Burgers&Brew! —jsbmeb

2009-04-05 19:44:25   garlic fries are so YUMMAYYYYY. —strawberry

2009-04-16 09:39:25   One of the best burgers I've ever had! Awesome fries! Prompt and polite service. I crave this place all the time! —doggies9

2009-04-27 21:06:24   Huge burgers, delicious fries (try all of them!). I just wish they were a bit cheaper. But I'm sure they must be using quality ingredients. I've been meaning to go here for a date night and sit out on the lit patio. —BrookeB

2009-05-14 23:34:09   I usually go at lunch, the burgers are ok, strangely I don't think they are as good as Crepeville. Seems like they often forget to ask you how you want your burger done, and if you tell them anyways it seems like there is a no better than random chance that you get what you ordered. The Philly chicken sandwich is pretty good.

B&B has a strange lunch order and payment system at lunch. Say you want to meet 5 friends for lunch. They have 2 registers, they funnel everyone into a single register. So the first person orders, then... waits, "oh sorry you can't pay now, we have to take the orders from your friends first". So #1 stands around as #2 orders, then #3, usually by then it's so crowded that people have to jockey around, the waiters enter/exit right by the registers for more added fun. Then #4 orders, goes to pay, "oh no, didn't you hear? We have to take all the orders first". Then #5 orders, by then person #1 is no longer visible to the register. #6 orders. Now the cashier has to find person #1, usually they ask #5 or #6 "hey where is #1?" So then everyone starts mixing around, cycling through the line again to pay (it's more fun the second time). Now everyone gets to do the cash or credit, of course they are now trapped by the cashier, waiters entering and exiting, and of course the 5 other people waiting to pay.... all of course in front of a long line of other people waiting to order. When I look back at the rest of the line I sometimes think they are smirking thinking . o O (sucker, you came in a group I'm getting my food WAY before you). God forbid you do this at the register on the right, then you have the added fun of everyone coming from the register on the left having to cross through to get their drinks. Once all that is finished your order starts in the queue for the cook to make it.

To avoid this you can try to game the system. Can you get away with it? I call it the Don't Waste My Time Game (DWMTG). There's a degree of timing to it, try to avoid the greeter, the waiter, and the manager that floats around. Try to dress differently enough as to not give the staff any hints as to your companions. Definitely don't make eye contact with any friends, because that is sure to cost you some points. To the usual questions of "Did you plan to share a table?", "Are you eating alone?", and "Where is the rest of your group" I suggest trying to look non-commital. If you say yes, even a nod that costs you 10 points. You don't win until you order AND pay... because the ever vigilant staff keep their eyes out for anyone else that walks through the door. I've been foiled several times just before I was going to pay. Once you pay without delay you get 10 points. Then the penalty round starts. Each dirty look, complaints about running out of numbers, whining or bitching about it between the staff costs you 1 point. Anything from the manager is a double penalty. I usually get somewhere between -4 and 3... I've yet to get the perfect 10.

I do wonder if they try this with groups of 10 people, 20? Maybe they could form a giant ring that goes through the front door, by a register to order, then out the side door, in through a second door again, and then you could pay. Sounds like an idea for a flash crowd.

So overall decent atmosphere, especially when it's nice out, pretty good fries and shakes and chicken sandwiches. Okay burgers, and an annoying system for groups that wastes part of your lunch hour and delays the delivery of your food.


2009-05-15 22:36:04   This place is really pissing me off. The staff is rude and the burgers tend to be underdone and cold. Worse yet, on one occasion I was ordering take-out and the tag came to about $11, I handed over $15 and the girl asked if I wanted my change back. Of course I want my change back! Then another time I had a take-out tag that was about $23, handed the girl $25 and got $0 change back. Did they figure out it was rude to ask a customer if they want their change and now just figure they should no longer ask and just keep it? —stevie13

2009-05-29 21:44:40   Ive been here on several occasions during the day and I also know some people who work here, a few irritable things: 1. how hard is it to not notice where the menu's are when you walk in? did you miss the sign? are you that stupid? 2. what kind of assholes order shakes at 2:55 am or try and call in a togo order at 2:59am? probably the same dip shit who's arguing with the bartender to get a drink at 1:59am they figure hey cant do it at a bar, might as well do it here? Ive just noticed by going in there that BNB is a MORON attraction. —BEEGEEFREE

2009-05-31 00:00:57   Although, I agree with the way they ask how you want your burger cooked and then bring it out however, I still think they have the best burger in Davis. I like the blue cheese burger with garlic fries, mmm. I never seem to finish my plate though, and end up taking at least half home which is kind of nice and makes me feel better about spending $10 on a burger and fries.

