The Media Board develops policies for and oversees the administration of The California Aggie and FM Radio Station KDVS. The Board approves media budgets, selects the media managers, and resolves grievances and reviews issues related to freedom of speech and press involving the media. The Board meets at least monthly throughout the academic year and may meet more frequently during the Winter and Spring Quarters. Membership includes: 2 Faculty/Staff and 5 Students, plus alternates and ex officio members. For further information, contact Student Affairs (530-752-8787). (source)

The Campus Media Board is run out of the Office of the Chancellor (specifically, under the delegation of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs to keep campus media units more objective than would be possible if they were under the direct control of ASUCD. However, this may make KDVS and The California Aggie more likely to cave into pressures from the Administration.


The Campus Media Board was established as a result of this resolution from the UC Regents, approved July 17, 1970:

WHEREAS The Regents deplore the frequent use of campus student
newspapers as instruments of socio-political advocacy and for the
dissemination of lewd and obscene articles and photographys; and

WHEREAS The Regents are apprehensive regarding the apparent
lack of supervisions to assure editorial integrity and conformity with
generally accepted standards of decency and editorial excellence;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that at the January 1971 Board
meeting each Chancellor shall submit through the President policies
and procedures governming student newspapers on his particular campus.
Failure to sumbit policies and procedures which are acceptable to
the President and the Regents at the January 1971 meeting shall mean
that effective as of that date on any campus that has failed to comply
with the foregoing directive no University funds, including all forms
of student fees collected by The Regents, and no University facilities
shall be used for the support, preparation, or production of student
newspapers on that particular campus.  In such case any newspapers which
may be published by students of the University of California on that
campus shall be financed from non-University sources and produced off
campus, and may be distributed on campus only in accordance with usual
regulations applicable to the sale of commercial newspapers on campuses
of the University.  This policy does not apply to official University




Loni Coelho

Joan La

Rajiv Narayan

Joshua Peterson

Ashley Wright, GSA

Student Alternates:



Faculty/Staff Members:

Andy Jones, University Writing Program

Adam Siegel, Shields Library


Chair: Paul Dorn, College of Engineering,

Student Affairs Vice-Chancellor's Representative: Don Dudley, Student Judicial Affairs,

ASUCD Senate Representative: Brendan Repicky,

ASUCD Business & Finance Commission Representative: Don Ho

ASUCD Creative Media: Alex Park,

Professional Journalist: Claudia Morain, News Service Director, University Communications,

Media Managers:

Jason Alpert, Editor-in-Chief, The California Aggie,

Neil Ruud, General Manager, KDVS,

Andrew Florio, AggieTV,


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