There is an increasing interest for language immersion programs growing in the United States. As people around the world become more easily connected by better technology, knowledge of a single language is not enough. In the past five years, a number of private and public schools in the San Francisco Bay Area now offers Chinese-Mandarin immersion programs.

As someone whose ethnic roots are from China, but struggled to learn Chinese all my life, I am very interested in these Chinese-Immersion Programs for my two young children.

I would love it if Davis had a Chinese Immersion program in one of its elementary schools. I have no idea how to go about getting one established. I just wanted to create this page to see if anybody else felt the same way and has any thoughts about this.


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2010-12-16 21:41:11   Definitely interested! —PeggyEnderle

2011-04-18 12:21:33   If you're interested in an immersion program for your kids, this is the best one in town: Dee's Wonderlandwryezome

2012-03-08 15:55:28   I'd love it too! The thought never occurred to me until, in college, I met some "American School" graduates from Taiwan/HK. These kids essentially attended (American) English-immersion schools while living in Asia. I thought they had the best of both worlds... fluent in both English and Chinese, as well as culturally comfortable in both. This site about efforts in the Bay Area might be useful:

2012-03-08 18:37:23   Sacramento now has Chinese immersion and their waitlist is years long. The Sac Bee did an article about it last year. It would be awesome if this was more widely available. Unfortunately, there's shortage of teachers who would be qualified to teach and would need a credential for it. My husband is a teacher and looked into this since he speaks Chinese fluently and only a couple colleges in California offer a Chinese credential. —jsbmeb