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Dr. Clark Gregor is one of the few dentists in Davis who did a residency after getting his DDS. Dr. Gregor is very personable and takes time to make all procedures and concepts clear. Because many UC Davis students use this office, they have all the insurance information there for you (if you're on the SHIP or GSHIP plans).

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Medical Professionals are limited by HIPAA as to what information they can make public about their patients, including who their patients are. As such it is very hard for Doctors, Dentists, and Psychiatrists to respond to negative comments on the wiki. Please keep this in mind while reading any comments.

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2005-05-06 13:36:04   Dr. Gregor was my doctor before we moved. He's the best dentist I've ever had, and I plan to go back as soon as we get dental coverage again. —JessicaLuedtke

2006-01-05 11:04:22   I just had my first visit at Dr. Gregor's office and he and his staff were all very professional, courteous and clear. Also unlike many dentists' offices, they are open Fridays. —KenjiYamada

2006-03-27 14:28:22   DON'T GO TO DR GREGOR. When I came to UCD I looked for a place to get my teeth cleaned. I went to Dr Gregor b/c he's a Delta Dentist & I figured he'd know about Delta's insurance plan. On my 1st visit he made me have a comprehensive exam & complete set of x-rays (only covered once every 5 yrs by Delta). My dentists have always told me I have very healthy teeth, but Gregor said I had gum disease, 3 big cavities & I grind my teeth. He recommended a program involving cleanings every 4 months, huge fillings & an expensive retainer. I agreed to 1 filling. The receptionist said Delta covered 90% of the filling, so I paid $19 of the $190 job. I later received a bill for another $50! Gregor said the insurance didn't cover as much as he thought. How could he be a Delta Dentist and not know how much they cover for fillings? He wouldn't give me my x-rays or records so I could switch dentists. Gregor is a scammer who just wants your money. ps. His office is dumpy & his view on mercury fillings is atrocious —BujhaGee

—Re: the "extra" $50 charge. You should notify Delta about this because it is in violation of the dentist's contract with Delta to pass these "unexpected" extra costs on to you. If they think Delta didn't pay them enough, they are required to resubmit the bill to Delta, not ask you to pick up the bill. I had almost the exact same issue with them (it was even around $50) and when I told them I was in contact with Delta, they dropped the extra charge. Ironically, they thanked me for contacting Delta to clear it up.

2006-03-29 16:51:29   I AGREE with the previous comment. My family was definitely scammed not one, but two years in a row for similar "insurance mistakes." We lost a lot of money to him before switching dentists. —LauraSmith

2006-04-03 11:35:21   AVOID DR. GREGOR. there are PLENTY of wonderful dentists out there who are NOT after your money! And you can definitely get that sense off the bat. With Dr. Gregor, I knew something was suspicious when he INSISTED that I get a full mouth x-ray. Other dentists do not require this because it's NOT a med-malpractice risk! He just wants your MONEY. Good dentists can spot problems with a normal exam. In any case, I already had almost 9 bitewing x-rays from the previous 3 months for him to look at, but he needed to do his own full x-ray. I too was overcharged for my filling and told that I need to replace many of my molar fillings that were too old when other dentists had said they were good for several more YEARS! Now I'm STUCK with him because he won't share the x-rays if I go to another dentist and I'd have to get MORE x-rays. I'm just hoping that my teeth can wait until I get out of Davis. There's nothing worse or more harmful to your health than a dentist who's after your money. —AliciaBl

- there are many cases where it is impossible to see decay without an x-ray. Decay that exists between the teeth can get very deep before it is visible to the naked eye. The statement that a good dentist can spot problems with a normal exam (implying no x-rays) is simply not true. I can understand the desire to have minimal x-rays but not taking them at all does restrict the dentist's ability to diagnose problems. If minimal x-rays are desired, one should request 4 "bite wing" x-rays. These films look between the teeth for decay, and they are often less expensive than a full mouth set, however, they are less comprehensive than a full mouth set. —DagonJones

