4045 Sunset Lane, Suite B
Shingle Springs CA 95682
8AM to 5 PM Support 7 PM

In 2008, Cal.NET merged with Sierra Advantage in Shingle Springs, and has changed their service and support practices drastically from their early years. Wiki Comments and reviews of their service prior to this merge (dated 2005 through 2007) were moved here. Most of these reviews were negative. Cal.NET also used to offer MDL service to Glacier Point and Saratoga West apartment complexes, ending this service their their 2008 changes. An angry and extensive review of that service and mostly of the company circa 2003/2004 can be read here.

Cal.net currently provides dial-up and DSL services, as well as Web Hosting, and other high speed data alternatives such as T1 lines.


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2009-02-12 14:11:40   If you are viewing this page and are having issues with your service, please feel free to contact me by either leaving a comment on my entry, or by emailing me at cthompson at cal dot net. I will do my best to get your issues resolved within one business day. —ChrisThompson

2009-08-31 10:44:11   Greetings, i have a client with their DNS servers that are incorrectly set to & I just called your office # at 530-757-8088 but no one picked up, I had to leave a message. Hopefully someone will contact me within the hour?

I just need to know what the correct DNS servers are for Cal.net/AT&T and i can be contacted at Cybershield - 530-757-2010 or 916-543-1635

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide us and the community, i'm sure others are misconfigured. —Cybershield

Those are L3 DNS servers. They're actually anycasted, so they work well just about anywhere. I would hardly consider using them to be a misconfiguration. Nonetheless, Cal.net puts the IP addresses of their DNS servers on their website in a very easy to find place, if you bothered to check. —WilliamLewis, who is not affiliated with Cal.NET in any way.