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Imbolg 2010

Casadh an Gealach is Irish. Literally translated it means "Turning Moon."

This coven exists to foster spiritual community, support, and growth. We meet to honor Deity, each other, and ourselves by celebrating the turning of the seasons and the changing cycles of life.

We are a coven in the Draigsffau tradition. For more information you can visit this website: . Basically we are a Celtiphilic eclectic tradition that does not allow the pomp and circumstance of ritual stand in the way of magick and worship.

We are a closed coven not looking to add new members, but our Priests and Priestesses do offer teaching (in Davis) , handfastings, memorials, pastoral counseling, baby blessings, and wiccanings. We are also happy to help direct people to other resources such as other teachers, clergy, and covens.

This coven also hosts public rituals on occasion! Sunday July 31st we held a Lughnasadh Ritual!

Two of the clergy members, Fey and Ryan, are also teaching classes at the Experimental College. The classes are Wicca, Witchcraft, and Magick and The Work of Our Ancestors on Tuesday nights starting Oct 9th in 103 Wellman Hall 7pm- 8pm, 8pm- 9:30pm (please see the EC Fall 2012 Catalogue, page 20). The classes are completely free and all are welcome!