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1920 Sycamore Lane
(530) 753-4728
Payment Method
Cash, Check, Credit Card, Other

Info from : Dr. Yee graduated from University of the Pacific in 2002, and comes from a family of dentists. She was awarded a special award in community services while at school, and continues with the genuine and caring attitude that earned her that award back in 2002. Her skills with oral surgery as well as all other elements of general dentistry help to round out the offerings of Thomas Dental Care to their patients.

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2007-10-15 15:46:33   I would not recommend Dr. Yee. I visited Dr. Yee one time, and her first comment was that she was surprized at how many fillings I have had. This confused me - I am 26 years old, and have never had a filling. She then asked if I drank more than several soft drinks a day, or eat a lot of candy (which I don't), and said that if that wasn't the case, she couldn't figure out where I had gotten such tooth decay problems. She spent a lot of time encouraging me to drink less soft drinks and eat less candy. She told me that she had found a cavity, and that I needed a filling that day. I said that I would prefer to go to my normal dentist (who I've gone to since early childhood and whose office is 2 hours away) for the filling. After her incorrect comment about my having many fillings, I did not feel comfortable having her work on my mouth). She put the metal hook tool into the "filling" and pushed and pulled, and told me that it was very deep and very sticky, and that this indicated that the cavity was very severe and needed a filling in the next day or so. I asked if four days would be too long to wait, and she said that it definitely would be unwise to wait this long. I went to my dentist from home two days later, and he and the hygienist were unable to find a cavity in that tooth, or in any other tooth - not even a little one! My entire family has gone to my dentist at home for over 15 years, and we live in a small town, so we hear about people having bad experiences with dentists - no one I know has had problems with my dentist from home, and I trust him a great deal. I was charged $150 for the cleaning and examination.

More information: My husband was a patient at Thomas Dental Care, where Dr. Yee practices, for about 18 months to two years. I went to Thomas Dental Care one day because of some jaw pain, and was seen by Dr. Yee. There was hair on the equipment that was laying on the table next to the chair (and this equipment was later put into my mouth). The dental assistant was extremely rough with the X-ray film, and became frustrated and seemed as if she might have been hurting me more due to her frustration. I have never had trouble having X-rays taken before. After I had repeatedly said that I was not interested in having my teeth whitened, the assistant insisted upon deciding which shade of white my teeth were for their records. She held the instrument (made of metal and plastic) to my teeth, and became frustrated because she could not decide between two shades. She literally hit me in the teeth and lips with the metal part of the instrument repeatedly in her attempt to hold the instrument close enough to see the color. —GraduateStudent