Christian Science Reading Room, Woodland, CA

720A Main Street, Woodland
Tues-Fri 11 AM-3 PM
Sat 10 AM-noon
(530) 419-2818

First Church of Christ, Scientist
Date, i.e. YYYY-MM-DD
Payment Method(s)
cash & check

The Christian Science Reading Room is associated with the First Church of Christ Scientist. Open to the public. A good place to go if one is curious about the theology of Christian Science. The room carries a range of reading materials that reflect the denomination's teachings. In addition to King James Bibles and authorized study materials, they carry the works of their founder, Mary Baker Eddy, as well as the latest editions of the Christian Science Monitor newspaper. Also available are weekly and monthly periodicals from For in-depth study and research, Concord program and JSH Online are available on the computer. In the Davis community, there has been a Christian Science Reading Room at one location or another for over 75 years.

The room functions as both a spiritual study spot and bookstore.


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2008-11-27 16:48:57   Is this one of those creationist branches? —ThanhVu

2008-11-27 17:50:06   No, Christian Scientists are not creationists. —DonShor

2014-10-23 09:32:49   There are other institutions in town where you can read about religion. For example, the University Library with about 50 thousand books on religion, the public library has books, music, movies, other video, comics, and picture books. You can find out about the resources here.