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Steve Byars

Byars Architectural Services is committed to collaborative design and construction. Having worked in design and construction, Steve is the bridge that connects concept to realization. In addition to design services, Byars Architectural Services also provides project management, owner representation, and preconstruction services including plan review for coordination, completeness and accuracy. All projects are developed using state of the art 3D BIM technology to improve communication of designs, perform daylighting analysis, and to ensure coordination between building systems.

Project Types: Education Commercial - Tenant Improvements Residential

For those of you considering a residential project, Steve recommends this video, Smart Design For Hot/Humid Climates, prepared by Barley & Pfeiffer Architects in Austin, Texas to help understand practical ways to improve the efficiency of your home.

For contractors, Steve is a member of the Lean Construction Institute and recognizes the importance of timely accurate communication to keep jobs moving. Preconstruction plan review identifies ambiguities and errors before they become issues in the field.

For facility owners, if you don't have a competent facilities person on staff, Steve can provide owner's representation and preconstruction services to see that the project stays on track.



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