View from Sycamore Lane. The G / J bus line stop is visible too.

2689 Sycamore Lane in North Davis, north of Sycamore Lane & Alvarado Avenue
Monday - Friday, 9:30am to 5:30pm
Phone: (877) 842-9926
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 Chaparral Website
Types of Units
1br/1ba, 2br/1ba, 3br/1.5ba, 4br/2ba
Price Range
$1060 to $2450 as of Fall 2017

Chaparral Apartments, managed by Tandem Properties, offers apartments and townhomes in North Davis. Chaparral has a laid back feel and is connected to The Greenbelt system. The Unitrans G and J bus lines make their first stop directly in front of Chapparal. UC Davis is a quick 1.5 mile (7-15 minutes) bike ride. Residents enjoy the easy access to the 24 hour Safeway and dining/shopping options at The Marketplace. If you need to escape Davis quickly, perhaps after pulling some sort of grand heist, there is quick and convenient access to HW-113 and I-80.

Management Notices

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Features & Amenities

24 Hour Amenities

Residents enjoying the 24 hour pool/spa

  • Pool/Spa
  • Study Lounge with Free WiFi
  • Laundry Center with Free WiFi
  • Basketball Court
  • Rental Drop Box


Spacious, airy and open 2 bedroom floorplan with a wood burning stove

  • Parking permits available 
  • Cat Friendly
  • All apartments & townhomes have private patios
  • On-site storage available
  • Residents are allowed to customize their interior paint
  • Wood-burning stoves in 2,3,4 bd units
  • Dishwasher/Microwave/Fridge


G and J bus lines picking up residents in a London style Double-Decker bus

Public Transportation - Chaparral is located on Unitrans G and J bus lines. Several Yolobus routes stop nearby at Covell Blvd at Sycamore Lane and will take you to Sacramento, West Sacramento, Woodland and Sacramento International Airport

Bicycle - Directly across Sycamore Lane, there is a connection to The Davis Bike Loop. Bike lanes on Sycamore Lane will take you all the way to University Mall and the southern edge of UC Davis

Pedestrian - For recreational adventures, the Senda Nueva Greenbelt will connect you to the entire Greenbelt system. For grocery, shopping, some services and dining, the The Marketplace is a few blocks away.

Parking - parking available and limited spots for guests.

ADA Accessibility - Unknown

Floor Plans

The 1bd x 1ba apartment is 528 sq. ft. The 2bd x 1ba apartment is 960 sq. ft.
The 3bd x 1.5ba townhome is 1,235 sq. ft. The 4bd x 2ba townhome is 1,421 sq. ft.

Internet at Chaparral

Chaparral now offers free DSL. If you're moving into these apartments now, here's how you get that setup. Pay attention to the timeline! Some of it has to be done before you move in if you want it working (or ready for customer support) by the time you move in.

  1. Before You Move In: Set up a phone account with AT&T. This means that they will activate a phone line, which will allow you to get DSL through your phone line. You can set it up online at Doing it online waives the $40 activation fee. (If you go to the AT&T main page, select "Internet & DSL". On the next page, select "Home Phone". Then select "Home Phone Service" (listed at $10.94/month, but you can get it for a little more than $5.00/month if you're not actually worried about having Internet access. On the next page, click "Establish New Service". At that point you can start filling out the information. Or you can click on the link above and it should take you there.) (Also, make sure that you're set up a PG&E account so that you actually have electricity to plug your laptop and Internet tools into.)

  2. Before You Move In: Purchase a wireless router. I suggest the D-Link DIR-615 or DIR-825, since it is a name-brand (therefore, if you have problems then you can either work with tech support or—if need be—get it replaced) and currently the most reliable wireless router out today. At the time of writing, I recommend avoiding the Simultaneous Dual N-Band Router (it broadcasts at both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz), since this technology doesn't work yet (it should in about sixth months). (For more information, see "Router Note" below.) A router is a one-time fee, and it should cost about $100 if you order it off of Amazon.

  3. When You Move In: Pick up your free Omsoft package from the Chaparral apartment office. This will include a modem, a telephone cable, and an ethernet cable.

  4. Once in your apartment, plug in your modem. Follow the directions on your router (it will probably include an instructional CD-ROM).

BEWARE of PC-Mac conflicts.

Macs and PCs with a wireless router

This analysis puts the onus on the Mac-user to become compatible with the PCs.

I have encountered one main problem with Mac wireless internet: The current Linksys router is somewhat touchy with Mac software (10.4.11). The Mac airport says it is connected to the signal and to the internet, but Safari/Firefox will not load. If you go to your system preferences, and open network, then click "assist me" and then "diagnostics," your computer will provide a more detailed description of your internet connection. If your internet is not working, but your computer airport says it is connected, chances are diagnostics will tell you either ISP or Internet has failed (they'll be on the left of the diagnostics screen). To fix this issue, I simply updated my airport software. I did this by opening Software Update, and clicking on all relevant updates for the airport. You can decide this for yourself, as there are descriptions of the various downloads on the software update application. One more thing: If your internet actually works, but it takes awhile to fully connect, or it turns on and off, updating your airport should fix this as well.

