If anyone is interested in seeing how many people I've pissed off...

2010-10-13 23:33:55   Welcome back to the wiki. Congrats on getting on with the Aggie! —TomGarberson

2011-03-18 01:16:22   Free hubs? for everyone?

I too went to Holmes when it was the minutemen

study for your finals, I should be asleep for work —StevenDaubert

2011-04-29 12:27:12   Hi Cecilio! Thanks for your comment. I sincerely apologize for deleting your comment. It was an accident and will make sure it doesn't happen again. I would like to ask why you believe the Wiki is supposed to be slanted? We were informed from other users that the Wiki is simply there to document, and feel strongly that our version of the page is both neutral and accurate. However, if you feel otherwise, please feel free to leave me a comment or visit the CampusCred Talk page on our Wiki. Please let us know your opinions and how we may clear up any doubts you may have about us and our service. Thank you very much for your involvement in our page and we look forward to working with you toward a better CampusCred. —LeoThom

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2011-04-29 13:41:51   You keep expressing your options, Cecilio... anybody who posts photos of kittens to the wiki is awesome in my book. —JabberWokky

2012-01-29 02:35:49   How do you see yourself pursuing journalism as a career? IE what medium etc? Morbid curiosity —StevenDaubert

2012-01-29 02:36:31   and the old Davis center was a doctors office, and the one before the old one (near Delta) was also a Doctors office —StevenDaubert

2012-03-13 20:47:41   Good call. —TomGarberson

2012-06-12 15:40:44   Thanks for bringing this up Cecilio. The City Recycling Program has a webpage about scavenging. It is illegal and the police are cracking down on it. If you see someone removing recyclables from a cart or bin, get the license plate number of the vehicle and a detailed description of the individual. Take a picture (if you can and it is safe to do so), send the picture to pwweb@cityofdavis.org, and call the non-emergency police number (747-5400) to report the crime immediately. —jgilbert

2012-10-26 22:49:17   Hey sir—Thanks for the info re: El Toro Bravo. We'll just have to wait and see what happens with it! =) —EliseKane

2013-08-16 11:22:32   no it is not —StevenDaubert

2013-09-29 14:04:42   You're a slanderer and A Liar how dare you tell those lies on that young man working for something i gave him my check and didn't give a dam i just wanted to help! Since 2003 Magazine Crews have been ruining the lives of young men and women leaving them stranded, forcing them to work for next to nothing, misleading them into thinking that bad choices are right and when they get in trouble magazine crews are never there to back them up. Now the young man is in trouble and the magazine crew has moved on!!! Why didn't you conduct a full investigation? If you really care about davis community get to the source of the corruption!!! I have been doing some snooping and i felt another young adult affiliated with urban developement solutions. I also found the Urban Developement Solutions facebook page and saw pictures of the young man that was here in davis with other african american men and women. I know there is more to the story than just the side you told. Being a web Producer at fox 40 you should utilize the internet!!!! i found everything via bing.com I also read stories from other cities and states in which young adults who actually worked for the mag crews were treated and the experience of being lied to and hired under false pretense-manipulated, punished, and ordered about right before the magazine crew dumps them on their butts. If you would like to interview the young lady that knocked in davis the same time and is still located here I know how to contact her!! If it matters at all! —kaylawyatt

Police told us that he altered the checks that were given to him. It may not have happened to you, but at least two other people showed police enough evidence for them to act. Even if the man actually worked for Urban Development Solutions, the story isn't about that company. I did my research, too, and according to the Better Business Bureau there's a fraud warning out to be on the lookout for anyone going door-to-door claiming to be from that company. Even the actual company acknowledges on their official website that they don't have representatives going around asking for donations or magazine subscriptions. The simple fact is that the man was arrested on charges he altered checks. Even if he was actually working for a legitimate company, even if he was hired under false pretenses, altering checks is very much against the law. -CP

2013-10-03 01:57:03   Two ppl said that compared to the many and its a fraud alert on the whole coming they accept donations under graceful hands both started and owned by Maurice McClain u still sent know as much as u thought lol —kaylawyatt