Cheap Food, to some it means, "I have one dollar, what can I buy?" To still others it means, "If I buy something, will I get a good value for my money?" We'll look at both questions below (Also see Lunch Specials). In addition, see Discounts and Freebies, Restaurants Without Automatic Gratuity, Living Cheaply, Potluck, and Recipes for cheap homemade options.

See Free Food

Stores generally known for Cheap Food


  • Bounty and Savings Local blog teaching you how to get free to cheap food from grocery stores by combining coupon and sales, with tips specific to Davis stores.
  • Cheap Cooking — Stretch what you buy from grocery stores.
  • Once a month cooking — Save time and money by buying and cooking in bulk.
  • The Cheapest Food People give their answers to the cheapest food people can live off of.