Cedars are attractive, pleasant-smelling conifers. The needles are shorter than those of Pines. You should point them out by extending an arm, index finger directed at one and loudly exclaiming "See dere's a tree".


And where you can find them.

  • Atlas Cedar — There are some big ones around the Memorial Union and on the north side of the Quad.
  • Deodar Cedar — Also known as the "California Christmas Tree." They can be grown from cuttings; intriguingly, cuttings from the tree's top branches will grow tall and straight, while cuttings from the older, horizonal bottom branches will grow more outward and twisted, resulting in a drooping, gnarled, spooky tree that looks something from a Tim Burton movie.
  • Incense Cedar — These are a big deal up in the mountains. The bark is reddish and a bit shredded-looking. The tree smells nice.

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