Northeast corner of 2nd Street and G Street
Lee and Grace Chen
Constructed finished and opened in 2004

The Chen Building is a 23,600 square foot multi-story mixed use building at the corner of Second and G Streets including 8,000 square feet ground floor retail, 7,850 square feet second floor office space, 5,750 square feet third floor office/live-work and 2,000 square feet fourth floor live-work lofts. It was completed in Februrary, 2004, and won the Gold Nugget Awards 2005 Grand Award - Best in the West. It has rfid locks. There is an elevator for easy access to each floor.

The Chen Building replaced the Terminal Hotel building that had the Davis Arch mural painted on the side.


Former Occupants:


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2007-04-16 21:45:10   I was a huge fan of the Terminal Hotel Building. It was a real shame that it is gone. It was my favorite. Good memories. So because of that I will not go to any of the places in the Chen building. —HeatherFlood

2009-06-11 10:31:18   I don't know if I would go quite as far as HeatherFlood, but I am largely with her. The Terminal Hotel was one of the few old buildings of character in downtown Davis which, despuite its good points, is architecturally almost a total dud. It may have been in bad shape and I am a big fan of high-ensity mixed-use places, but it was a shame to see it go. —Wulfstan