Catalyst is a college ministry from University Covenant Church. They are a mixture of college students and adult mentors who love following Jesus. It is their stated goal to connect everyone in a relational community centered around Jesus’s teaching, believing that "our generation knows the importance of community, but what we really long for is a family connection. In a family, you don’t get to chose who is in your family, but you get to love and grow with them anyways. As a reflection of Christ’s love, we accept everyone, and we want you to be a part of our family." They meet on the UCD campus in Giedt Hall 1002, from 8-9:30pm

They will get to spend at least four years of your life with you, but also care about investing in the rest of your life. As well as being a community, their goal is to develop servant leaders who will go out into the world as ambassadors of Christ in the workplace, at home, or wherever God leads.

Post-college mentors, a.k.a. ‘sherpas’ are also available to students to provide their experiences and wisdom. The college pastor, Kyle Thomsen, is a very insightful mentor, who also loves to play racquetball.

On their website, you can see how to get involved in a small group. Small groups allow you to get close to a smaller group of people within the larger group. In ‘doing life’ with the people in your small group, you can grow closer to them and closer to Jesus.


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2011-05-02 20:54:38   I was a part of UCC's college group "Catalyst" for a long time. No matter what I did I was never good enough for the group. During my time at Catalyst I saw a lot of things I did not agree with. I did not approve with Matt Robbins promoting to college men how many women there are at Catalyst. I found this to be most inappropriate. Robins gave me a list of things I had to do to change myself. I did all that was asked. In the end I was still never good enough. I was even physically assaulted by another member of Catalyst. The Catalyst member who assaulted me was later on made a leader. I was ordered by Matt to never tell anyone what happened. I realized I would never be worthy of Catalyst so I left. Which then I found out that Matt had told all of my confidential conversations between the two of us with other pastors. At two different churches I was told by their pastors that "Matt and I are friends so it would be better for everyone if you didn't come here again". I was then bombarded by other Catalyst members on Facebook. Telling me how horrible I am. Saying that I am "A wolf in cheep's clothing" a "snake in the grass" and "Cancer to the Christian church". I turned to the bible. I found myself in 2 Peter 2:1-3

    "But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves. 2 Many will follow their depraved conduct and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. 3 In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping."

    These people had me convinced that it would be best for the church if I just killed myself. They had me convinced that all I did and all I would ever do is harm the church. One pastor even guaranteed that whatever bible study I go to I will ruin. I asked myself "how could a pastor be wrong?". All I could think about is killing myself. I love going to church and being a Christian. I wouldn't want to do anything to harm it. I had to go a long way to find a community untainted by the Davis circle and get help. After receiving help I had moved on. But then I found out that what had happened to me had happened to another person. A young girl. I don't want it to happen to another. I am writing this not to harm the reputation of UCC or Christianity, but to help any of those who find themselves in the same situation I was in. They might not find the same help I did. So I just want to share what happened to me in hopes that it may help somebody. Here is a Davis wiki article on spiritual abuse with many helpful links:

    Once again, I am not doing this out of revenge or some sort of petty internet trolling. I am doing this to help. I couldnt stand it if I heard that another person went through what I did and I did nothing. I harbor no ill feelings towards any member of Catalyst or UCC and wish everyone the best. Just hoping this helps somebody.

P.S. I have recently heard the rumor that Matt has been telling people that he really misses me and is sad that I left to Nevada for work. I do NOT now, nor have I EVER lived in Nevada. Also, Matt and I have had MANY conversations after I was no longer a part of Catalyst some of which were face to face. So I am confused to say the least. —Dozer

2011-05-12 17:32:46   Hey Wiki World, this is Matt (the one discussed above).

If any of you would like clarification on what is written here, please email me at and I will try to explain.

