Davis is full of furry felines and feline-centered people. Some are domesticated, while others are without a home. It is also home to many cat experts and outreach organizations. Please keep in mind that cats are obligate carnivores and cannot live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle; they derive their energy from quality animal protein. Meow. Meow.

October 29 is National Cat Day.

Cat-related Organizations

UC Davis Resident Cats

Health and Vet Services

If your cat is ill, take your feline friend to one of the many veterinary hospitals in Davis. Also keep in mind that animals can suffer food poisoning as well as people. Other cat centered health resources in the area include:

Cat Friendly Apartments

Will usually ask for a pet deposit of $200-$300 and possibly an additional monthly fee of around $5-$20

(Only a partial list, and based solely on other wiki pages; always check with the manager to be sure) (For dog-friendly apartments, see Dogs)

Cat Art

Guardian Cats

See Also: Feral Cats, Davis Cat Gallery, Wiki Animals, Lost Pets, Domesticated Animals


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