This page is for archiving comments from 2007 for Cafe Bernardo.

2007-02-09 01:49:44   IHOP>Cafe Bernardo (pancakes) but im sure everything else is great —GregWebb

2007-02-24 16:32:24   I like breakfast here and their pizzettas are good. The bar is a good place for a quiet drink, but everything seems to be broken. Lights, chairs, tables. Looks pretty shabby. And don't believe the hype: the Wiki Wacky Woo = Grossest thing ever. —BriannaBetancourt

2007-02-25 18:23:49   Me and a friend ate here today as Crepeville was packed. His sandwich came promptly, however, my Eggs Bernardo took roughly 20-25 minutes to arrive. Very annoying. The food was good, however, nothing besides the bread was memorable. For the price they charge, I see little reason to return. —JosephBleckman

2007-04-17 20:57:28   I like the "cafe" (counter service) side better than the "restaurant" (wait service) side. The entrees on the restaurant side just seem uninspired to me. But the cafe side makes a nice breakfast (good toast!) and is a little less claustrophobic. —CovertProfessor

2007-04-24 10:54:27   I usually enjoy Bernardo's food and drinks alike, however I went in for a salad to go, and it was the most disgusting (by far) food I have ever been served. I complained to the manager and was asked if I had ever eaten a caesar salad before, did I know there were anchovies in the sauce, and several other rude things of the sort. To sum it up I am boycotting their AWFUL service, and DISGUSTING food —Weezington

  • Including anchovy fillets was popular a few decades ago, but it's increasingly rare to find today, and certainly shouldn't be the dominant flavor. We're talking about 1 fillet per serving. As a matter of historical accuracy, the inventor didn't include anchovies in the original recipe other than those used to manufacture Worcestershire sauce. If you ever stop your boycott, you can also tell them that unless it includes Tequila, their "Margarita Pizzetta" should be spelled "Margherita Pizzetta." Paragary's Italian restaurant, Spataro, does have the spelling right so I guess at least someone working for them realizes the dish didn't originate in Mexico. —CraigBrozinsky

2007-05-02 12:43:26   Cafe Bernardo has nice indoor/outdoor seating but their service can be quite bad. the first and last time i went there, we were the only party present and the food took really long to prepare and the waiter left us sitting there without service. the food is decent to good, but can be overcharged. —trambajuice

2007-06-07 18:07:14   I had Oatmeal at the Cafe. It had pecans and bananas in it and was delicious for $4. My friend's Two Egg breakfast came with lots of bread and sides for around $5. I really liked the food, and the atmosphere, and had no service problems. —KernHaug

2007-06-14 19:48:05   Wiki's are a blessing, if you havent tried them you must. great way to start a major bender —MikeJones

2007-06-29 21:30:00   I do love the chopped salad and since they don't have it all year, I try to enjoy it often during the summer. It is kind of pricey but I still like it. My one complaint is that I once asked what was in the salad dressing and they refused to tell me. It is just a simple blue cheese vinaigrette and I will not stop eating there, but talk about paranoia. Does anyone know what is in the dressing on the chopped salad? —RAB

2007-07-05 14:45:57   STOP PUTTING THE WIKI'S IN FREAKING COORS LIGHT PLASTIC CUPS. JEEZ, WHAT DOES $6 + tip GET YOU THESE DAYS??? Because of the plastic cups, I got a mojito here a couple weeks back, I think it may possibly have had SOME alcohol but I don't think so. The wiki's (on average) suck a lot more than they did a year or two ago. I'm never going here again. —UncleBob

2007-07-17 22:01:51   to much bad service and basically sucks. —dickjones

2007-08-03 14:34:19   we eat there about once a year i like the hamburger thats about it very good beef well cooked it is a great place for once in while type thing just my opinion i will be back! —Brians