Router Note: If you happen to get the Linksys dual N-band router, and both Macs and PCs have issues connecting or staying connected, you need to turn off the 5Ghz signal. The reason for this is that the router can broadcast two signals at once, but your computer cannot receive two at once (I think, I could be wrong). You can turn off the 5Ghz signal (or the 2.4) by going to the Linksys site and turning it off there. I don't particularly remember how I did this, so I can't give you all (any) of the details. But if you have trouble with this, call Linksys support; they are very helpful.


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2008-01-22 19:11:23   Lived next to the Rental Office, nice place to live. good place to dumpster dive at the end of the school year —Misty

2008-02-15 20:49:10   We have lived here since September. It is really nice. It does only have one cable outlet in our four bedroom, but it isn't hard to strand cable throughout the house. In my experience when we needed something fixed the repair guy came really fast and fixed it. The laundry room never really is crowded either. Management is very willing to help you out too. —BretCorzine

2008-11-07 02:43:32   My housemate and I seem to have, um, temporarily and unwillingly acquired a kitten. She(?) burst right into our apartment tonight as a friend was leaving and is longhaired, gray with white mittens/socks. If you think this is your kitten or might know who this kitten may belong to, please reply! ;_; —AmyChow

2009-04-01 15:50:14   I have never seen any of these cats that are talked about, but I have lived here for almost two years now and love it. Management and maintenance are always totally willing to help out, and are super easy to work with. The units are really nice, and the pool/spa is killer during the summer when it's hot out. This is a really great apartment complex; everyone is really friendly so it's going to be sad to move out now that I'm graduating. —justintd

2010-08-20 01:04:26   One of the best places I have lived in so far. Its a great location with plenty of bus lines and grocery stores. The apartments are spacious and nice. The maintenance man is super nice and friendly! The ONLY COMPLAINTS are that the cabinets are really old and the stairs are WAY TOO NARROW. I have injured myself countless times falling down those stairs. Also, the manager tends to be a little standoffish...i just don't think she likes me for some reason. —SandraDeLaMora


I apologize that you think that I do not like you! I promise you that I do not dislike you or any of my residents and I am sorry that I came across in such a way to you! As your manager I am here to make your living experience a positive one and I am very sorry that I presented myself to you in a standoffish way. If you would like to stop by the office I would like to try and make it up to you!

Again I apologize, Kerry Residential Manager Chaparral Apartments

2010-09-16 17:19:45   I have lived in a few places in Davis and this place is by far the best! The location is great I don’t even need a car to go grocery shopping. Also I can jump on the freeway and head to work and school and not have to hope I am going to have good stoplight karma. Also the management is really helpful, we had issue with our phone provider so our internet was not working, even thought the issue was not related or caused by the complex they helped us out anyways. I am really happy with my decision to live here I have nothing bad to say about Chaparral at all! —WhitneyReeser

2012-08-24 12:20:05   Kerry, we miss you. We loved living here the last two years but after the new management change, we are glad that we didn't re-sign. Also, Jose is the greatest Facility Maintenance Manager ever. He is so nice and always happy to help whenever he can. He makes up for the new management's apparent lack of knowledge and experience. The complex itself is beautiful, the 24hr pool and spa are great, and it's super close to Safeway, so we will certainly miss those perks of living here. I just wish they were more respectful of our time for inspections and such and it's difficult to get information from them. It's frustrating when the tenants seem more knowledgeable than the management regarding move-out policies. —Anonymous14

2012-09-01 14:02:29   I have lived at this complex for a year. While I was not great friends with the old management, Kerry was very helpful. She was quick to try to resolve problems and knew what she was doing. As the previous person commented, this is not true of the new apartment manager. She is often gone, and the assistants who try to fill in for her do not usually know what to do. There was one time that the assistant just had a notepad with a list of issues that different apartments had, and the manager was not going to be back for two weeks! When I have gone to the manager about different things, she has often given me incorrect information or has simply been unwilling to do anything. I am very glad that I am not living there anymore and hope that things get better for future residents. —AnonymousUser7452

2012-09-04 09:16:27   Hello Anonymous14 and AnonymousUser7452,

I'm glad to hear you've been happy with Kerry and Jose during your stay at Chaparral. Kerry recently accepted a new position as the manager of Casitas and Chautauqua. Tara is our new manager at Chaparral and she has currently been transitioning to working full-time at your property. Tara has been with Tandem for quite some time at our sister property, Westgate. Tara is a very fair and experienced employee and while she is still getting to know the residents at Chaparral, I'm confident that with time, residents will come to know and appreciate her abilities as a manager.

As move-out policies allow for different amounts of wear and tear based on the length of your tenancy, answering questions about move-out can be tricky when you are still getting to know each household's story. Residents can help Tara by reminding her of their apartment numbers and allowing her a moment to reference apartment files. We know that transitions can be a little bumpy for a short time while residents and staff get to know each other, but we appreciate your patience and understanding as Tara learns her new role. Should you ever feel you need any additional help, please feel free to reach out to me at the Tandem main office, (530) 756-5075, and I'd be happy to help you in any way that I can. Thank you for your tenancy at Chaparral. Take care.

Sincerely, Shari Houston Property Manager Tandem Properties, Inc. —ShariHouston