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Charles D. Persson
(53O) 863-031O
Central Davis
M-F & upon availability and emergency

Charles D Persson handyman, plumbing, electrical, repair, detail,, landscaping and irrigation repair, green building, energy efficiency/renewable energy alalysis, owner/builder consultation, irrigation, drought tolerant landscaping, garden installation, drip irrigation, rainwater catchment, greywater installation, home efficiency, utility bill consultation, home generator service.


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Non-Permit water catchment and grey water systems are now options are in Davis, California.

2008-09-17 22:31:46   I recently had a problem with my stove, so I came to davis wiki and gave Charlie a call. Luckily he was available on extremely short notice and quickly found the source of the problem. He was very friendly and helpful in explaining what he was doing as well - I learned a lot in the process. Highly recommended. —rgysel Insert non-formatted text here

2010-02-08 22:24:43   Hey Rob,

What I did was look up some trouble shooting techniques for refrigerators. I'm guessing from what I read that the auto defrost is not working because of some kind of blockage to the venting in the freezer. Also there could be a slight leak in the door seal which would cause unwanted frost to build up. Either way you have to manually defrost the freezer and then test it out to see if it works normally.

Start by emptying the freezer and defrost it. You will want to plan on eating most of the really perishable items so that when you do unplug the fridge/freezer you wont be wasting food. When you do go to unthaw the freezer you will let it warm up until you can chip away (carefully) all of the ice. Once you get all of the ice and moisture out you can plug it back in and test. Put some normal freezer items in the freezer like ice trays and frozen veggies. Check the seal of the door also. Then make sure that the fridge is not working too much and overheating. Occasionally you will have to defrost for older models of refrigerators.

If after you test it out and get the same major frosting in the freezer and overheating of the fridge compartment you might try setting the temperature controls. If you still get improper function then you might want to look into getting an energy star refrigerator. Your old refrigerator can be picked up for a $30 credit from PG&E and there is a $75 rebate for qualifying new refrigerators. Let me know how this works out and I'll attach a link to a trouble shooting web site that you might find helpful.

2011-11-14 20:54:11   Charlie did a great job installing an instant hot faucet downstream of our RO system. He was reliable, capable, and reasonable. Highly recommended! —LisaGoodin

2012-10-18 12:43:55   Charles did a great job on replacing my garbage disposal today. He was punctual, knowledgable, and made good recommendations. He was also very friendly, and his rate was very decent. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a handyman service. —AnyuSlofstra

2012-12-06 17:43:11   Toilet rebates from the city are a fantastic deal that goes through to next July 30th of 2013. Here are some details:

Recently I've been installing a 550+ gallon water cachtment on my own home. Blue Barrel Systems is the brand.

2016-07-22 18:33:13   Charlie did a wonderful job at our house, and he was responsive, efficient, fair, and direct. Highly recommend —bside44

2017-08-18 19:32:15   Charlie has been my handyman for about 10 years. As an apartment renter, I can usually rely on the property's maintenance crew for most of my needs, but for those projects that are beyond me but not the responsibility of my landlord, Charlie is my go-to person. He's knowledgeable, creative, responsible, and just an all-around nice guy. I can recommend him 100%. —CathyYoung