The Cabernet Room was a meeting room upstairs in the Silo. It has since been remodeled & is an open space.

The old layout had some problems Beware, this is a "sick" room -perhaps the only such room on campus. A sick room is a room which has environmental characteristics such as to make the occupants sick -see "Sick Building". The problem with this room is that the building's air conditioner is acoustically coupled to the room so that the floor vibrates when the motor runs. The room fills with a nauseating infrasonic beat which is not too far from the human torso's resonant frequency. Being a second-floor room, it is isolated from dampening effects of the ground. Sitting away from the room's center helps somewhat, but even a few feet from the walls the vibration is intolerable. To mitigate this, the air conditioner should be disabled while meetings are being held here.

The Graduate Student Association holds its Assembly meetings here.

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