The UC Davis chapter of California Student Sustainability Coalition (commonly referred to as the CSSC) is a student led organization that is part of the larger, statewide CSSC. We have chapters at UC, CSU, community college and even private university campuses across the state. It is our mission to unite and empower the California community of higher education to collaboratively and nonviolently transform ourselves and our institutions based on our inherent social, economic, and ecological responsibilities. The CSSC creates and endorses campaigns that span many university campuses in California. This power in numbers gives substantial weight to our work that has resulted in significant impacts since our conception in 2003.

Our Objectives

The principles and objectives of CSSC help to guide us in all our decision-making and actions. We reference these values at all points in our endeavor to ensure that we maintain an unbiased, objective, and compassionate course of action.

  • Integrate the vision and values of sustainability into the mission and actions of California, starting with its Higher Education institutions.
  • Be a voice for sustainability throughout California and beyond!
  • Maintain dynamic and adaptable statewide leadership bodies that effectively channel grass-roots collaboration into collective action
  • Network, build the skills, and provide opportunities for the development of young leaders
  • Evaluate & Celebrate

Current Campaigns

Tabling at the International Formal 



Past Accomplishments

  • Sponsorship of Naomi Klein's This Changes Everything  film screening on November 15th. The event, hosted by Cool Davis, aimed to educate and inspire the Davis community on the intersectional issues of social and environmental justice.
  • Biannual Leadership retreat: 


  • Fall Convergence 2014 - Hosted locally by the CSSC at UC Davis on November 14th to 16th 2014. Hundreds of students from across CA gathered to build community, share resources, plan actions, attend workshops, and celebrate. 


Upcoming Events


  • Education for Sustainable Living Program - The only student-run class offered at UCD, ESLP is a seminar series which hosts guest lectures by renowned educators, authors, environmentalists, and progressive thinkers. The course encourages reflection upon and analysis of the principles of sustainability, and is designed to encourage dialogue between students, faculty, staff, administration, local community, and the entire UC system. Open to students and community.
  • ConvergencesTwice a year, the CSSC brings together hundreds of students to our convergences to foster community, share skills and resources, plan courses of action, and celebrate life. All students are welcome to these completely free and empowering events.


Come by one of our weekly meeting to find out more and get involved!

Fridays 3:00 – 4:00pm Campus Center for the Environment


Madeline Oliver (CSSC President, 2014-2015) – Maddy Hefler (CSSC Davis Council Representative)



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