2006-09-26 18:32:0   Dr. Gregor recommended that I get my teeth cleaned three times a year rather than twice. No prior dentist had ever recommended this, and I have a pretty clean history with regards to cavities and such. Although I had only had one cavity in my prior 28 years, Dr. Gregor filled two more cavities for which I received two separate bills. I called the office to ask about these things and to cancel my extra teeth-cleaning appointment (they had scheduled an appointment in about a month and an appointment a few months after that). I also mentioned the wiki and asked about some of the comments on this page. Although I intended to stay with Dr. Gregor, I never heard back from his practice. My second appointment (the later one that I did not cancel) came and went without any calls from them or the friendly reminder postcard. I never told them that I was going to find another dentist. I just questioned them about a few things and canceled an appointment that I didn't feel was necessary. Apparently, they don't like having patients who question their procedures. I found another dentist who hopefully is going to be better. —T

2006-10-12 11:45:25   I'm starting to think I also was recommended extra procedures that were unnecessary. I hadn't been to a dentist in over a year though, so I figured it was OK to have it done. He recommended a full set of X-rays, as well as extra cleanings because he claimed I had early gum disease. I've always had healthy teeth, and only one cavity. I think I'm going to switch dentists after reading what everyone here has said.... —AmandaGlinzak

2006-11-20 16:16:19   From the Delta Dental website (http://deltadentalca.org/pmi/individual/reg_pol.html)..."You may request a second opinion if you disagree with or question the diagnosis and/or treatment plan determination made by your Contract Dentist. PMI may also request that an Enrollee obtain a second opinion to verify the necessity and appropriateness of dental treatment or the application of benefits. Second opinions will be rendered by a licensed Dentist in a timely manner, appropriate to the nature of the Enrollee’s condition. Requests involving cases of imminent and serious health threat will be expedited with authorization approved or denied within 72 hours of receipt of the request, whenever possible. For assistance or additional information regarding the procedures and time frames for second opinion authorizations, you should contact PMI’s Customer Service department at (800) 422-4234. " SO GET YOUR SECOND OPINION...You're entitled to proper dental treatment, which Dr. Gregor is obviously not supplying. Also, you can file a complaint (a.k.a. "grievance report") if you are unsatisfied with a Delta Dentist at: http://deltadentalca.org/pmi/individual/complaint.html. I suggest people take a few minutes to do this so that Dr. Gregor doesn't rip us off anymore.—BujhaGee

2006-12-03 12:11:09   To all my patients, It is my commitment to provide every patient with excellent dentistry and customer service. As presented on DavisWiki, it seems we may have missed that mark. I genuinely regret that any patient has had a disappointing experience at our office. I openly invite any patient to speak with me personally and I will make every effort to address your clinical and/or insurance concerns. CJ Gregor, DDS —CjGregor

2007-12-20 10:13:48   YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS BELONG TO YOU, NOT THE DENTIST! note to previous posters who have stated they were refused access to their records. Complain to your insurance company, and send a letter to the dentist (cc an attorney?), stating you would like access to your medical records. These records are paid for by you and your insurance company, they are YOUR PROPERTY. The dentist is storing them, but they are yours. Insist that the dentist give you, in writing, his reason for refusal to give you your records. If they still refuse, bring a letter stating that they refuse to give you your records and ask the dentist to sign it. You'll likely see a change of heart. —JessS

2008-01-31 21:57:24   I recently had work done here in the past few weeks, though the work was done well, the unprofessional atmosphere made me feel uncomfortable. There seemed to be a lack of respect for the dentist by his assistant. I am considering a new dentist because of this. If you are looking for a dentist, I would consider going somewhere else. —susies

2008-04-16 16:27:33   NO, NO, NO!!! He recommends many more procedures than nesassary. They also seem to add on fees or charge more than what insurance pays. I would strongly suggest checking what insurance pays for procedures and challenge anything that looks suspect and report that to your insurance provider. —davewalker12000

2008-10-13 20:08:50   We have been patients of Dr. Gregor for 8 years now. We find Dr.Gregor and staff to be extremely professional and they have always provided exceptional dental care in a gentle, professional atmosphere. We would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Gregor to anyone looking for a dentist, adults and children alike. —residentofdavis

2009-01-09 20:01:18   Let me start by saying I am not a patient of Dr. Gregor nor do I know if he is skilled or not. I am a registered dental hygienist (RDH) who has worked in dental offices and in the dental industry for over twenty years. I happened on this page on the internet and want to address comments because there are often misunderstandings caused by the lack of knowledge on the part of the patient which causes them to feel like they have not been treated properly when in fact they may actually have received BETTER care and treatment.

