This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


608 3rd Street
On the corner of F and 3rd
Monday - Saturday 11AM-6PM
(530) 759-8495
Payment Method(s)
Cash, Visa/Mastercard & Debit

Campus Cellular is not a microbiology lab... the "cellular" refers to mobile phones. In this case, Sprint phones. Although they are small, the guy who works here is super nice and knowledgeable.

If they are open, of course... as they may not be open... anybody wanna check?

They were formerly Fix for Less.


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2010-02-16 22:59:30   The guy who works here is super nice and knowledgeable. Despite the store being a little small, I would recommend! :) —MarielleBerman

2010-09-20 11:28:14   I strongly suspect this place is closed. Mostly because whenever I've gone over there (to be fair, after 5 p.m., but still), it's been utterly dark. There's still store stuff in there, but it looked like their mail was piling up. —JenniferRutherford

2011-01-23 23:57:21   I believe the Sprint store is also gone... —Wiiman