MMMmmm burritos. Those filling, nutritious, healthful, affordable, and vegetarian-friendly meals. I could live (and have lived) off them.

The burritos found in Davis are usually heavily influenced by the style developed in the Mission District of San Francisco. That is to say, they are large, foil wrapped, have additional fillings over your standard burrito, and a "super" version is generally available. So... don't complain about authenticity because the burritos aren't like the ones you're used to in LA... welcome to NorCal.

For those that like veggie burritos with vegetables in them, check out El Mariachi, El Toro Bravo, Tres Hermanas, and Taqueria Davis.

See also Latin American Restaurant Guide.

  • Chipotle
    • $4.95 for a vegetarian burrito.
  • Chuy's Taqueria
    • Regular: $4.50+tax, Super: $6.50+tax. Chips are included. They serve them "wet" (with a bit of sauce poured on them) on a plate, with a garnish of shredded lettuce and a piece of tomato. The Regular contains rice, beans, and meat. The Super also has sour cream, sliced avocado, and cheese. They are "taqueria size", meaning large. There is no vegetarian burrito on the menu. Since there is no salsa or other flavoring, they tend to be bland. Rating=5 —SteveDavison
  • Coffee House
    • $4.25 with meat
    • Breakfast Burritos - $3.75 with meat, $3.25 for veggie
  • Del Taco
    • Bean burrito: $.75 The smallest burrito anywhere. Beans only. Soft and runny. Tasty though.
  • Delta of Venus
    • Breakfast Burrito - $5.50 - Eggs, red & green bell peppers, chiles, cilantro, spices, potatoes, cheese, and salsa in a flour tortilla. Tasty and quite filling. (Though, perhaps a bit dry. Add a little sauce of some sort and you'll be fine.)
  • Dos Coyotes
    • $4.95 for a rice and bean burrito. Southwest burritos are $5.95 for chicken, $6.50 for steak or carnitas. Border Burrito from $6.75 to $7.50. They also have Ranchero Burritos.
    • Dos Coyotes even has Mahi Mahi burritos, shrimp burritos, Paella burritos, and even Salmon burritos when in season!
    • All of the Dos Coyotes burritos come with chips and salsa from the salsa bar, and can be for dine in or take out.
  • El Mariachi Taqueria
    • $5 range. Chips included. Enjoy their large salsa bar. 15% off with Ninja Card.
  • El Toro Bravo
    • $5.50-8.25. They have a variety of different burritos which can be viewed here
  • Green Burrito (in Carl's Jr.)
    • $3-4 range.
  • Taco Bell
    • Bean burrito: $.79 Chips definitely NOT included.
  • Taqueria Davis
    • Bean & rice: $4.90 Mostly rice.
    • Chicken: $5.15
  • Taqueria El Burrito
    • Bean and Cheese: $3.60 Regular: $5.10 ($5.50 with cheese) Super: $6.10- Other options are available as well. Their menu can be found here
  • Taqueria Guadalajara
    • Meat: $4.45 Regular, $5.45 Super - Chips included (as they are with any item).
      • Guads is by far the best value for veg burrito. Get the Super Giant, they knock off a dollar, so it comes to about 8 bucks for two burritos. Plus all the free chips and salsa you are bold enough to take.
  • Taqueria La <font color="#4e58b5">Piñata</font>
    • $?
  • Tres Hermanas
    • $8.99 - $9.99 - All served with rice, beans and choice of soup or salad. Their menu can be found here

Departed businesses where you used to be able to get burritos

  • La Esperanza
    • Full price, small burrito. - Perhaps why this business is now departed.
  • Jimboy's Tacos
    • Burrito $1.79, Veggie burrito $2.29, Combo burrito $2.59, Super burrito $3.49. Note: the website does not match the store offerings, I'll have to check this out.


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2005-02-14 22:15:54   Rank the Davis burritos: 1. Super Tamale 2. Mariachi 3. Chipotle 4. Guad 5. Dos 6. CoHo 7. Taqueria Davis 8. Taco Bell 9. Delta Co. never been to esperanza or gardenia. —RishiTrivedi

2005-02-23 09:44:24   Jimboy's Tacos! In the 76 Gas Station on Hwy. 113 and Covell St. Brand new, old fashioned taco stand, everything grilled and freshly cooked that day! —CassandraLaterza

El Mariachi has the best burritos. they are the only place in davis that serves nepales (cactus). their nepales asada burrito is to die for. plus they have a gajillion salsas, strawberry, pumpkin, mango, pineaple, cactus, cucumber, chipotle, tomatillo, avacado, garlic(my favorite), corn, various chile flavors, and many others that i forgot. MattHh

2005-04-20 22:21:38   I miss Nugget burritos. I cannot go into the North Davis Nugget without feeling great sadness over their disappearance. —JessicaLuedtke

2005-04-28 00:20:14   Favorite burritos: #1 Adalberto's (Carne Asada) [baja style.. in sac], #2 Dos Coyotes [southwest-style], #3 El Mariachi [mexican], #4 Ali Baba [mediterranean faux-mexican fusion] —JaimeRaba

2005-05-23 11:31:52   Random burrito thoughts: Dos Coyotes "Pialla Burrito" is one of my favorites in Davis. Burritos from Guadalajara are better wet (with enchilada sauce). I am not sure how La Esperanza stays in business (the food is expensive and not that good). If you're in Sac and like Fish Burritos, try Pescados. You can still get Nugget burritos in Woodland (I am not sure about South Davis). —AlexPomeranz

2005-08-23 21:39:53   Does anyone else remember La Bamba ("Burritos as Big as Your Head"), or is it my imagination? Who took their place? —SteveDavison

2006-10-23 01:59:13   nOpales, not I'm pretty sure they don't make salsa out of people from Nepal. And yes, garlic is the best =) —TylerFelix