In addition to the large number of restaurants that serve desserts, baked goods and donuts, there are plenty of places to buy candy and chocolate in Davis. Frequent these places, and your dentist will be able to afford that new yacht he or she has been aching for.

National Lollypop Day July 20 is National Lollypop Day.

Standard types of candy are available at Davis's Convenience Stores and Supermarkets & Grocery Stores. You can also purchase a deep fried Snickers at London Fish'n Chips The Dumpling House. There are several places in Davis that create wonderful candies including the YummyDummy Chocolate Company.

Rare foreign candies live in Ethnic Markets and at Newsbeat. Slightly less rare but still high quality chocolate can be found at Cost Plus World Market. All Things Right and Relevant sells See's candy.

Fresh, delicate confections can be found at:

There used to be a bulk candy store downtown called Candy's, but it has been replaced by the restaurant Manna.

For a fun and educational adventure, check out the Jelly Belly Factory Tour. You're advised to go during the week because there will be plenty of workers about and the machines will be running. However, if you do take the tour on a weekend, the robot arms treat you to some music as they "dance" for you.