These are comments made about Burgers and Brew prior to the actual opening, and thus not based on actual experience. For reviews, visit the Burgers and Brew entry.

2007-10-12 14:36:01   I seriously cannot wait for this resturant to open. I like Crepeville, and I'd like a better Burgers and Beer place than Sudwerks. The fact that it's downtown is even better. —ChristyMarsden

2007-10-12 23:48:26   that makes no sense...since when is fries hotdogs shakes and beer health food. —MattHh

  • Beer 'tis the original health food, me lad!

2007-10-14 17:32:15   I was under the impression that the "brew" in the name refers to coffee, not beer. I guess we shall see. —CaseyBarc

2007-10-15 08:36:28   Where are you people from?!? Brew in this context means Beer. Why would you have coffee with burgers! =) I can't wait for it to open either, hope it lives up to my glorious burger expectations. —MyaBrn

2007-10-19 14:59:59   I think the fresco showing the lady holding a beer is pretty definitive. Anyone have any inside knowledge as to an opening date? Perhaps crepeville employees? —KhoreedAdge

  • That painting is beautiful. Anyone know if it's an original? It looks to me like it might be a copy from a beer ad. It certainly does answer the question as to what is being brewed. —RichRifkin

2007-10-23 13:30:02   I've heard it was supposed to be open before Fall quarter started - now it's ASAP. —MarkWatson

2007-11-01 20:59:43   I'm confused. Are they going to serve "Burgers and Brew"? Or are they going to serve "Fries-Hotdogs-Shakes"?

Beer and milkshakes don't generally go well together. —fordbw

  • Drop a nice scoop of real cream vanilla ice cream into a glass of Guinness, and you may change your mind. Or try a scoop of Newcastle Brown ice cream. Heck, even Ben & Jerry's has their Black and Tan ice cream with a nice (non-alcoholic) stout as one of the ingredients. Creamy dairy and hops and malted grain go quite nicely together. Heck, malted grain is often added to a shake... thus you get a malted shake. Give it a shot: the creamy, bitter, rich and sweet combinations are quite good, assuming you like either (if you don't like beer or ice cream, you'll probably dislike the combo). — JabberWokky

2007-11-03 19:16:44   I'm also confused — I don't see any problem with serving fries, hot dogs, and shakes in addition to burgers and brew, but how they could label that as health food is beyond me. What I am hoping is that we'll see a place that has an authentic, home-style presentation (like Crepeville) of good food with decent prices, and Newcastle on tap. I would definitely go there for that. —AlexPomeranz

  • I believe, reading the original interview, that he's implying the menu is composed of healthy, natural and simple foods plus the burgers and hot dogs. If the menu was composed of 97 different kinds of fruits plus burgers and hot dogs, saying the menu is "fruits mixed with red meat" is perfectly correct and is not calling the burgers and hot dogs fruits. He said that the menu as a whole is health food mixed with some red meat items, presumably like the burgers and hot dogs. Where did you see him assert that the whole menu, including the burgers and hot dogs, was health food? —JabberWokky (Later: Of course, now that the menu is available, I'd call it burgers and hot dogs with a few healthy options, although I do like a good Gardenburger)

2007-11-17 12:03:22   The owners said they should be open by next week for sure, possibly before Thanksgiving. They have about 10 beers on tap, and a lot of wine by the glass through a wine preservation system. The outside deck has a fireplace and a large TV, it looks really nice. I'm excited for the opening. —davistudent