Josh, I do miss you and I feel terrible that you are hurting. I have a difficult time understanding how you came to this perspective on things and would like to meet to talk in person. Posting on the Wiki like this is really not helpful, fair, or appropriate. —

2011-05-12 18:01:58   With all due respect I will not be bullied into another meeting with you where I think we are good and then you twist what I say. I post on here so nothing can be twisted. I know your act Matt and know the only thing you care about is your reputation. I don't have much support here in Davis and I won't risk putting my life on the line by dealing with you another time. I am not trying to bash UCC or Catalyst. But I would like to offer a word of caution. You might find yourself in a hole, a hole that no matter how hard you try you can't climb out of and eventually you grow exhausted and fall tot he bottom. I was there, its not a great place to be. If you find yourself there:

2011-05-19 12:30:44   Mr. Robbins you are a bully and as all bullies you are a coward. I support Dozer and I hope other Christians of Davis will see through your lies and your false teachings. I am just glad that I will not see Dozer's name on this list:

    I also hope others finde the strength to stand up against you and I hope not to see another one of Catalyst's victims on this list. —VincentB

2011-06-02 17:22:03   I am leaving Davis and will be continuing my education elsewhere in California. I had planned on staying longer, but I can no longer withstand this persecution and hate. I can't go to a church or "Christian" group in Davis without getting chewed out by a person who identifies them self as a friend of Matt Robbins. So I am out, wish Davis all the best and if you risk these waters, best of luck. —Dozer

2011-06-05 23:41:55   Hey there Vincent, I just came across your comment and thought I might respond to help clear some things up. First off, Dozer and I are on good terms as far as I'm concerned, and I've gotten indication from him that he feels the same way. With that said, I have to respectfully say that from my perspective, Dozer's account does not portray events as they actually occurred. I've been involved as a student at Catalyst for a couple of years now, and after hundreds of hours spent in the company of Matt, I can safely say that he is nothing close to a bully. On the contrary, he's a super nice guy that would never hurt anyone intentionally.

It is this very trait that has been his motive for keeping this discussion off-wiki. Dozer has really put us in a tough spot because on the one hand, we (the members of Catalyst) feel that Dozer's comments don't represent our group accurately, and by leaving them unaddressed publicly, we contribute to a perception that they are true. Then on the other hand, we feel that it would only make everyone look worse to turn this into a big debate right here in the comments. This kind of conflict is really not representative of our group (Dozer's the only one who seems to have experienced these problems), and it's really just not what we want people to think of when they think of Catalyst.

It breaks our hearts that Dozer has perceived his experience at Catalyst as "abusive". It's exactly the opposite of what we hope for people to experience there. If we could go back, we would do things differently. But for now, after no small amount of consideration, it seems to us that the best way forward is not a fact-debate on our wiki page, but rather in-person restoration of relationships. Matt's really been torn up over this whole situation, and has done his best to arrange to meet with Dozer in the company of mutual friends, but so far Dozer hasn't been up to it. But please consider that Matt's lack of public response to the accusations against him are not based on cowardice, but on a careful discernment of the best way forward for everyone concerned (including Dozer). As Matt said in his comment, you can email him, or if anyone's curious of someone else's perspective, you can email me at If you have any more questions (or insults) we'd be happy to receive them through that medium.

I personally pray that God would guide Dozer to a community that would fully embrace him in the love that Christ showed us all, and that God would help Catalyst learn from this experience so as to prevent its repetition. —LandonEllis

2011-06-06 06:27:41   On the point that Landon and I are on good terms I agree 100%. I wish all the best for Landon as I do for all of Catalyst. I am however puzzle that we met face to face a few weeks ago(This wasn't scheduled I ran into him on and a few other Catalyst on campus) and you all had perfect opportunity to say something or schedule a time to talk this over.

