The California College Republicans (CCR) is an umbrella organization representing campus-based, student-run College Republican clubs throughout the state of California. The state organization is composed of an Executive Committee consisting of statewide and regional elected officers and a Board of Directors, which is a governing board that also includes a representative from every chartered CR club.

CCR is significant to the Davis community because of the active involvement of Davis College Republican members in the State federation. The statewide networking opportunities through CCR have significantly increased the profile of the Davis College Republicans as a resilient grassroots organization. Over the past decade, DCR’s presence in CCR has greatly expanded. DCR was the host chapter for the April 2005 CCR Statewide Convention in Sacramento.

Officers of the Statewide College Republican federation are constitutionally ex-officio officers in their local chapter club. Therefore officers serve as officers in 2 organizations simultaneously.

DCR has had the great privilege of having members serve in this statewide organization. A List California College Republican Officers who were Davis College Republicans

-Chris Telfer, Executive Director (2013-2014)

-Lindsey Harden, Secretary (2013-2014)

-Mason Harrison, Capitol Region Vice-Chairman & Administrative Vice-Chairman (2005-2006)

-Stephanie Anne Worthington, Secretary (2004-05) & Chief of Staff (2005-2006)

-Ryan Clumpner, Communications Director (2004-05) & Executive Director (2005-2006)

-Mike Dugas, Statewide Co-Chairman (2003-04)

  • There's a rumor that Mr. Dugas was attacked by a bunch of feminists when he decided to protest abortion rights during a pro-abortion rally. Rumor also has it that The California Aggie printed a picture of him being hit with feminist signs. Rumor ALSO has it that someone decided to fill CHEM 194 from top to bottom with this picture in his Statistics 13 class. Can anyone confirm any of these rumors? They sound hilarious.
    • I know *I* laugh when somebody is being beaten in real life. Whooo-weee! I sit at home just chuckling at the footage from Iraq, and laugh out loud when I see stories on the news about child abuse. Funny stuff! The *best* is when they are being beaten for their beliefs. I just roll on the floor laughing when they show footage of Kent State or blacks being beaten during civil rights demonstrations. I sure would love to see these comedic gems. —jw the sarcastic
    • The photo you're refering to was taken by aggie photo god, Joe Jaszewski. Mike is not getting beaten in the photograph, members of NOW are surrounding him with their round cardboard signs. - ArlenAbraham

-George Andrews, Capitol Region Vice-Chairman (2003-04)

-Chris Mays, Statewide Co-Chairman (2002-03)

-Igor Birman, Northern Region Vice-Chairman (2002-03)

- Jennifer Abreu, Area 11 Director (2002-03)

- Joseph Fitzmorris, Northern Region Vice-Chairman (2001-02)

- Jon Huey, Area 11 Director (2000-2001)

- Anirban Roy, Executive Vice Chairman (2000-2001)

- Andrew Mercy, Executive Director (2000-2001)