I do wish they would make more seating area, because its always SOO SOO packed and when you're finally seated, you can basically reach over and eat your neighbors food. Besides that, I've never had a rude waiter. Will of course return when I feel the need for a burger better than Jack in the Box. —BrookeB

2009-06-06 18:26:41   I love their hamburgers. The meat tastes so good, like red meat is supposed to taste. And their salads are terrific. I don't know how they do it, but the dressing is perfect. It lightly covers all the greens without being oily or vinegary. We order take out and it is usually ready in 10-15 minutes. —christinecipperly

2009-06-20 18:06:58   The food tastes great, but yesterday I got food poisoning from Burgers and Brew for the second time. —dhgottlieb

2009-06-28 14:16:41   Worst service of my life. I brought out of town guests here and was completely embarrassed by the service. I will NEVER go back. The server was so rude I didn't even leave a tip, and I have never done that before in my life. RUDE HORRIBLE service. Would not recommend. Not worth the bland food. —Kristen2

2009-07-09 11:34:51   I have posted about Burgers and Brew again, and I've always loved the burgers- still do. But I agree with what people are saying- HORRIBLE service! I have noticed that sometimes I get asked how I want my burger cooked and sometimes I don't. I'm fine with that if their normal/standard way of cooking the patty is well-done but there doesn't seem to be any consistency. On one particular night, my server did not ask me so I went up to the counter to clarify how I wanted it cooked...I'm not one to send food back, so I politely reminded her that I wanted my burger well-done. She basically rolled her eyes at me and looked like I had just asked her to jump through hoops for me. I understand that some nights are busy and it sucks, but it really ruins your night when someone acts as if they hate you just for eating at an establishment. I consistently get another male server who spends most of the time staring out onto the street like he wants to run away. So, basically, I'm sorry that your jobs suck, Burgers and Brew staff...maybe it's time to get a new job. Or maybe it's time for the employees to get better treatment from their employer? Who knows. —Kiran

  • She probably rolled her eyes because only a moron would order meat well done. —russelldeepskin

——How was that necessary? I don't like the taste of raw meat...move on and get food poisoning, homie. -Kiran

2009-07-09 21:19:33   Best burgers in the world. Seriously. —jwendt

2009-07-12 12:47:05   I come here with my only motive being to share with others the joy of relishing in the comfort of a chili cheeseburger with garlic fries. If you haven’t had the privilege of having this experience please do so. —Williamo123

2009-07-13 22:03:14   I feel like sometimes I have to leave a positive comment about restaurants because apparently, by the look of comments on every restaurant site on Daviswiki, there are absolutely no good places to eat here. Either Davis is the worst place to eat in the world, only whiney people post comments, or all the food critics in America moved here. I've eaten here several times, at different times of the day/night, and have always had a good time. Granted no wait staff groveled at my feet, but I made do. —patrick82

2009-07-20 19:54:57   Overall a decent joint if you're looking to have a couple drinks with dinner without getting fancy. Prices could be more reasonable in food and drink area. In n out is still the best deal in town, but it's good for a nice change of pace. —longboardlover

2009-07-24 02:12:23   They have THE BEST gardenburgers I have ever tasted and as a vegetarian for 8 years, I've tried a lot! They're so delicious and their hot curly fries are so yummy! I recommend this place to vegetarians and carnivores alike! —sm0729

