Although the most common image summoned when you envision the UC Davis campus is often a tree lined green expanse, most of the actual business occurs in the various campus buildings. There are usually a few being built or renovated at any one time. You can also rate and read about the Cleanest Bathrooms on Campus. Campus Buildings also have Elevators. Some are connected via tunnels.

For an official list of all classrooms (including Campus Lecture Halls) in UCD, go here. Descriptions and visuals are available for each classroom. The official list of campus buildings (along with facilities and departments) can be found here.

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Tables and benches along the side of Wickson Hall make for a pleasant spring study spot. The following list does not include the many Residence Halls on campus:

Satellite UC Davis owned buildings

Ruins on Campus

Demolished Buildings

See also Campus Lecture Halls (which sit inside of buildings, of course)


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2009-02-03 09:10:32   Is it right to move the Hutchinson Bike Lanes to this section? They had to be moved out of the construction section since they were finished a year ago. But they're not really buildings... —SMCareBare