    Now there are some statements in your comment I disagree with. You should not speak for all of Catalyst. There are a few Catalyst members and a few former Catalyst members(Most of which left because of Matt's actions) that would agree that Matt is a bully. I do encourage them to step forward. But standing up to a bully is never easy, especially when that bully is a pastor. So I am not the only one. I could name names here very easily, but I value the trust of those individuals and the choice is theirs on whether they wish to move forward or not. I have met with Matt a few times in person, but in those meetings he has said one thing and then done another. Also, I would like to state that I too have known Matt for years. I also believe I was at Catalyst before you were. —Dozer

      Josh, this is just what I was hoping to avoid. Nobody else has left Catalyst for those reasons, but I have no way to prove that here, which is why this is not a productive forum for discussion of this. I'm just sad that you feel the need to continue bashing Matt on here. It's really hurting me, and I know it's hurting Matt too. I don't mind continuing this discussion, but let's find a better place to have it. You have my email address. —LandonEllis

        you guys and the group are running a man out of town. The end... Dozer shoots from the hip and whilst there may be slight embellishment I'm more than willing to take the crux of his statements at face value. We have had several instances of spiritual abuse spill over onto the wiki. If Matt really cared he wouldn't need a posse to chat with dude. Daubert

2011-06-06 17:23:53   My intention is not now, nor has it ever been to hurt Matt. When Matt contacted me about this post and informed me how hurt he was I apologized. Insulting Matt is not my intent, I meant nothing malicious in any of my posts and I am sorry if anyone was hurt by this, but as I told Matt this is bigger than us. I emailed you today and invited you to my place. I did so a good 11 hours or so ago. Show up and talk to some people. Although I am not comfortable in showing emails here in a public setting I am willing to discuss things with you. I will not meet with Matt. I learn from my mistakes, I do not trust Matt and do not fancy another bullying session. I do however have no problem with you. If you would like to meet, then show up.

EDIT: Looking back, you said you don't want to have this conversation on here. But I emailed you this morning and you chose to reply to me here, you have my email, my Facebook and I believe my phone number. You chose to continue this on DavisWiki. I am a little confused here.

2011-06-08 14:59:13   WOW! Well look who it is, its the Catalyst poster boy(Literally) No wonder you love Catalyst Landon, they cater to people like you. The Catalyst poster is of a guy pointing to his Catalyst T-Shirt. Thats what the group is about it would seem, being part of the "in" crowd. Sorry for the side rant, but of course the poster boy would just be in love with Catalyst.

    No in response to Landon's (The poster boy) comments. You people really are something else. It would seem you are trying to oplay this off as Dozer is some sort of online tough guy only bashing you online and never wanting to face you. Which if was the case I would understand, as it is with any victim of abuse and would applaud Dozer for standimg up for himself in any form. But it would appear that you and Catalyst folks had him on campus and had time to talk to him in person and didn't. You obviously know Dozer and have had various other mediums to contact him on, but you do so on here. It would appear you are trying to discredit the man, to cover your shame. Dozer said he emailed you and I believe him. He invited you to his home. Which I think is awesome, he opened up his home to the likes of you. I wouldn't.

    Also, I have met Matt Robbins and after meeting him, he came off as a sleazy car salesmen. Which is why I did not go to Catalyst. So even though I technically did not "leave" Catalyst, Matt IS the reason I NEVER went to Catalyst and this was before Dozer made his post.

    Dozer, best of luck in your new city and new life. To the wiki-members, just know that other Christians in Davis don't view the church as their personal country club. —VincentB

2011-09-17 12:35:20   The comment page makes me a bit sad here, and since I think my times at catalyst have been anything but sad, I wanted to shed some light on my experience. I tried several other on campus fellowships before trying catalyst last year. The others were big groups of people that felt a little more impersonal than what I found when I walked into the youth room at UCC. The leaders are friendly and engaging, and in the last year of attending I have made several deep and vital friendships with people who attend Catalyst and the small group bible studies. The free food every Monday is a definite perk to going but the attitude of reverence towards god during the worship and reflection time was incredible. It was also a fresh change to see people in leadership admitting that they struggled with a lot of the same day to day issues that I was, and that we could find a way to grow together. As Catalyst is made up of people, and people are naturally flawed, I'm not going to say Catalyst is perfect. But in weighing the benefit to me of fellowship and growth against the rare issues that may arise between members, I've found that it's well worth whatever people to people problems you have to be able to reap the benefits. —HannahK