2009-07-31 19:01:37   I treated my family to some tasty burgers and brew and, although the place was packed and we had to sit at the bar, we really enjoyed our meal. The prices were a little steep for a burger joint, but it was good so I overlooked it. I was pretty dismayed to find out the next week that my card had been charged almost TWICE what I actually should have paid! I absolutely cannot justify paying $82.74 for this meal...especially since my receipt shows me paying $46.37 (including tip)! So I gave the place a few calls and each time I am kindly or not-so-kindly told that NOBODY on staff knows how to correct this huge error. Each time I'm told to call back the next day and am given a window of 1/2 an hour to 1 1/2 hours in which the owner might be there. I'm told he is the only one who can correct this. As it stands, I still haven't been credited for my $36.37 that I was overcharged (or the hassle that all this has caused). I have to say I'm pretty bummed, too, because I really did like this place. After all of this I'm not so sure I would go back. If I do, it's cash only for me. —EmilyTho

  • You need to call the credit card company, or the bank that issued the card. It's a fraudulent charge. The card issuer should fix it pretty quickly. —jsogul

2009-08-01 12:05:25   As in most restaurants, the owner is able to access the computer and void things that the normal employee is not able to do. If you would call during the day and not on a Friday night at prime time, I'm sure that the owner will be more than willing to help you correct this error. —AppleBlossom

  • This is the type of thing the staff should call the owner over to fix immediately. There is no excuse to do anything else. It was their screwup and it makes no sense to further inconvenience a customer over something that shouldn't have happened to begin with. After that ordeal, the staff really should expect the customer to do a chargeback which is more of a pain in the ass to deal with than getting the owner over to fix the problem. —WilliamLewis

2009-08-18 14:56:23   Ok dollar for dollar the food is the best in Davis but the fly problem is seriously escalating. I had no fewer than five large flies buzzing around me at lunch. They NEED to purchase one of those light/sticky pad devices many restaurants use. They are only about 200 dollars. —tombrokaw

2009-08-20 19:21:07   Buffalo Burger very plain. —BenLee

2009-08-23 11:35:11   If you decide to go to Burgers and Brew during the late hours 1am-3am, expect service that is not that great. My friends and I ate there at 2am, and our waitress was totally brain dead. She unknowingly dropped a knife on my friends foot, forgot the menus and drinks when we first sat down, forgot refills and we waited 15mins for the check. Our waitress spent most of here time cavorting with her friends seated at the table directly next to us. Take into account that she is probably dealing with a lot of customers from the bars nearby, but this was not a great experience at all. —Leelan

2009-08-31 16:14:30   This is an overpriced places for regular, not so special kind of burgers. The service is also not that great.


2009-09-03 11:50:52   I love this place. My boyfriend and I have decided to keep Burgers & Brew as a frequent habit to go possibly every week! Its delicious. Especially their special: Chipotle Burger or the Bacon Jalepeno Burger & GARLIC fries. I'm willing to fork out the extra bucks for a sit down burger here than grab In-N-Out. —MissAmyQ

2009-09-07 10:01:30   Our 3rd time there, we were somewhat disappointed. My burger was as expected, but my wife's Buffalo Burger was so greasy, we wondered if it had been deep fried. How greasy was it, you ask? So greasy that she had to fold the soggy bun like a taco and eat as fast as she could before the taco shell disintegrated. Because of the grease overload, she felt ill afterward. We'll return someday, but will bring out our steel lined stomachs that day. Oh, and not order the Buffalo Burger... —skawt01

2009-09-12 19:09:34   The burgers aren't the best unless you pay for things like avocado and bacon however I sincerely enjoy the atmosphere and ABA (Arrogant Bastard Ale) on tap. So long as I can get my ABA in its most delicious form I will gladly visit this establishment. —OliviaY

2009-10-08 11:52:30   We liked their burgers, but the service is about the worst we've experienced in Davis. We complained to the manager about a rude cashier and he sympathizd and promised us a free lunch - we were never able to get the lunch because he's never there in the afternoon and nobody else was willing to be helpful. They've lost our lunch and dinner business for good. —charliesangels

2009-10-23 13:32:42   Decent place to go as a solo diner. Be sure to sit on the patio outside "on the bar."

Cheeseburger, curly fries, and the beer special were excellent.