2007-08-04 23:43:44   I love Bernardo. I eat here multiple times a week after I get off work and the service in the bar is always exceptionally good and the food is always up to par. It is inexpensive and fairly flavorful. But the reason I keep coming back is the staff: from cocktails, Erin especially, to the bartenders: Adel, Tom (the squirelly, shaggy haired guy), Brian, and Matt, to management, everyone is friendly and helpful. People just need to stop complaining so much about EVERYTHING. If someone came to Davis and decided to use the Wiki to find a place to go out and eat, he would have to make his own meal because according to this site, EVERY restaurant in town is complete garbage. This is a college town people. The majority of the staff at every restaurant in town is a college student, not a professional server versed in fine dining. Give everyone a break! —RussellAnderson

2007-08-11 02:06:56   Anyone know if this is related to the Cafe Bernardo in Sacramento? —GeoffJohnson

2007-09-12 13:18:55   The service is really bad here. Only 1 person to ring up people during the busiest time of the day: LUNCH. The cashier lied about not having French Fries. The couple behind us received fries so we had to call the cashier out on that. I'm glad a lot of people were around to hear. —rchiteck

-I have been working at Café Bernardo for a little over a year now and like to frequent the Davis Wiki. Usually I sit back and take the comments good or bad as many peoples complaints have validity. However I feel it necessary to respond to this particular one.

The original poster came in for lunch on Wednesday the 11th. Service was most assuredly slow and I am terribly sorry about this. We had two back to back no call no shows leaving us with only 2 people to work the entire restaurant and it was not until much later that we were able to get someone to come in. Poor service is not the aim of any establishment and we were doing our best to accommodate all patrons.

However, I remember you very clearly, you are in your 20’s and were with a young lady around the same age. You ordered a chicken sandwich to split, and after sitting for 15minites proceeded to the line where you told our chef (who has the ticket times right in front of him) that you had been waiting for an hour. Now your ticket may have only been 15 min old but it is possible you waited in line for substantially longer. The chef luckily had your food finished and you were able to eat. On leaving you noticed that people were now receiving French fries (we receive our orders on Wednesday afternoon and had run out earlier in the day.) When you complained to the other server you told him you had only been there for 20 minutes. He of course explained to you the situation and offered to give you fries Togo, an offer you declined.

He did not lie to you, and there were at least 15 tables between the time your order was placed and the time fries were put back on the menu. He also offered to make up for the fact that they were not available at the time of your order. This server is a good friend of mine and I feel it is highly unnecessary for you to call him a liar. He did his best, it was just a case of bad timing. Of course timing, and time seem to be concepts that escaped you that day. His original offer of French fries still stands if at any point you wish to come in and claim it.


2007-09-12 13:34:41   I went on a date there once late at night and i think we were the only two eating dinner and actually getting drunk off Wikis at night at the was awkward.... like who orders food at the bar that late? Anyway the salad i had was soooo good! Not as good as a Wiki tho - Oh yea and i refuse to drink a Wiki out of a plastic cup....lame.... i don't pay him unless i get a glass =D —WeMo

2007-09-25 20:32:42   Among the american food places in Davis, I'd rank Cafe Bernardo has part of the "better half". Although I can't say all the food I've had there are "must haves", their food is above average. +Outdoor seating that allows dogs +Close to school and farmers market —atwong

2007-10-28 12:39:25   I agree with what Sean said. People complain about everything without knowing what they are talking about because they don't know the situation. Well, if people still complain about food, etc—just tell them to make their own food at home or tell them to ask their mom to make it. LOL. Their mom probably can make their meal as fast as a rocket....... People are so SPOILED..... —Patricia

2007-11-15 08:53:33   wicky = amazing. —amber722

2007-12-05 13:35:09   Some of the best food in town, great bar staff, nice atmosphere! —NinasStudio

2007-12-07 18:51:10   I got married and the DMV punched a whole in my license when I changed my name. I went to Bernardo's with 1)the holey license 2)Temporary license issued by DMV 3)Passport 4)Copy of Marriage license (things I was carrying at all times while waiting for the new license). The bar tender refused to serve me even with all my paperwork as it was "restaurant policy". No other bar in Davis gave me trouble about it. In fact Sofia's staff congratulated me on my marriage. —HeatherClaire

2007-12-26 08:52:13   On of the best places in Davis, especially for the price. Everything I've had is delicious and well made. Especially the desserts, which are some of the best around. —Pattie