300 Pole Line Road
M-F 8:00a - 5:00p, lunch break 1-2
(530) 758-3102

Central Davis Storage has a good range of storage units at decent prices. Make sure you get your payment in on time—late fees are $30 on the 10th and $35 on the 16th!

It is within easy walking/biking distance of much of East Davis, you can get to it from the corner of Fifth Street/Pole Line Road (it's behind the Post Office), or from 2nd Street. (It's behind Sudwerk). You can also get to it from the Davis Manor neighborhood by going through the N Street Park to the Community Gardens and over to 5th St. If you're on a bike, you can avoid the 5th/Pole Line intersection entirely by looping under the Pole Line Road overpass by Sudwerk.

As of 2/26/09, their rates are: 5x5 $50/mo 10x10 $95/mo

  • Stuff! If you got too much and you want to keep it, you need one of the storage units in Davis!

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