This page is for archiving comments from 2005 for Cafe Bernardo.

The bar aside, I've never liked this place. The atmosphere is unwelcoming and feels like yuppie fast food— you have to stand on line to order, the food comes very quickly, and they clear your plate from the table as soon as you finish, regardless of whether others are even close to being finished. CraigBrozinsky

2005-11-17 01:01:51   They charged me $3.50 for a glass of tomato juice that came out of a can. Also, I came in for some soup and had to pay $1.08 for a quarter of a loaf of bread...what place makes you pay for bread?!?!?! —DinaDobkin

2005-11-19 11:47:03   We went last night and the bartender misheard my man's drink order: somehow "1 mojito" sounded like "2 Wiki's" (??). After realizing and correcting the error, the bartender proceeded to chew my boyfriend out for "misordering". It was so rude and inappropriate, by far the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, and I've been a server for over three years! The guy on Saturday afternoons is awesome though!! Apparently this guy is rude a lot, so watch out for a squirrly (sp?) dude with shaggy brown hair. —VanessaHadick

2005-11-30 22:23:24   I like the food, but the service often sucks and $4.50 for a double mocha (which wasn't even any good) is just a tad silly. —GrahamFreeman

2005-12-23 11:51:10   The food here sucks and is overpriced. By the time you order a basic breakfast and coffee, you're up to about 10 bucks. Instead you can go to Crepeville and get an awesome breakfast with coffee for about 6 bucks. I paid 9 bucks for the most horrible bland Caesar salad there the other day. No flavor at all. I won't be going back. —DavisLurker