Cleanings As a RDH I know the CORRECT way to brush and floss and I do it everyday How many of you can say you floss daily? Do not bother answering, I already know-If I had a dime for every time I heard…”not as often as I should”). I get my teeth cleaned a MINIMUM of 3 times a year. Do I have gum disease? No. But 80% of the population does and even in a mild form it is a BACTERIAL INFECTION, and gum disease leads to bad breath, tooth loss, and, according the research, an increased risk for heart disease, stroke and delierving pre-term, low birth weight babies. In general, the purpose of cleaning your teeth is not to brush and floss out food, you are removing that bacteria that forms everyday, think of the film that forms on a flower vase, and it is hard to get it all. Your insurance cover two “preventative cleanings” a year and yet most people are actually being “treated” when they get thier teeth cleaned to reduce the inflammation in the gum tissues caused by the lack of proper oral care. Replace one new shirt, a visit to the hair stylist/colorist, or that new pair of shoes with a dental cleaning and be thankful. I have seen patients who have seen the same dentists every 6 months for 10 years and where never told they had gum disease and ended up with such extensive disease that they had to have teeth pulled-which are by far more expensive to replace than simply cleaning them professionally!

Radiographs (x-rays) There are reasons a full mouth series are taken and everyone should have them. You need a baseline to refer back to monitor changes and you can not see everything you need to see on “check-up” x-rays. This is NOT a money issue and if a new patient can not provide a relatively recent set of x-rays the doctor will need them to do a proper exam. No, he can NOT see everything just by having you open your mouth. And if your health, early detection and disease prevention are not important enough, I will say that I worked on a forensic team where the bodies of possibly more people could have been identified if they had a more recent and complete dental record (you can guess which team I am referring to). And by the way, the dentist is still responsible for your health so you can not sign the chart to release the doctor from liability just because you don’t want them taken. There are guidelines and a standard of care and the doctor has to follow them. If a patient doesn’t want to agree, it’s actually in the doctor’s best interest to let them move on to another office.

Records Dentists are legally required to keep all patient records for a specific length of time. You should be able to get a COPY. When it comes to x-rays, there may be a fee to duplicate them. Keep in mind that the dentist has bills to pay also. Duplicating x-rays takes staff time and utilizes machinery and materials.

Insurance Every insurance company has MANY plans that are administered in accordance with a coverage level/benefit schedule chosen by your employer. If you are unhappy with your coverage, tell your employer (NOT your dental office) and ask them to pay an increased premium to get you better coverage or consider contributing more. Remember that insurance is a business, there are often several treatment alternatives and your insurance may not cover the best one or even all of them but then again you are chewing, smiling, laughing and living with your teeth, they are not! By the way, if you have a dental HMO the doctor is not even billing your insurance! The office receives a very small (we are talking a few dollars here) monthly amount for you being enrolled at his office and either provides treatment for free or for your co-payment, which is typically much less then his regular fee. Why does he accept the insurance then? It gets more patients into his office and many times the “best” treatment alternative is not covered by the plan allowing him to collect his usual fee. An office has to really educate patients to want the best treatment option-many patients settle for less because it’s covered, they don’t understand and they don’t know enough to value their oral health. If you had cancer and your insurance company didn’t cover chemotherapy, would you think the doctor was just trying to make money on you? Ask around if his usual fees are comparable to others in the area you shouldn’t fault him for trying to make enough to keep his practice running and make a decent living.

Summary There may or may not be valid comments here but atleast several of them are more reflective of the lack of knowledge from patients than the skill and professionalism of the doctor and the dental practice.


2009-04-27 20:20:51   Of all the dentists I've been to in my adult life, I highly recommend Dr. Gregor. I've been going to him for four years now and he and his staff have always been courteous, professional, and skilled at calming anxiety. Yes, he recommends full x-rays once a year, but every dentist I've ever had has said the same. He also takes the time to explain what he's doing and why. They are always upgrading their technology to the latest detection tools, so maybe that's why they find things that other dentists don't. They also spend much more time with me than other dentists and hygienists I've had. He never does ANY work without fully explaining what he thinks should be done and why and getting your consent to do so. I've never had a dentist so patiently explain the reasoning behind fillings, etc. He showed me where I had cavities before putting in fillings and advised me on how to treat my teeth better. If you're thinking about going to Dr. Gregor, please consider that the comments on this page do NOT represent all of his patients. Oh, and one more thing, I have Delta Dental and I've NEVER been billed after the fact or for routine preventive maintenance. —GradStdt

