This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


In or about April 2011 Chem-Dry in Davis was acquired by Bell's Chem-Dry.
P.O. Box 2333
8:30-5 M-Fri.
8:30-3 M-Sat.
(530) 758-2960
Chris & Dennis Carrere
Payment Method
Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard

Chris' Chem-Dry does carpet cleaning with protectant as well as upholstery and leather cleaning and tile and grout cleaning.

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2008-03-05 12:20:29   I've never been disappointed in Chris's Chem Dry. We've been using them for years; excellent service. —Ronnyru

2009-05-04 14:24:36   the lady who answered the phone was rude. can't comment on their actual service. —ViVi

2009-08-11 13:42:45   I've had great service from this Chris' Chem-Dry. No complaints here!! They were able to get out our stains and cleaned up our carpets fantastic! I was impressed that their cleaners knew so much about carpets and had lots of info for me. I will definitely use them again in the future. —PinkLadie

2010-11-12 11:34:43   I agree that the woman who answered the phone was rude. I am looking for a carpet cleaner that uses either no chemicals or natural ingredients. This woman told me they use something that is "not a chemical" but is "copied from nature" and that she can't tell me what's in it because that is "proprietary information." If it's copied from nature and isn't actually found in nature, it's a chemical. Anyone know of a place in or around Davis that uses either no chemicals or 100% natural ingredients? Thanks!


Water is a chemical. The fatty acids found in natural and synthetic soaps are chemicals. Your carpet is made of chemicals. You are made of chemicals! If you don't want to use chemicals in cleaning stuff, well.... you're out of luck. You just can't clean anything—period. —WilliamLewis

2010-11-12 12:09:26   William, what I mean is that I am looking for a carpet cleaner that is not made of synthetic, potentially harmful ingrediants. I know that many chemicals or substances found in nature are also harmful. I am looking for a company that uses natural, non-toxic ingredients such as borax, baking soda, or other regular, natural and pronouncable ingredients. —SarahHughes