2011-10-23 22:07:01   I am open to answer any emails, but I would like to ask people to please stop sending emails and messages with messages like "Tell me what REALLY happened", "Why are you lying?" and of course "Just because you hate Christians doesn't mean you have to slander everyone". I wont respond to anymore of these. It is apparent with messages like these that you already have your mind made up on what you think happened. —Dozer

2012-02-08 16:26:54   I've had a great experience with Catalyst. The community is warm and inviting. —kylethomsen

2012-02-09 10:49:36   I love Catalyst! I have found incredible fulfillment in being part of a loving community that has shown incredible care in making sure EVERYONE is warmly greeted and engaged. As a freshmen, I found that the number one reason I loved catalyst was because of its size (~30-40 people) which led to a close, intimate environment. The prayer room is also totally cool and unique for a college fellowship, there's a quiet area with candles and cushions that you can go to during the worship time to just be there by yourself. The teaching and message we have are also awesome. Some are led by Matt Robbins, the rest by other pastors or people involved in the Catalyst or University Covenant Church community. Personally I find Matt Robbins to be a cool leader and also a very funny guy (and a good neighbor!). Oh, and you certainly don't have to be a "christian" to come to Catalyst!

Have any questions or comments or anything?

2012-02-10 23:58:33   I am pretty hurt by this Tim. I thought Tim was my friend. But I was not welcomed and greeted when I was bullied to the point of putting a revolver in my mouth with one bullet and pulling the trigger. I am trying not to be emotional here, but to see a guy who I thought was my friend praise the man and the group who bullied me into trying to kill myself twice makes my stomach turn in knots. "I find Matt Robbins to be a cool leader and also a very funny guy". I feel so broken down right now by that. I never asked anyone to choose between me and Catalyst. I always felt "If they're happy, I'm happy for them". To me this really shows how insignificant my life is to them. I thought Tim was a close friend. Whether I am dead or I run away, they just sweep the problem under the rug and pretend it didn't happen.

    I am no longer scared of cyber bullying or spiritual. Since I have left Davis and distanced myself from this group, my hair has thickened and no longer going grey and I have lost considerable weight (Less stress in my life) So I am now up to putting myself out there more. So if anyone would like any information on what really happened while I was at Catalyst please feel free to email me at

    I saw what happened at the UCDavis protest on TV. If you guys can stand up to your bullies, I can stand up to mine.

EDIT: I just talked with Tim and all he wanted to tell me is that I was wrong and how nice my beard is looking these days. That really shows how lightly Catalyst takes this issue. —Dozer

2012-02-15 22:21:41   I have been a part of Catalyst for years now and love it! I have found it to be a place where i have been able to grow as a person, as a leader and in my relationship with God. I have created some valuable relationship within this group :). Come check it out if you're interested! —EricaSalazar

2012-02-16 16:18:49   I don't want to be a complete negative here. whenever I complain about anything I always make an attempt to point out something good. Landon Ellis was the only guy in Catalyst that when I went to him he put out an honest effort to help. I truly appreciated it. —Dozer

2014-05-22 10:42:50   I've been in Catalyst for two years, and I love it! The teaching is challenging and engaging, and I find the atmosphere to be welcoming. Its a smaller fellowship, so its really easy to get to know everyone, and become a part of the family. I've loved the connection with University Covenant Church, because the members there really love to invest in the lives of us college students. The Worship Team is great at leading everyone to enter into the presence of the Lord. We love to eat together, often, and that really contributes to the sense of 'family'. I've found the best spiritual nurturing here. —MarisaMorton

2014-09-17 12:24:34   I moved to Davis last Fall not knowing anyone. I met up with some really inviting people from Catalyst and these people have become my core friends in Davis throughout the year. I prayed that God would lead me to group that cares about serving others and building strong communities. I found this in Catalyst and I would give it my highest recommendations. I was definitely nervous about moving to a place where I didn't know anyone and after a year of living here I can safely safe God has filled me up with the people in this group. Come hit us up on Thursday nights! —RaleighMoyher