Chris Goren was an ASUCD senator elected in winter 2003. He was one of a number of "stealth republicans" that snuck into ASUCD. Previous to Choice Voting, republicans were only elected to ASUCD by hiding their political leanings until elected. Since then, Choice Voting has allowed republicans to very successfully run as republicans and get elected. Some stealth republicans, like ASUCD President Sara Henry, continued to play down their political leanings until after their term was over, Chris Goren, however, whipped out his enormous throbbing conservatism immediately upon election and thrust it into everything at hand.

Pulling a Chris Goren: His other notable action as senator was to vow to resign if running-mate James Ackerman, who was caught stealing $356.76 worth of books from the bookstore, was forced out of office or resigned. Once Ackerman resigned, Goren had a change of heart and declared it would be unfair to his constituents if he resigned as well like he had said he would. The action of vowing to resign and then failing to follow through is now known as "pulling a Chris Goren."