Charlie Colato is a candidate for the Fall 2011 ASUCD election running on the BOLD Slate. Charlie is endorsed by The California Aggie.

Charlie is a senior studying Managerial Economics with an emphasis in Agricultural Economics. Charlie was the Chair of the Board of Directors for Picnic Day 2011. He is the current president of Phi Delta Theta, and is a Staff Sergeant in the US Army.

Charlie has been featured in the online magazine Her Campus and has also been featured in the Davis Enterprise

Candidate Statement

EXPERIENCE Re-founding member and president, Phi Delta Theta California Epsilon Chair of the Board of Directors, Picnic Day 2011 Member of Davis Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Group (DAODAG), 2010-2011 Business Director, Picnic Day 2010 Staff Sergeant, United States Army

Within ASUCD, I independently restructured and consolidated the Picnic Day Board of Directors, which resulted in increased efficiency and pay for directors. I also increased sustainability funding by 500% for student groups participating in the Picnic Day Student Organization Faire and I enhanced Picnic Day's family-friendly purpose by expanding the Multicultural Children's Faire.

Platforms: IMPROVE CAMPUS SAFETY We need to guarantee that Picnic Day remains a viable event by ensuring that its attendees are able to enjoy the day, free of harassment and encroachment. We also need to provide the necessary resources to ensure that our underrepresented communities feel safe and welcomed at Picnic Day and at all ASUCD events. We can accomplish this by increasing the use of Aggie Hosts throughout campus. I will also work with the office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs to get them to provide university monitors who can provide conflict mitigation as well as data collection on the occurrences of harassment and hate crimes so that the resources are properly appropriated for future Picnic Days and other ASUCD events.

FOCUS ON ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP All ASUCD Units should be on track to meet the 2020 UC-wide zero waste mandate. I pledge to work with ASUCD Unit Directors and campus leaders to ensure that a master plan is developed to lay out a pathway to zero waste well ahead of 2020. I believe that partnerships should be established between the private and public sector to ensure we are maximizing all avenues that lead to land-fill diversion, efficient energy use, and greenhouse gas reduction A particular interest of mine would be to reduce the amount paper that is used for Picnic Day. Roughly 15000-20000 Schedule of Events (SOE) are printed every year and I would like to cut that in half. With the rise in popularity of smartphones, I believe that we can reduce the amount of SOEs printed by delivering the same information digitally via a mobile app.

VOTE Charlie Colato #1 for ASUCD Senate and BOLD #2-6!


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