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27 Commerce Place, Vacaville CA 95687
Store Hours
Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-8PM
Sunday 10AM-6PM
NOTE: Range Closes half an hour before the store.
(707)449-GUNS (4867)
Ed and Catherine Tubbs
Date, i.e. 2009-9-14
Payment Method(s)
Visa, Mastercard

This business is now closed and has been replaced with Ammunition Supply Point Solano (http://www.aspsolano.com/). Same location and services, different name.

Center Mass Shooting Range replaced "The Shooting Gallery, Inc." sometime in 2010. It is a somewhat local shooting range with a store and rental firearms. Basic range fees are $9/hour (is this still current?). Yearly membership fees are available in the $150-350 range, including access to a private 25-yard range for $4.00 per hour, free shooting for guests, and discounts on rentals and merchandise. They will do local Federal Firearms License transfers.

Some fun wordplay in the men's room.

Good way to get some practice just in case we get overrun by zombies.

Hopefully they will be the slow-moving zombies.


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2007-04-11 22:13:54   The few times I have visited TSGI, their customer service was great. —DavidGrundler

2008-01-15 17:18:07   Agreed, I have been here a couple times with groups of people, and the employees were very helpful. —ChrisKadi

2010-11-30 20:55:53   This place is now under new management. It's called Center Mass Shooting Range, http://www.centermassshooting.comAdamGetchell

2010-12-18 23:32:54   Went there to try out a .45 Glock and the place was packed so there was a bit of a wait. They were nice enough to give me free use of the range and a free rental because of the wait so I just had to pay for the ammo and targets, which is really nice when you're shooting a .45. —hankim

2015-02-14 15:40:01   Perhaps, reopening under a new name would be better for business. Having "Mass Shooting" in your business' name brings up some negative images. —MaxLucas