Service was a bit lackluster, though they were quite busy. Will definitely be back. —H4rry

2009-11-08 20:34:06   burgers and brew is a pretty cool place, always busy with a little wait. the burgers are very big and delicious, prefect for sharing, but some can finish alone. service is rather poor, but the root-beer floats with real ice cream are amazing. the good beer selection will make any brew enthusiast proud and the grilled cheese (off the kids menu) is to die for. it is a large portion for a small price :) —mrandmrs

2009-11-11 10:40:03   This is first place I think to take visitors from out of town. The burgers are delicious as are the other menu items. I occasionally crave their Turkey Avacado Melt. They have an excellent beer selection. The owner is often on site and enjoys talking about beer. If you find the beer selection overwhelming, then ask for your waiter to recommend one. I recommend the various Abbey Ales, especially the Three Philosophers. —GJC02

2009-11-13 23:33:54   I've worked at BNB for almost two years now and I still enjoy our food and really like working there. The customers are mostly very nice and friendly and it's a good serving job overall. However tonight there was an exception... Around 9pm I was sat with a party of 7 people that had been waiting outside for some time, I was told by my boss in front of the table that they would be receiving a 10% discount because they had to wait so long outside. I proceed to commence serving them by trying to take the order of the sole female at the table, but this proved too much for her male company as they blurted out their orders before being asked. Their food comes out in a timely fashion, even though we are still busy from the dinner rush. I have the inside section and I see a member of the party showing his burger to other people at the table... I immediately go over to the man and ask him if there's something wrong with his burger. He proceeds to tell me that he ordered a medium well burger and that the burger he got was well done if not "burnt"... Without hesitation I offer to replace his burger immediately and he declines and says it's OK... I offer one more time, asking if he's sure he doesn't want a remade burger as his friends encourage him to take my offer... He declines again and I concede and walk away as they finish their meal... They get the bill with the discount and begin splitting it amongst themselves, giving cash to the gentleman with the well done burger, as he puts his card in the check presenter and gives it to me... I swipe his card, bring it back to the table and tell them all thank you very much and to have a nice evening. After they leave, I look at the credit card slip the man signed under the "Tip" line it reads... "$1.75, I ordered a med-well burger and it came out well done"... Their bill was $55... Thank you very much Davis! It's a pleasure to serve here. —zacharyfloerke

— The customers that frequent the restaurant I work at thankfully do not generally engage in these tactics, but I feel for you buddy. Note to customers, waiters "annoy" you with questions like "how is everything?" so we can fix any problems if they happen to crop up. "Punishing" us on the tip line is juvenile and is a lose/lose situation. Grow up! —AlvinTsao

2009-11-17 18:12:19   Had my third burger from Burgers N Brew, and I'm finally won over. My first burger was rather plain, and the fries were nothing special, but once I upgraded to the jalepeno bacon burger with a side of garlic fries... Man did things change. This place is tops on my list of restaurant burgers, with a great atmosphere and beer selection (I prefer it around lunchtime, it's a little more casual). I'll be back again! —JamesM

2009-11-19 20:57:08   I love love love their burgers!! My fave restaurant in town!! —ElizabethLee

2009-11-28 19:18:48   Love their burgers and fries. My husband and I split a burger, they are so big. The place is crowded! —KsFair

2009-12-04 13:07:37   I had the tofu burger here. The waitress had advised me that it was "a lot of tofu", but I'm a pretty big tofu fan. The seasoning is a little strange and by the time you get to the end you too will certainly be saying, "this is too much tofu" Unless you're splitting it three ways you should try something else. —GreatRyan

  • Hahaha, the Smoked Tofu Burger is THE reason I go here! It is simply heavenly. — TheShah

2009-12-12 19:33:02   The "no split-checks" thing is really obnoxious. As someone who has spent plenty of time working in the restaurant industry, I am fully aware of how annoying it is to deal with drunk sorority girls trying to split a check 17 ways...But why can't you just make it a rule not to split a check more than once? Making it a policy not to *ever* split checks seems like bad customer service coming from an owner who doesn't care a whole lot, since he knows he has a built-in customer base as a burger joint in a college town. I'd be willing to bet that's exactly the case. Just makes me lose a little respect, that's all I'm sayin'. —dontworryaboutit

2009-12-13 14:29:22   Does anyone know what their Happy Hour specials are? Thanks! —Kehaar