No exact number, but it is at the far western end of Garrod Drive
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (most likely closed around lunch time)
Closed Weekends and All University Holidays, No Public Tours allowed without appointments
(530) 752-8160
(might be out of date)
Paul Lutes (Facilities Manager)
Eric Halen (Assistant Facilities Manager)

Excerpt from their site:

"The Center for Aquatic Biology and Aquaculture (CABA) was established to provide leadership, focus, and support to University of California Davis researchers in addressing problems associated with California’s cultured and wild aquatic biological resources. CABA and its aquatic research facilities provide the basic infrastructure to allow departments within the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, as well as campus-wide, to conduct multidisciplinary and interdepartmental research and associated programs. These activities provide the scientific base to sustain California’s natural populations of aquatic species, support the technological framework of the state’s marine and freshwater aquaculture industries, and create sustainable aquaculture production."

CABA houses many different species of native California fishes as well as many different species of birds, and sometimes houses reptiles and amphibians depending on research. Besides the main building there are five quonset huts that line the road towards the back of the facility. Inside each of these huts are varying things including a fish pathology lab, tropical fish flow through systems, restroom/conference room, and the UC Davis Aquatic Toxicology Lab.

There are tours of the facility, but personally I have only seen persons with affiliation to the University of CA tour as well as younger (as in elementary school) children walking around on tours. If you are caught walking around the facility without permission there is a high likelihood that you will be approached by facilities management. While attending UC Davis I had one class that toured the facility: Introduction to Aquaculture, and one class that was held at CABA: Fish Nutrition.


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