2010-03-19 09:53:57   There seem to be a lot of negative reviews here and I think many of them are likely due to misunderstandings. I do not have a close working relationship with Dr. Gregor, I met him only once at the open house of his new office, so I can't comment on his personality or his working relationship with his staff. Many of the negative reviews here refer to particular practices (extra cleanings and insurance) that are explained in a bit more detail on the Dental Fraud page. Please read that page and it will likely provide clarification.

A while ago I saw a patient who wanted a second opinion; he had some fillings done at Dr. Gregor’s office then read the wiki reviews and was concerned the fillings may have been unnecessary. There were about 3 or 4 conservative (small) fillings placed between his teeth. I reviewed the x-rays the patient had taken before the fillings and I agreed that they were needed. There was obvious evidence of decay into the dentin of the tooth. The composite (tooth colored) fillings had nice contours, they were smooth and well sealed, overall Dr. Gregor did a nice job. I let the patient know this and I never saw him again, I assume he went back to be a satisfied patient of Dr. Gregor.


2010-12-19 18:18:41   I like Dr. Gregor. Due to lack of dental insurance, I hadn't been to a dentist in 10+ years and went to Dr. Gregor for the first time about two weeks ago. His staff is professional and quite nice, and the wait to see the doctor was fairly short. I have only actually seen Dr. Gregor once during my two visits, when I had my new patient appointment, but he seemed very pleasant. He has many assistants that help him and prep the patients, so I assume he's busy, but the place is well run. The person I've seen most is the hygienist, since I have periodontal gum disease, and she's very nice as well. As far as costs go, I have dental insurance through UC Davis SHIP, which I guess doesn't cover the cleanings for gum disease. I forget the exact details, but I had to pay for anything over the max payout from my insurance, which was about $140 for two visits ($13 the first and $130 the second). I have to have more work done, but will do it after the start of the new year, since the payout from insurance will start again. —HeyArnold

2010-12-22 11:25:45   I've been going to Dr. Gregor for years, and now my children go too. He and his staff are professional, nice and very thorough. —SuzanneM

2011-08-04 12:17:41   Went to Dr. Gregor very recently and he indicated that I had one cavity and another potential cavity. BEcause I was concerned I went to another dentist who said that I had NO cavities, and not even any teeth to be concerned with. When I first went to Dr. Gregor he recommended many procedures and services that I did not need. I also had a cavity filled (and prior to this, had not had any cavities since childhood... hmmm). I agree with those who recommend that you stay away from this Dentist, or at least get a second opinion. This is a dental practice of questionable ethics/morals, at the very least. —AnnieSirrah

2011-10-02 21:55:55   I've been going to Dr. Gregor for many years now and I can say that I have had a great experience with his office. He and his hygienists are great. One weekend I had a temporary crown fall out (I was eating a carmel apple) and he made time to come into the office to see me on the weekend so I didn't have to walk around for days with a nub-tooth. I recommend him to all my friends who are in need of a dentist and will do so in the future. —ChrisDietrich

2013-02-17 08:40:49   I will be careful not to say anything negative or name names and say say only this. I will only tell my true and honest experience with a dentist. I was told I need 12 fillings by a dentist. I felt his or her diagnosis was suspect and went elsewhere for a second opinion. It was implied I was wasting my money(second opinions are out of pocket), and I was told if I did not act soon I would need three or more root canals, but when I insisted the dentist said they would send along the xrays. Another Dentist reviewed the same xrays and found I needed two fillings. Two dentists, one set of xrays, two very different recommendations. I went with the second recomendation and still have not needed a root canal. —AnthonyVanella

2014-05-28 16:51:05   I am so very grateful to have Dr. Gregor as my dentist, and now my grown daughter goes to him also. He and his staff are incredibly friendly, professional, efficient, and patient, especially with patients like me who have anxiety about dental procedures. I even look forward to the six-month cleanings. Thank you, Dr. Gregor and Courtney and Christy and everyone on staff! —DeborahLattimore