This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


222 D Street #3 , in the alleyway behind Soga's (next to the Pence Gallery, rear)
"Hours vary, please call ahead"
(530) 756-4772

la casita del cielo ("the small house of the sky") was a charming, fun-filled Spanish bookstore for children in one of those little nooks and crannies downtown. Many titles were translations of English children's classics but many more were imported directly from Spain and Latin America. The owner was Peruvian and his passion is getting kids to learn to read, speak, and write Spanish well, whether or not Spanish is their mother tongue. Bravo.

A café called tea list is now in this location.

No credit cards yet. Coffee was free; there was a small table with two chairs for children. CDs were available too. This store was something of a Latin American cultural center. Food was offered once a month from different Spanish-speaking countries.


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2008-09-16 22:44:19   Is this now a departed business, or is the address wrong? I tried to find it today, but from what I could tell #3 was completely empty. If they're gone I'll be bummed: I just moved to town and this was the store I was most looking forward to. —EmilyH