A Catholic is a member of the Catholic Church.

If you are looking for a Roman Catholic place of worship in Davis you should try:

Ordinary Form Parishes

or the

  • Newman Center, primarily a ministry for university students, but also welcomes faculty, staff and city residents as well.

If either these places don't suit you, there are other Roman Catholic Parishes close by:

The closest Tridentine parish is located in Sacramento. It is in the care of the FSSP.

There are no Eastern Catholic parishes in Davis. The following is a list of Eastern Catholic Communities in Sacramento. Votive candles in the Narthex of St. George Melkite Greek Catholic Church.

Byzantine Catholic

  • St. Philip the Apostle Byzantine Catholic Church (Ruthenian)

  • St. George Melkite-Greek Catholic Church (Melkite) After the scripture readings are read in English, they are read in Arabic.

  • St. Andrew the Apostle (Ukrainian) Liturgy is celebrated in Ukrainian

  • Holy Wisdom Eastern Catholic Parish (Ukrainian)

  • Chaldean Catholic

  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chaldean-Assyrian Catholic Church Liturgy is celebrated in Syriac and Arabic

  • Syro-Malabar Catholic

  • Infant Jesus Syro-Malabar Mission

  • Maronite Catholic

  • Our Lady of the Rosary Maronite Community Liturgy is celebrated in Arabic and English

  • See also Youth for Christ